CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
06V441000VOLVO CARS OF N.A. LLC.from 01/13/2000 to 08/27/2001V (Vehicle)17009912/29/2006ODIVOLVO CARS OF N.A. LLC.11/15/200611/20/2006
Defect SummaryOn certain passenger vehicles, a combination of throttle positioning sensor irregularities, a dirty throttle housing, and/or inefficient software calibration may cause a warning lamp to light and the subsequent onset of limp home modes.
Consequence SummaryThis resulted in a high number of vehicles going into the limp home mode without need.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install the current software upgrade onto the involved vehicles. the recall began on december 29, 2006. owners may contact volvo at 1-800-458-1552.
NotesVolvo recall no. r155. customers may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
15503/20/200610019595Electronic throttle system software upgrade. *tt03/31/2006
14903/16/200614910019591Electronic throttle module (etm) extended warranty. *tt03/31/2006
25002302/01/200425003510007611Electronic throttle module (etm), cleaning. *mj07/06/2004
270409/26/2003270410016672Cruise control being inoperative may be software related and is likely to occur while on-board diagnostics are running. *tt09/27/2005
25002307/01/2001620880This service bulletin describes how to clean the electronic throttle module (etm) bore. *tt09/04/2001


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 On november 14, 2006 volvo submitted a defect information report to nhtsa concerning etm failures in model year (my) 1999 through 2001 volvo models (not including the s40 and v40), my 2002 s60 and v70 with naturally aspirated engines and my 2002 v70s.according to volvo,
 Pe05-041 was opened on july, 26, 2005, based on 136 consumer complaints to odi alleging throttle control malfunctions in the subject vehicles.odi has now received 591 complaints of etm failures which allege symptoms with potential safety related consequences.these include allegations of engine stall, vehicle surging forward without accelerator input, vehicle hesitation upon acceleration and sudden and unexpected transition into reduced performance operation (limp mode).volvo submitted over 2,900 complaints concerning the etm in the subject vehicles during pe05-041.odi's preliminary analysis of a sample the volvo complaints identified approximately 55 percent with one or more of the symptoms described above.odi is continuing its assessment of the information contained in the volvo complaints. in november 2005, to resolve an investigation by the california air resources board, volvo announced that it would extend the warranty coverage to 10 years / 200,000 miles for the etm in approximately 356,000 model year 1999 through 2002 passenger cars sold in the united states and canada.under volvo's policy, vehicles that experience etm failures will receive a variety of repairs including etm cleaning, reprogramming the engine control module and/or replacement of the etm. this investigation has been upgraded to an engineering analysis (ea05-021) to continue to assess the safety consequences of etm failures in the subject vehicles.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 2001 volvo v70. consumer writes in regards to repairs under recall notice ea05021 *tgw the consumer stated the problem of the vehicle surging forward had been undiagnosed several times by mechanics. the consumer also stated at the time of purchasing the vehicle, the dealership did not disclose the recall and she never received a notice about the recall. the vehicle was also taken to the dealer due to a malfunction with the security system. *jb
 Tl- the contact owns a 2001 volvo v70. the contact stated that when traveling at various speeds, the vehicle would jerk abnormally and experience a deceleration of between 10-20 mph. the vehicle was taken to the dealer where repairs were performed under nhtsa campaign id number: 06v441000 (vehicle speed control).the fsailure persisted and no further repairs were performed. the failure mileage was 130,000 and the current mileage was 135,000. kmj
 Tl- the contact owns a 2001 volvo v70. the contact stated while traveling various speeds the vehicle jerked and experienced a decrease in acceleration of approximately ten to 20 miles. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and a recall remedy was performed under nhtsa campaign id number:06v441000 (vehicle speed control).the manufacturer was contacted, but the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 130,000 and the current mileage was 135,000. rds
 Tl-the contact owns a 2001 volvo v70.the contact stated nhtsa campaign id number: 06v441000 component: vehicle speed control was performed june 17 2007 but the repair did not correct the failure while the contact attempted to accelerate to merge into the interstate the vehicle lost power. the vehicle was towed to the local volvo specialist who performed a diagnosed that located the failure at the throttle body. the volvo specialist reprogrammed the software but advised the throttle body would need to be replaced. the vehicle has not been repaired. the manufacturer denied assistance with the repair. the failure mileage was 98,788 and the current mileage was 180,000. li
 This is a major safety hazard. engine surged to approximately 2000 rpm while stopping for a traffic light, car was placed into neutral, car stopped and engine subsequently died. engine was re-started and vehicle continued to operate with no caution/ warning lights visible. during attempt to drive vehicle on the following day, the vehicle would not accelerate beyond 20 mph. the performance reduced warning light was then visible.
