Consumer Complaints

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 Shaking brakes reported to dealership. roter repaired underwarrenty, brakes repaired at our expense. <5000 miles later, same problem - dealership telling us to replace roters and brakes, again. ironically, the routan that the dealer used to shuttle me to and from the service station was shaking while braking...
 Braking is inadequate and is likely to fail as brake rotors are warped after less than a 8,000 miles. warped rotors could affect abs system and lead to more accidents. vw has replaced rotors with same part number so problem repeats itself shortly after installation. vw needs to improve their brakes for this vehicle given the safety of the typical customer is usually a family of four or more. a recent search on google shows that many others have reported similar problems to vw who continues to simply replace the part with the same one. they need to take this seriously and engineer a better braking system for this vehicle or buy better quality braking components.
 After less than 1 year of driving the van, i noticed shaking while braking. i thought it was just bad braking habits. last year, i rode an american version of this van (chrysler or dodge), there was the same problem. i sent it to the dealership today and found out that rear rotors were bad. i checked the internet and there were similar problems. i asked them to repair it hopefully, they will replace with better parts. i think the brakes were not designed for the v8 engine.
 Brake rotors warp very quickly on this vehicle (which is also made by chrysler). during heavy braking at 40mph the steering wheel vibrates very heavily due to warped brake rotors (happens under 12000miles). dont see how antilock sensors can withstand this vibration and get an accurate reading to keep the vehicle from locking the wheels. i have already had incidents where applying the brakes at 40mph hour that i have skidded but was smart enough to let off once i realized the abs was not functioning correctly and re-applied the brakes.vw and dealer acknowledge the problem and replace the rotors with the same defective rotors on the vehicle. this is an engineering problem and not a wear and tear issue as they claim. it will only be a matter of time before someone gets killed in a bad accident thinking that abs brakes and there braking system is realiable. high speed braking is not something you do everyday but in an emergency and thats when you realize that your brakes are warped and in need of repair!!! but it might be too late!!!
 Tl* the contact owns a 2009 volkswagen routan. the contact stated that the front brake rotors were warped. while depressing the brakes to a stop, the vehicle would shimmer before stopping. the vehicle was taken to the dealer previously who replaced the brake pads and rotors under warranty. the manufacturer was not notified of the recent failure. the vin was unknown. the failure mileage was 26,000.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2009 volkswagen routan. the contact stated that the front brake rotors were warped. while depressing the brakes to a stop, the vehicle would shimmer before stopping. the vehicle was taken to the dealer previously who replaced the brake pads and rotors under warranty. the manufacturer was not notified of the recent failure. the vin was unknown. the failure mileage was 26,000. kmj
 Tl-the contact owns a 2009 volkswagen ruotan. the contact stated the front brake rotors are warped. while coming to a stop and the brake depress the vehicle would shimmer before stopping. the vehicle was taken to the dealer previously who replaces the brake pads and rotors under the warranty. the manufacturer was not notified. the vin was unknown. the failure mileage was 26,000. mw
 The 09 vw routan has needed brakes and rotors replaced every 9 months. to date vw has covered the cost of replacement under warranty however have yet to make a recall on these parts.
 Bought the van in sept of 2009 with approximately 1000 miles. were told it was a demo vehicle for auto shows. had to bring it back within a couple of weeks for brake issues...pounding-pulsating when stopping. brake rotors and pads continually pulsate. problem is worse when stopping on the downhill or when brakes are heated or pressured. feel like we lose breaking ability when breaking on the downhill. we have brought the car in multiple times to have the situation corrected. under warrantee agreement, rotors have been replaced a couple of times, pads replaced several times at volkswagon's expense. problem continues to occur. last service (5/10/11) at volkswagon dealership, brakes were inspected and we were told numerous problems needed fixing including front and rear rotors resurfaced, pads, etc. but even though car was still under warrantee, they would not cover the repairs and we would have to pay for them. volkswagon has records of service to our van so know of the ongoing issue with the brakes from the time we purchased it. we have spoken to other owner who is experiencing same issue with her brakes. we feel that volkswagon needs to help solve this problem as obviously replacing rotors and pads does not solve the problem. we use this car to travel between homes in ct and fl and feel that this is a safety issue that needs to be addressed. car was purchased from and serviced at gene langan volkswagon in glastonbury, ct and also serviced at lokey volkswagon in clearwater, fl. last service, when they refused to cover cost of repairs to brakes was at lokey in fl. we have complete set of service records.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2009 volkswagen routan. the contact was driving various speeds, and when pressure was applied to the brake pedal there was a delayed response with an excessive vibration. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer on five separate occasions who stated the brakes were not compatible for the vehicle weight capacity. the front and rear rotors were replaced five different times. the manufacturer was made aware of the defect. the approximate failure mileage was 200. js
 Vw routan 2009-the braking system after 6 weeks started to shake and at times i have come close to not coming to a full stop due to the violent vibration it caused. i am thinking that if i i don't ease up on the brakes that something is going to explode. this continues even after requesting for the dealership to investigate. now at 18000 miles i am requirig to replace rotors and brakes. $$$. unfair. with all the recalls associated with this vehicle, i am tempted to trade in.. i use to love and trust the vw reputation:(( time to change!!
 Premature rear brake failure. with 40k miles the rear caliper locked causing burining of the pads, and requring complete replacement of all rear brake components.
 Brakes started shaking at around 3000 miles. when the brakes were applied the warped rotors caused a shimmy that was almost uncontolable. the dealer turned the rotors and within 500 miles they exhibited the same problem again. the dealer then changed all four rotors. the vehicle now has 20000 miles and is showing the same problem again.
 Bad rear brakes / rotors
 The rotors in my 2009 vw routan had to replaced after 3900 miles and now again at 9930 miles. the van shakes horribly when braking on the freeway or going downhill - usually associated with any speed over 40 miles an hour. the service at the dealership seemed aware that it was a continual problem. the rotors will always become warped, the van will shake, and we will have to take the van it to have to rotors adjusted - according to my records, roughly every 4000 miles. the van has 10040 miles on it and is 1 year old.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2009 volkswagen routan. while the vehicle was parked with the key in the ignition the rear door open and would not close. she turned the vehicle off and restarted it and later the door closed. she stated once her baby hands got caught in the rear door. the child was taken to the doctors and she was advised that they were lucky that it did not take the child's fingers off. the vehicle was taken to the dealer seven times to two different dealers for the failure. once the dealer vacuumed out the channels were the pulleys were to the door. after the dealer did this repair she stated the doors hesitated but do not stay open. the vehicle was taken to a local mechanic because the brakes were grinding and she was advised that the rear drums needs replacing. she also stated that because of this failure the rear rotors needs replacing. she also stated the transmission was hesitating and the seams were separating on the rear portion of the front seats. the vehicle had not been repaired. the contact stated there were 5 recalls for the vehicle and the recall work was performed. the vin was not available. the failure mileage was 5,000 and the current mileage was 26,000. vwb
 Excessive vibration during light/moderate breaking- this has been noticeable at a very early mileage. after 16,000 miles the noise and vibration has become very annoying- the whole vehicle vibrates.