Volvo Tow Hitch

Model Tow Hitch made by Volvo got 30 consumer complains as well as 1 recall. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to equipment and equipment adaptive. There was one recall concerning equipment .

Model 9999


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
02E043000VOLVO CARS OF NA, INC.from 08/01/1998 to 05/31/2000E (Equipment)122210/31/2002MFRVOLVO CARS OF N.A. LLC.07/23/200207/29/2002
Defect SummaryBrink generation 3.0 detachable tow hitches manufactured between august 1, 1998 and may 31, 2000. the locking mechanism in the tow bar, that prevents the detachable tow hook from separating from the fixed vehicles installation, may have reduced function.
Consequence SummaryIf the locking mechanism were to fail, the assembly in tow may become detached from the tow vehicle, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash, personal injury, or death.
Corrective SummaryDealers will replace the affected tow hitches with a tow hitch of a modified design. owner notification began august 13, 2002. owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact volvo at 201-768-7300.
NotesAlso, customers can contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-888-dash-2-dot (1-888-327-4236).

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Defective replacement headlamp fixture parts (non-compliant with federal motor vehicle safety standards crash avoidance - standard no. 108 in part 571). these replacement headlamp fixtures (right and left) were purchased for a 1987 volvo 240 wagon. note these same lamp fixtures are used in various trucks and rvs. both the left and right hand versions of these new parts lacked much of the silver reflective coating around the bulb area, suggesting this is recurring quality control problem. jpeg photos are available on request showing headlamp light illuminating the engine compartment through the unsilvered parts of the reflectors. so much silver coating is missing from the left side fixture, the unlit headlight bulb can be seen through the reflector! the parts are labeled across the bottom of the lens as djauto mvv111-c1ro (for right side or c1lo for the left side) 14v 7h dot sae hr00 with hb1 in the upper outside corners. these parts were purchased from lampsandlenses - mvp imports, llc - frank's foreign auto, 595 valley street, orange, nj 07050, tel # 973-674-2254 on 10/22/09. a copy of the receipt is available. note parts arrived in unlabeled plain brown boxes and cost $69.99 each or $139.98 total.
 Brake system failure 3 months after brake system service by an authorized dealer. i had my 2007 volvo xc90 serviced by momentum volvo in houston texas. they have serviced brake system and installed new brake pads. 3 months later, the brake system started to perform poorly, car was unstable when braking and brakes would make a screeching noise. another volvo dealer diagnosed failure of brake pads and rotors and installed new parts for a cost of $600.00 volvo claims that this is not warranty related item even though the parts have been installed only 3 months ago. i believe, this problem is serious enough for consideration for a recall as consumers my not be aware of poor brake system condition soon after the brake system service and this may lead to an unsafe or hazardous situation. *tr
 Driving home from theater, smelled electrical type smell. turned off radio, air conditioner etc...we were close to home and it was dark. parked car. next morning went out and looked under the hood of car and found a hole in the supplemental fuse box (melted plastic). pried off and discovered a row of fuses burnt to a crisp. air is now not working...obviously some type of electrical short or fire. we have had no major work done on car. i have contacted volvo. taking car to dealership for inspection. *tr
 Front signal housing /lens cover keeps falling off. repaired but plastic breaks. *jb
 Faulty electronic throttle module needed cleaning and the mechanic fears it will ultimately fail, as he is seeing them fail at high rates at his volvo garage. car was surging and stalling at stops, and just stalling immediately after starting. *nm
 . i have spent $2200 in the last 3 months while herb gordon tries to figure out the problem with the brakes. they have replaced the brake master cylinder, cleaned and resealed the brake calipers and now as a last resort are replacing the internal abs system, which finally fixed the problem. ignition switch replaced, the windshield wiper bolts came loose causing the windshield wipers to stop in the middle of driving on a highway in the rain, air sensors and oxygen sensors seem to need replacing at least twice a year. *nm
 My car is a 2005 volvo v70r purchased new in july 2005. three weeks ago, with no warning, the car suddenly lost power, but kept running with great hesitation (i was driving at only 30 mph at the time). towed to dealer and throttle sensor replaced under warranty. yesterday (9/15), the same thing happened again, after only about 250 miles of driving. car was towed to dealer again am i awaiting word. in both cases an error message decreased engine performance was displayed. there was no advance warning. in both cases, i was driving at about 30 mph on a secondary road. these 2 instances have caused me to lose confidence in the car, especially to drive on highway.*jb