 Computer reprogramed 2 years ago and car is now surging forcefully when attempting to stop . electronic throttle module (etm) identified as cause . volvo refuses to cover under conditions of recall which requires replacement of etm . reason for refusal , my car was found to be a salvage vehicle . in light of safety issues are they required to help me ?
 My 2001 volvo v70t has been lunging forward during low-speed driving maneuvers and has had vehicle hesitation upon acceleration. the dealership, nalley volvo in atlanta has had my car for almost a month. volvo was involved in a lawsuit which led to a recall .recall campaign number:06v441000. my car received the software upgrade a few years ago but my symptoms are exactly what the recall was for. volvo and dealer ship said until they receive a hard code they wont do anything except replace transmission or trade in my car for new one. upon research i found many others having the same issue even car going into limp mode and also had the software update. i shouldn't have to wait until my car goes into limp mode while traveling on the interstate for volvo to fix this defect. *tr
 I have a 2001 volvo v70 and i was driving south on i-95 when the car failed to accelerate, just went limb, i tried to accelerate and nothing happened, the car behind almost hit me and the same with the 2 behind him. this is the second time something like this happen, that me along with my family are exposed to such a danger. the first time i checked the recalls and took it to the dealer where they supposedly fixed what was wrong, 8 months after the mentioned repair the car is doing the same but now with worse consequences because now i am so afraid to drive that just thinking about it makes me tremble. the volvo dealer do not want to be responsible and dot says that just when big accidents happen they can do something. i wondered if my family would be dead right now, who would be filing this complaint? is just not acceptable that a dealership or the dot fail to act would cost not just mine, but any family their lives. m *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 volvo v70. while driving 10 mph, the vehicle began to surge without warning. the contact took the vehicle to an independent volvo shop and they stated that there was an etm code of ecm91a7. they advised him to take the vehicle to an authorized volvo dealer because of nhtsa campaign id number 06v441000 (vehicle speed control). the contact took the vehicle to power volvo and they performed a diagnostic, which confirmed that there was an etm failure. volvo north america has not given their consent to the dealer to perform the recall repair. the contact spoke with volvo and they stated that the previous owner already had the recall work performed. the contact stated that there is a warranty on the part for 200,000 miles/ten years and volvo agreed. the current and failure mileages were 84,917.
 I own a 2001 volvo v70 t5 and had an independent volvo shop bring up code ecm 91a7 which is an ( etm ) recall and warranty issue . (carb) has increased an additional 10 years and or 200,000. warranty on the etm. my independent shop erased the code but kept a print out of the failure. power volvo in cerritos california own mechanic and service manager agree that the etm is exhibiting all the issues with the etm concerns. north american volvo can't warranty the module until it shows a code for the etm. they want me to drive it until it shows the code again. i do not want to drive it since nhtsa wrote that in certain traffic situations , this condition could cause an unsafe situation and possibly a crash. *jb
 I own a 2001 volvo v70 .. and have had repeated experiences with the vehicle either stalling while in gear and / or surging forward while at a stop with the brake pedal depressed ... the vehicle has been brought to an authorized volvo repair shop and to the dealer for these problems a minimum of 4 times upon the return of my vehicle to me the vehicle exhibited the same problems .. the most recent event having taken place on 08.08.06 at this most recent incident i had my two granddaughters in my vehicle and i believe that this event put all our lives in danger .. this is definitely a safety issue / hazard ! i placed a call to the dealership only to be given the run-around from jon, tony, and gloria ... jon burnham suggested that i let them have my vehicle to drive until the problem is duplicated .. gloria masterly said i should not take my car to my local volvo approved repair shop ... that i should have it towed to them, instead both thru asc at no charge ... and at my expense numerous times> tony rivas told me that he had to make a call and that he would get back to me ... no one got back to me ... nor has anyone issues with the magnate marelli etm and am appalled at the devil may care attitude that volvo is taking towards this whole affair i bought volvo because of their reputation for safety ! i am now afraid to drive my car ... and am receiving no assistance from any volvo advisors or representatives i am nearly 80 years old .. and would hate to lose what years i do have left to an avoidable problem which may very well take my life
 On 6/2/06 i was driving on the freeway ( at about 60 mph), and suddenly my car slowed down and i could not accelerate, fortunately i was in the right hand lane and able to exit the freeway and slowly move to the side of the road, a warning light was on stating engine performance reduced. i turned off the ignition and waited a few minutes. i restarted the engine and the warning light was not on, however, i was very concerned and called the dealer and was told to bring the car in. the car was a little hesitant at first but i was able to drive slowly on side streets, to the dealer. he kept the car overnight and diagnosed a problem with the etm, he cleaned the etm and downloaded new software. it was $20 for the parts and $307.00 for the labor! i have not had a recurrence of this problem with the etm. however, i have become aware of numerous complaints about this etm and spoke to the service department at my dealer, who had never mentioned it to me, and had never offered to check or clean the etm before this happened. he was aware of the etm failures. i asked about the extended the warranty volvo has put in place on the etm but the dealer says that is only for service after the cleaning is tried once. this means i will have to have another dangerous failure of the system before they will replace and pay for the service! i feel that volvo should have warned the car owners about this possible problem and should give the warranty to all their cars. *jb
 On the way to an appointment my wife was driving our volvo v70 t5 on a major highway when suddenly the car lost power and a message stating performance reduction was visible on the console. the car felt like it was about to stall at any minute and was only able to be driven at 20 mph. she was able to pull the car over to the hard shoulder but as she was about to enter a section where road works had removed any hard shoulder she decided to stop and call for help. we arranged for a tow truck to pick the car up and take it to our nearest volvo dealer. when we arrived there and explained what had happened the first question asked by the service rep was have you had the etm recall performed ? i stated that we were not aware of any recall and had not received any letter from volvo of north america. 2 days latter once the car had been diagnosed by the dealer it was discovered that it had been caused by an etm/ecm failure. the replacement part number was 30785453. i also spoke with volvo of north america and was informed that there was no recall but a warranty extension on that particular part. i asked why i had not received a letter yet concerning it and was informed that they we still in the process of sending them out. since then i have discover evidence that the letter was available since november 2005. *jb
 Etm cleaned & adjusted at 48,474 miles for stalling and engine surging: 10/13/03 etm replaced for stalling; 4/13/05 engine surging diagnosed as etm at 79,386, 4/27/05 software update to correct surging, did not help. 5/26/05 etm replaced for surging idle and trans banging into gear, also software updated; 4/24/06 etm software upgrade for engine surging and being in limp home mode twice [s.mch from e-mail]
 Electronic throttle module failed on 2001 volvo v70 t5 at 75,400 miles. failures of this component are common due to poor design of etm. vehicle goes into limp home mode at unpredictable times. most recent failure was as my wife was merging with traffic onto freeway. from 55 mph vehicle suddenly lost power and reduced speed to 20 mph in traffic!. my wife crept over to the shoulder and called a tow truck. *nm
 Failure of electronic throttle module (etm). loss of power while driving with no advanced warning or other indication immanent failure. car went into limp home mode which provides enough power for the vehicle to be driven, but because the engine management computer attempts to keep a fixed, somewhat above idle, throttle setting, releasing the throttle does not result in engine braking as normal for a manual transmission vehicle. neither situation, loss of power or loss of throttle control, is acceptable and could cause an accident. the sudden loss of power nearly resulted in my being rear ended, luckily the driver behind me reacted quickly enough to avoid hitting me. the dealer installed new software in the etm in an attempt to rectify the problem. *jb
 2001 v70 did not shift properly and clunked in and out of gear. consumer was told that the stabilizer motor mount was faulty. *ts the throttle body, cam shaft sensor and vacuum boost sensor needed to be replaced. *jb
 My wife was on one of the busiest freeways in southern california during rush hour traffic, when our 2001 v-70 began missing and losing power. by the time she limped home to the next off ramp, she was traveling at approximately 20 miles an hour, in traffic moving nearly 60 miles an hour. obviously, this created a significant safety hazard for my wife and other travelers. she was able to drive the car to the dealer, calabasas volvo, at about 20-30 miles per hour. at the dealer, she was informed that the gas pedal linkage required replacement at approximately $300 (copy enclosed), and that the etm would be cleaned. i had already found information on the web that showed cleaning was ineffective, and the likelihood of continued safety risk. in fact, the information on the web explained that volvo