 On february 16 of this year, i hit some black ice that caused me to hit a curb sideways. the impact knocked the front driver's side wheel off. the car was towed to the ken garff service department at the southtowne location in sandy, ut where it was repaired. a free loaner car was given to me, and the charges were covered by my insurance. at that time the car had approx 3700 miles on it. since that repair i have driven the car approx 5000 miles. i had the 7500 mile service completed at the ken garff downtown slc location around july 15th. at that time, it is my understanding that they check the car over for any and all safety issues. on august 15th, i drove from elko, nv to lakewood, co, with my 14 month old baby. the 750 mile drive took us via i-70 and the mountains of colorado. on aug 16th, i drove 1 block from my parent's house to a store, when i was pulling out of the parking place the car wouldn't move. i got out to see what the trouble was and the left front wheel was lying completely sideways. a bolt had come out of the a frame and therefore the wheel fell off. the car was towed to rickenbaugh volvo in downtown denver to be repaired. *nm
 1999 volvo v70 wagon. mass registration 9418pg my 16 year old daughter driving with her mother in the above described 1999 volvo on rt 3 southbound between milton & marshfield massachusetts, when the ets light came on and the vehicle began to shake and stall. my wife having experienced this before instructed my daughter to pull over onto the shoulder of the road and restart the car. my wife & i paid south shore volvo of norwell massachusetts $1100 to replace this ets or etm system january of this year. we have also had spent $800. on two oxygen sensors that south shore volvo initially diagnosed as the problem. we have further spent an additional $125. on an ignition switch which has been causing all of the dashboard light to continuously light and go out, now the speedometer and mileage meter have begun to fail.. south shore volvo has refused to correct the problems, they will not even return our calls. california has filed a class action lawsuit in an attempt to get some relief for it's citizens. i am going to attempt to join theirs, would prefer some appreciate some assistance. thank you vincent p stancato. ps, 20 year volvo owner, i drive a 1991 volvo 245, used to like these cars. *nm
 I own a 2001 volvo s80. i have had trouble with the electronic throttle module not responding to the throttle inputs and surging at idle. it would sometimes kill the car without warning when coming to a stop (losing power-steering while in turns) or make the car lunge forward unexpectedly. the lunging forward has almost caused accidents at intersections. i've been lucky for now, but i will not let my wife drive the car while it is doing this because she may not be able to control the car without power steering and brakes. i took it in for repair and they told me that it was the electronic throttle module, and they need replacing after a while, so i replaced it. 4 months later, i'm experiencing the same idle problems as well as the lunging problems. i am being told that it is the same problem with the throttle module. i've looked at many website forums and found many other people have the same problem through out the globe. there have also been times when it has died while in reverse and i loose power brakes while backing, without notice. i would request a recall and an improved part. usa today is also reporting on this issue as well: forum web site: thank you for your time. *nm
 While driving, i suddenly lost power/acceleration in my vehicle. my check engine light also came on. i turned the car off, but could not restart it. my vehicle was towed to my local volvo dealership. diagnosis - replace throttle body and download software (etm). because my vehicle was past the original manufacturer's warranty, i had to pay for the reparis since the extended warranty did not specifically list these defects . . . $815 parts and labor. approximately 1 year 3 months later, i began experiencing the same problems as in 2002 which volvo diagnosed as a throttle body failure; however i have have been able to start my car, but with some trouble. non-warranty repairs are covered for only 1 year. i called the warranty company to see if they could help me out. the warranty company knew of the defect from previous other complaints, and they told me to try to work out a deal with volvo (which didn't happen). on september 11, 2002, i took my vehicle into volvo because my engine fluctuated while idling. the interior lights flickered as the idle surged. volvo diagnosed the problem as an ignition coil failure. parts and labor cost me $250. i took the car in again on september 16, 2002 (5 days later) with the same problem. i requested a fuel filter check/replacement, but volvo diagnosed the problem with the throttle body. the checked and cleaned the throttle body. this happened, of course, just 2 months before complete failure of the throttle body. i've spent over $1000 for mis-diagnosis and an defective part that volvo and their warranty company have known about for several years.