has agreed to an extension of the warranty on this part to 200,000 miles or 10 years. i, frankly, was stunned that a car manufacturer would acknowledge such a fundamental design flaw and commit to such a long period of time for replacements for the effective life of the car. it appears that someone at volvo does recognize that the etm failure could cause injury or even death of the vehicle operator and occupants. i called the service department and urged them to replace the etm. to my absolute surprise, they explained that volvo has directed dealers to clean first, replace later, although they agreed that the etm would probably fail within a short period of time. now my wife is much nicer than me, and since i had some discussions with the calabasas volvo service department regarding their incompetence with the fan recall, they chose to give her the car back after the cleaning and she accepted it. within two miles, the car was experiencing the exact same symptoms that it had earlier in the day. in other words, volvo policy has placed my wife and family at risk of death or injury. *jb
 Warmed up car for 2 minutes; drove 2 miles to drug store--let engine idle while wife in the store; drove .1 mile and engine began acting very erratic! sputtering and stalling and no engine power car died into parking lot; very light traffic in midtown allowed me limp car to drop family at transit station and left volvo at office .3 miles away; after returning from vacation car ran ok--check engine lights still on + two urgent error messages. dealership refused to replace etm despite the check engine light being on. *nm
 Dt: the contact stated while driving the vehicle lost speed. when stopping at a stop sign or at a red light the engine stalled. she contacted the dealership, and they said the throttle module needed to be replaced. also, she contacted the manufacturer. they stated this problem was under investigation. no repairs have been made.*ak
 Reference 10143655 for second etm replacement, first replaced at 42,000 miles, was stalling , hesitating, rough id. e. hard to start after stalls. smch *ak
 I have a 2001 volvo v70 t5. this car has the high failure rate electronic throttle module component. during highway driving, i experienced a sudden loss of power while in passing lane of a 2 lane highway. the message window on the dash flashed performance reduced this occurred during while passing a semi with other cars following closely behind in a caravan. it was in pouring rain with water from the semi splashing over the windshield. needlesstosay, this was a nervous moment when power was suddenly lost. i was able to slow down and pull off to the next exit ramp where the engine was sputtering while idling. shutting off the engine and restarting made the problem disappear. about 3 months later, i'm getting performance reduced message nearly every day. finally trace it down to the etm internal fault using a obdii reader i purchased to diagnose this problem. volvo dealer confirmed the finding and replaced the etm. *nm
 2001 volvo v70 - traveling on major highway in this vehicle, it lost acceleration and started to reduce power, eventually resulting in complete stalling. caught between trucks and cars going approximately 65 - 75 mph. i felt hopeless to help myself, fearing i would be killed by traffic. *nm
 Dt: the contact stated the electronic throttle module (etm) failed. the engine idle dropped, and surged upon starting the vehicle. while driving the vehicle it surged and then lost power. the vehicle stalled while at a stop light and would not immediately start back. the vehicle started again after the fourth attempt. the etm was replaced approximately a year ago, but now the vehicle experienced the same problems again. *ak after the repairs the consumer continued to experience problems. updated 01/04/06. *jb
 While driving on i-695 near baltimore experienced six episodes of sudden deceleration ,and a almost stalling. also, was almost rear ended by a dump truck on one occasion ,and on another occasion by an 18-wheeler before the contact could cross slowly through lanes to the side of the road. to make matters worse, due to road construction, during two of these unplanned stops, there was no shoulder and the contact blocked a lane of traffic. the message on the dashboard read reduced engine performance. the contact turned the car off, and then a few times, noted a very rough idle and the same message. then , turned the car off for a few minutes ,and instead of the reduced engine performance warning received a needed immediate repair service or some similar message, and the check engine light was on. he drove a few miles at 60-65 mph, but the engine was running very rough. this whole episode repeated by itself 5 times during 50 miles drive. the contact made it home safely with three young children in the back seat. these problems were exactly those documented with the defective electronic throttle (etm) in most 1999-2001 volvos. has an appointment with local dealer, and he will be charged the usual $1000-$1200 to replace the etm module. unfortunately, the replacement module was not better than the original module. *ak
 Dt: the contact stated vehicle was losing power while accelerating and would only go 15 mph. he would coast to the side of the road and turn the vehicle off and back on. this happened daily. he took the vehicle to the dealership, and the throttle box was replaced. the problem has not come back since the repairs. *ak updated 12/27/05. *jb
 When driving the vehicle, the following warning comes on the dash board performance reduction. car starts to shudder, slows down and does not respond when pressing on the gas. *nm
 Dt: contact stated while driving a message appeared that read engine system service required which internally made the cruise control fail. he took the vehicle to volvo, and also a private mechanic. the problem was the electronic throttle module .the vehicle repairs will be at the contact's expense. the consequence of not having this repair made could result in the vehicle lurching forward at any speed or it could cause the vehicle to stall out at any time. he is currently not experiencing any problems, however the vehicle is parked at this time.*ak updated 11/30/2005 - volvo cover the cost of the new part and has extended the warranty on the part to 200000 miles or 10 years. *nm
 I have volvo v70 t5 wagon with reduced performance and unexpected acceleration and reduction of acceleration. the vehicle stopped on traffic and i was almost rear ended. the vehicle accelerated while entering the garage and causing damage to the body of the vehicle. additionally, the climate control in the car stopped working. my dealer ed schmidt volvo in perrysburg,ohio now saids that i need to replace my throottle module ($1300) and the processor for the climate control ($1400). the vehicle is only three thousand miles beyond warranty. i have a dangerous lemon in my hands and there is nothing i can do. i thank god that my young children where not near the garage when the car accelearted out of control. please feel free to contact me. this car should not be on the road in its present condition. *nm
 Dt: the contact stated vehicle surged forward after placing it into gear. she tried to stop the vehicle by applying the brakes, but they would not work. she lost control of the vehicle and struck a pole. the vehicle has not been inspected to determine the cause of the problem. *ak updated 11/29/2005 - the few weeks prior to this accident the vehicle had a computer problem and the passenger door, window and turn signal were inoperative. these problems were fixed by the dealer. *nm
 Consumer complaint regarding volvo electronic throttle defect. *ts updated 11/7/2005 - while driving the performance reduced light and ses light illuminated on the dash. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who determined that the electronic throttle needed to be replaced. neither the dealer nor manufacturer agree to replaced the throttle free of charge because the vehicle was out of warranty. during inspection the technician found the front control arm and upper spring seat broken. the power steering fluid leaked due to a faulty hose clamp. *nm
 Initially noticed erratic acceleration, then my wife was accelerating from a stop light and the vehicle actually lost acceleration and she was hit behind by a pickup truck. the dash readout showed the message performance reduced. our insurance paid for the $2600 in damages. our volvo mechanic determined that the problem was in the electronic throttle module and said that this was a fairly common occurrence in this year model. *nm
 Since the car was purchased there have been rough start and rough idle issues and acceleration issues. the issues were raised to the dealer on three occasions all with no resolution. the dealer has now identified the issue as a failure in the etm after the service engine light came on and remained lit. dealer quotes repair costs of $1,100. *nm
 Faulty electronic throttle module needed cleaning and the mechanic fears it will ultimately fail, as he is seeing them fail at high rates at his volvo garage. car was surging and stalling at stops, and just stalling immediately after starting. *nm
 Dt: 2001 volvo v70 all wheel drive cross-country the throttle module failed and it had to be replaced. the consumer done research and found that volvo models 1999- 2001, and between 40,000-60000 miles the throttle module has to be replaced on all those vehicles. consumer's vehicle t wa sowed over 100 miles to nearest dealership. they said the throttle module malfunctioned and needed replacement. also, said that if a recall ever came out in the future on the 2001 volvos for this same problem the consumer would be reimbursed. there have been no accidents. *ak
 While driving the car at highway speed (approximately 65 mph) the volvo v70 t5 lost power and began running extremely rough. car had to be pulled over immediately to the break down lane. on the dash, the indicator panel stated performance reduced. after turning engine off and restarting, car began to run fine again only to happen again a few miles down the road. car had to be limped to the dealer. dealer replace the engine throttle module (etm) at cost of $1032.00. *jb
 1) normal driving 65 mph westbound on i-25/i-40 intersection, passing a semi-truck on the left. 2)engine warning light came on, car slowed to 20 mph, swerved to avoid all traffic due to substantial loss of speed 3)towed to volvo dealership, replaced electronic brake sensor, throttle body assembly, and had to buy new coding for computer:$1300 repair cost. old parts at corroley volvo, albuquerque, nm. *nm