 Service engine soon (ses) light came on recently purchased this car with 55000 miles on odometer. call to volvo indicated that this usually meant that the etm (electronic throttle module) needs cleaning. call local independant volvo mechanic. he had me check the color of the label on etm. said that i had the original etm and that claing does no good, etm needs replaced as he has seen this issue many times. had independent mechanic replace etm at a cost of ~$800. further investigation on internet found that this is a very common occurance. also noted that i had purchased an extended warranty with car and that the warranty explicitly exluded etm....coincidence? i think not.....the etm failure is not only a safetly hazzard (car can not go > 20mph when ses comes on..) but for a car of the alledged quality of a volvo to have a prt such as a throttle module go bad at 55000 miles is crazy. in addition it appears that the replacement etm will be subject to the same problem in the future...note that the vin of this vehicle is yv1lz56d2x2625163, 1999 volvo v70-xc
 2000 volvo s80 4 dr. erratic idling/surging with engine light coming on.leads to stalling out on major highways on many occasions narrowly avoiding life threatening traffic accidents trying to pull dead car to side of road. brought car to volvo dealer and car was repaired for $1332.50. repair included replacement of: electronic throttle body($588.50) with software download($28.00) to allow etm to function along with gasket($4.00). replacement of mass air flow meter($234.21) total labor/parts= $1254.71 + $75.29 tax + $2.50 enviromental fee??= $1332.50 i unfortunately do not have old part. please note that now @ 30,000 miles after replacemnt on 12/1/2003 the electronic throttle body is showing the signs of a need for replacement again.
 Dear nhtsa, my complaint is directed towards all modern automobile headlights, and is two-fold. the first part of my complaint involves non-sealed beam headlamps. since about 1984, autos have been permitted to use this type of head lamp, and it is becoming more and more evident that the plastic used for the lenses of these headlamps deteriorates, eventually making the lens more and more opaque. (i've noticed this especially on volvo's and chrysler minivans made in the late 1980's.) the formerly used sealed beam headlamps were made of glass and seldom clouded over. any safety advantage of changing from glass to plastic construction is overridden by the loss of visibility with clouded lenses. it would be so great if shatter-proof glass sealed beams would make a comeback! the second part of my complaint involves the hid high intensity lights on some newer cars. they are so annoying and distracting to oncoming traffic! it was my understanding that blue lights were permitted only on highway vehicles like snow plows, but these cars with the blinding blue headlights are becoming more and more prevalent. perhaps they do improve forward visibility for the driver, but that only encourages the driver to go faster. i would recommend that they be limited to freeway or highway use, if at all. thanks for letting me vent my wrath at the current state of auto headlamp design! *jb
 I have a 1998 volvo s 70 which has failed dc inspection because the obd scanner used by the dmv cannot get a readout for catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and a couple of other emissions related items. the car ecu signals not ready. the car runs fine. we have driven the car in accord with volvo's recommended structured drive which is supposed to reset the computer. this did not work. one volvo shop believes the ecu is faulty. another says the ecu is fine and its the scanner's inability to communicate with the ecu that is at fault. this shop also reports that he has seen several similar model volvos over the past month or two with the identical problem. meanwhile dv dmv says they cannot pass this car unless their scanner gets positive and acceptable readings. *nm
 Purchased a 2000 volvo s80 in march of 2006, experience power loss with thing such as sunroof and windows, terrible glare from front windshield impairs vision, suspension- ball joints, axles, rods, strut bushings, struts, brake calipers, cv boots/joints, control arm, and tires have been replaced ... still hear noise., engine surges at low speeds and when car is stopped- engine torque mount replaced, brake pedal has to be pressed completely before car stops-despite brake booster, and master cylinder being replaced. abs module was replaced. car drags (has a delay) when accelerating. received updates and recalls performed. fixed almost everything car surged forward into a trailer hook on the back of a parked car-cosmetic damage very expensive. have been hoping that the repairs will come to an end...first car ever purchased and have almost spent 1/2 of its blue book value in repairs. seeking explanations, reimbursements, and national awareness. love the appearance, wish it wasn't so many defects. *nm
 2001 s80, multiple failings of the electronic throttle module. this has happened repeatedly over the last 2 weeks. too many times to count. car w/o notice will not accelerate beyond 20 mph, idles roughly. has almost caused several accidents.*ak
 The electronic throttle module on our vehicle has caused us to encounter hazardous conditions on more than one occasion. in january, 2004, the ets warning light came on and before we could drive the 60 miles to the nearest volvo service center, our car was sputtering and surging and losing power on a continual basis. this was a dangerous situation for us to be in. the repair that was made involved installing a used part because of computer related problems (which is another story and a complaint to volvo). now, 20 months later, that used part has malfunctioned and put us in a similar hazardous situation (not to mention an inconvenient situation) again. when these electronic throttle modules malfunction, there is little notice and the results can be serious when they occur as you are driving in traffic. *jb