 The vehicle experiences sudden, unexpected, deceleration and accelerations while driving under normal conditions. must turnoff vehicle and attempt to re-start. doesn't always restart immediately. *nm
 We purchased a 2001 volvo v70 2.4t wagon 12-16-01 from the dealer, who had used it as a loaner vehicle. this complaint is regarding the throttle control. for about a month it would feel as if a plug was bad or a fuel line clogged when driving at a steady speed. it wasn't at first noticeable during acceleration. then a reduced performance message came on the dash. finally, on 8-20-05, the car stalled on the way to the dealer in reno to get it repaired. fortunately, we were in the right lane and managed to pull off the road out of traffic. just a matter of timing and this problem could well have been deadly. it restarted and we made it into the dealer. the throttle body was replaced and the pvc system cleaned, as the service manager stated the problem caused it to need cleaning. the total bill was $1,336.49. i feel volvo has a serious problem here, and judging by the number of complaints, which must be only a fraction of the number of incidents, it is only a matter of time before it causes deaths on the highway if it hasn't already. *jb
 Dt: the caller said on july 19, 2005 after driving two hours the reduced performance warning light came on. the vehicle started shaking and had no acceleration. the caller said the reduced performance light came on again on the way home. she got vehicle off the road and waited a few minutes and the vehicle started back up. vehicle was taken to the dealer and the throttle was replaced. the caller just wanted to let nhtsa know about the failure. the caller said dealer was very nice about the repair work. *ak *nm
 See existing nhtsa action number pe05041 for this failure type (1) drove through puddle (2) engine system service required light; loss of power (limp-home mode) (3) failed electronic throttle module replaced (total cost $1106.82); failed module is available although i took it apart to find problem - worn-through butterfly valve position sensor as described at *jb
 I had been experiencing a hesitation for appx six months, just wondering when the car would finally fail and where. i drove the car home on limp mode twice. i'd taken the car to the dealership on 4 separate occasions to figure out the problem. each time they could not figure out the problem and charged me to look at the car. the fourth time the car put out an etm code and they replaced the etm. *nm
 Engine throttle module on 2001 volvo, model v70, is defective. engine rpm surges back and forth and car sometimes stalls. today, sept. 7, 2005, rpm increased dramatically by several thousand for no reason. took to volvo 1 week ago and they wanted 834.00 + tax to fix. vehicle has only 53,000 miles. part is defective.*jb
 The 2001 volvo v70 would surge and then stall or hesitate during city driving and at highway speeds. the vehicle speed was not controllable. the car would restart most of the time, but then it would not start at all until the next day. the dealer replaced the electronic throttle module, old part is not available. *jb
 On wednesday august 24,2005 i was driving on the indiana toll road toward chicago when my 2001 volvo v70 which has less than 40,000 miles on it, stopped responding to my foot on the gas pedal. a message light that said performance reduced came on and i coasted without any control over the speed or power of the car. i was fortunate to be close to a toll booth and was able to pull over to the safety lane past the booth. i was fortunate to be in a safe place especially as i had my 7 year old son and dog in the back of the car. i turned off the car and sat for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do (even though the car has only 39500 miles on it, which is no longer under warranty). i started the car 10 minutes after this event, it started up fine, and there were no warning lights or messages. i decided we would be safer getting off the toll road even though i was taking a risk that this could happen again. i drove the remaining 15 miles home without a problem (no messages or warnings). i was able to bring the car to a mechanic who is an authorized volvo dealer, he called me one hour later and told me the problem was the throttle module and he would work to fix it. because i didn't think something like this should happen to a 4 year old car with very little mileage, i decided to check the internet to see if there was any news regarding volvo. i goggled volvo throttle and found two references to a newly opened investigation that described a scenario very similar to what we experienced. i decided to check this web site to learn more. as of today, august 29, 2005, my car is still not repaired. the mechanic is working with volvo. the mechanic has been told since aug. 25, that the volvo computer, which is necessary for the throttle replacement download, has been down for 4 business days. in addition to being put in a dangerous situation on the toll road with my young son, my car will cost close to $1000 to fix, and i have not had use of my car for 5 days!