 Faulty electronic throttle module (etm) on 1999 volvo s80 t6 on a replacement part. car has stalled numerous times on open highway result in a severe safety situation. the mileage on the car is only 43,000 despite being a 6 year old vehicle. the original etm was determined faulty and a replacement unit was put in on september 19, 2002. independent volvo repair dealer has determined that the replacement unit has failed again despite only having 17,000 miles put on the car since being replaced in 2002. *jb
 Electronic throttle module failed and replaced 3 times; 11/03, 12/04, 8/05 on a 1999 volvo v70xc. *nm
 Shortly after buying a volvo 80, i noticed that the car would surge periodically. i was told that the throttle body needed to be cleaned. after reading up on this, it sounded like a waste of money so i am stuck with a $40+k car that has a sizable defect. the surging is so bad that if you don't hold the brake pedal hard the car will surge forward ie at red lights. nothing was done to correct this failure. i am the second owner. also i had to replace a ball joint on this car after a recalled ball joint was installed at my cost. the dealer said the recall was only a bolt and not the whole joint but i verified that the previous owner had both ball joints replaced via a volvo recall. i believe the recalled joint was defective like the original one. no accidents occured but it put my steering way out of whack and needed an alignment. (all at my cost)
 I should have know that something was wrong with my used 2000 volvo s80 t6 two weeks after purchased it when the engine cut off on me while i was going through an intersection. i just thought that my car was still warming up and that is why the engine cut off. then a couple weeks later my automatic door locks would work intermittently so much so that i had to use my remote keyless entry just to unlock my doors while i am sitting inside my car! but this isn't the worst of it. while i am on my way to a hair appt in heavy los angeles traffic, my car starting stalling. i was doing 30 - 50 miles per hour going down the freeway and my car would just cut off. imagine if my 3 year daughter was in the car at the time. i couldn't believe that i was having engine problems with the highly recommended volvo. i couldn't believe it. i had to literally drive on the shoulder of the freeway just to keep giving my car power. i had never been so afraid while driving. i was upset and pissed off that my car was still considered safe to drive. all of these models should be taken off the streets. i eventually had the car towed to the volvo dealer and luckily i still had the extended warranty. the dealership told me that it was a faulty electronic throttle module and they replaced it. my car was working fine until two weeks ago when the same issue has started to occur with the automatic locks. i can't unlock the automatic locks from inside of my car, i have to use the remote keyless entry. i have to the conclusion that the car that i am driving in is a death trap and that i would really like to be reimbursed for all the headaches that this car has given me. volvo's motto is for life, i am starting to tell people, if you value your life, then don't purchase a volvo.*jb
 I purchased this 2001 volvo v70 xc new from sweden, factory delivery.the transmission had to be replaced @ 19,000mi i have since then have taken it in for various transmission problems. sudden surges, harsh up shifting and down shifting. the dealership always does everything except replacing it again, i.e. software issues only. but the problem still exists. they only difference is that the transmission no longer goes to neutral with the brake on. that feature was originally engineered for these transmissions, for fuel economy. volvo decided that this feature was more trouble than it is worth. i still have the same transmission problems with the surges, and harsh shifting, and soon i should have another complete transmission failure. with all of these similar transmission complaints from 100's of volvo customers shouldn't volvo of north america admit that there transmission is just no good pay for the costs. *tr
 A month and a half ago my 2000 volvo v70 throttle had to be completely replaced. after further research i have determined this is an major on going issue. i am very upset i had to spend over $1100 to replace the throttle. my car only had 90,500 miles when the throttle failed. *nm
 I was on the ramp getting on to the highway, and all of a sudden the car stalled. i could not accelerate, and a semi was going to hit the back of my car because i got out there in front of him and then i can't move. so to avoid the accident, i darted of the highway unto the shoulder with the dismay of the truck driver. the information in the left corner gave performance reduced. i didn't know what happened. so i had it towed, and without finding anything the first day, they found that it was the electronic throttle module. so i had to pay over $1000 to get this fixed. this was back in march, and now i am having the same problem. i am not going to pay another $1000 for the same thing. i almost got into an accident and i already paid over $1000 to get it fixed, and now i have to come out of pocket again only 4 months later. this is horrible, and volvo should recall all the cars with this electronic throttle module. i have almost got into an accident several time because of the result of this defect. i refuse to get it fixed, because volvo will not pay for it. i have had it replaced once before, and it is still doing the same thing. volvo needs to take care of this, because it is obviously a defect on their end. please help to get this fixed. i don't have another $1000 to get this fixed every three to four months!!! *nm
 Purchased a volvo s80 in 2001;vehicle currently has 60700 miles and 3 automatic transmissions & throttle body replacement.
 Summer 2004 i saw on tv about a recall on the module fan on my volvo. (fire hazard) there is no longer a volvo dealer near me, the nearest is over 1hour away! we called an authorized dealer out of pa and i bought the fan module and my mechanic replaced it. the recall letters werev supposed to be mailed out in december 04, i did not receive one nor have i ever received a letter for any other recalls on my volvo! i am the original owner of this car. i started emailing volvo and being reimbersed for the fan on 1/31/05. they are refusing to reimberse me for this! they are saying since an authorized dealer did not perform it then it is not covered! remember as i stated earlier i bought it from a volvo authorized dealer. i am not asking for labor reimberse just the part. they quit contact with us 2/2005. my mechanic even spoke to a volvo representative on the phone and he was supposed to straighten this issue out and get back to us, we are still waiting. we were also advised that there was a recall on the remote as well. as usual i was not notified of this recall either. i am concerned #1 that i am not made aware of any recalls on this vechile and also that they will not stand behind their product. chevrolet stood behind a recall on my husbands truck. *ak
 Clutch pedal would not engage as designed. on several occasions it failed. twice in traffic and one after coming to a complete stop. used excessive force to engage, for it would engage after repeated stomping on the clutch pedal. however, the last time it would not engage, i used both feet too engage it, hoping that the for to mentioned would occur, it did not. the entire clutch plate on the fire wall broke. this led to the sudden collapse of the pedal which slammed into the floor and snapped both knees and buckled my left hip which i now have recurring injuries which has now forced me to leave the trucking industry. the shop supervisor explained to me that this has happened on several volvo trucks and he has had to replace them for the cylinder that controls the clutch lever rods have a problem with rust and other containments which can cause the level rod that control the clutch pedal too freeze up, which stops the clutch from engaging. this is caused by the cylinder having too much open space on the top before a rubber seal which is lower inside to stop the rust, water, and contaniments from causeing problems with clutch operation. volvo has a replacement for this and did in fact replace it with another corrected cylinder at the time of my injuries.*ak
 While driving lost steering power and engine completely shut down, unsafe on the turnpike, i scared. took car to dealership while under warranty replaced throttle unit. car shut down and lunges forward at a light/took to dealer and fixed reset valve sticking and gasket happened again replaced box and pipe removed trap box in pipe, shut down again replaced did total can up grade failed again. until today car still shuts down very dangerous this car is a death trap and my warranty is over and they want to pay 3,000.00 dollars to fix, i feel they are responsible they sold me a lemon and a very dangerous car. and the customer service of volvo claim they care about customer service very untrue they got your money and the don't care my problems still exist and i get scared just getting into this car. *nm
 The electronic throttle module (etm) has failed twice on my 2000 volvo v70xc. the first time it was still under warranty, the second was about 17k miles after the first. both times it failed while driving on highway at high speed. both times engine stalled in traffic. both times managed to get to shoulder, restart, and get home with car alternately surging and stalling the whole way. both times had my preschool age twins in the car and didn't feel it safe to stop on the shoulder to wait for help. also, would have had a difficult time getting them home safety (in their car seats). then had car towed to dealer for repair. first failure - car mileage was 41,222, repair date was 6/25/03. quote from annapolis volvo service receipt: ets lamp comes on and vehicle surges badly, almost stalled. internal fault inspected and found codes ecm903f/904d/9150/9160/904c. tested and replaced elec. throttle module this work was done under warranty. second failure - car mileage was 58,611, repair date was 3/15/05. quote from annapolis volvo service receipt: ets light is on internal fault volvo goodwill warranty-volvo to pay parts dealer labor checked and retrieve code-ecm 959f, 903f-traced and found internal fault in etm, replaced etm, reload software and clear codes. *jb

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