 Dt: vehicle stalled/died, and lost power due to throttle body failure. *ak
 My car had a sudden lack of power and in some turns would stall. these would cause a dangerous situation in traffic. i took the car to the dealer and they had the electronic throttle module and throttle body had to be replaced. this is very expensive and should not occur.
 Dt: vehicle stalled/died, and lost power due to throttle body failure. *ak
 Sudden loss of power - had to pull over to the side of a 65 mph highway. this happened 3 times on the same day. immediately took to my auto repair shop (kotlar) who diagnosed the problem as a bad throttle body failure. the throttle body was replaced by kotlar auto repair and then my car had to be towed to big dee volvo dealer in white plains who downloaded the appropriate software. total charges were $929.40. luckily i was in thr right hand lane with limited traffic on the highway or else this could have been a huge safety issue. *jb
 Dt: consumer was traveling from charlotte to cincinnati in 2001 volvo v70 when vehicle suddenly lost power . could not drive faster than 20 mph. was able to exit onto the highway shoulder. message light said performance reduced, but there was no explanation for this message in the service manual. volvo roadside service claimed to be unaware of what could be wrong, as did the nearest dealer. after twenty minutes the car restarted and ran well for two days . this was a holiday weekend and consumer could not obtain service. however, on return trip to charlotte vehicle experienced the same failure 4 or 5 times, a very scary and dangerous condition for interstate driving. when consume r scheduled an appointment with local dealer service department the service manager claimed to be unaware of any such problem with other volvos. by the time consumer arrived for the appointment she researched the issue on the internet and learned about the electronic throttle control module (etm) failure. the service department again denied knowing about this failure but adnitted that the throttle failed on this vehicle. it was replaced at a cost of over $900. consumer attempted to pursue compensation and a recall due to safety issues but volvo refused to discuss the matter with consumer. *ak
 Dt: contact owned 2001 a volvo. he complained about throttle body problem. the vehicle was taken to the dealer twice with what he thought was a transmission problem. they could not adjust the transmission. curfrently, they told him that it wa sthe throttle body. to replace it would cost consumer $800.00. he ended up paying $250.00 for throttle body replacement. when he drove the car home it surged between shifts changes. he called the dealer back and informed them it was doing the same thing. they said a technician needed to ride around with him to find the problem. the consumer said the problem was intermittent.*ak *jb
 Dt: 2001 volvo station wagon v70. vehicle stalled/died and lost power while driving at 25 mph. throttle body sensor was replaced. *ak the upper engine mount broke and oil leaked from the turbo return line seals. *nm
 Dt: vehicle stalled/lost power and hesitated. throttle body module failed and was replaced. *ak *nm
 Dt: contact stated on two occasions vehicle lost power. the first time there was a computer message that displayed reduced performance. then vehicle stalled, but immediately started up. the second time while consumer was driving 40-45 mph the vehicle stalled. the reduced performance light was displayed again, but the car did not immediately start up. *ak
 We have a v70 volvo 2001 wagon and it has stalled several times especially while stopped. we took it in to the dealer century volvo in huntsville alabama and they replaced the electronic throttle modular an $800.00 part plus labor for a total of $1100. i now see that the feds are investigating this problem. what are my options, will i get reimbursed from the dealer or volvo, will there be a recall? *jb
 Dt: the consumer was having problems with volvo 2001 v-70 cross country wagon. the vehicle was stalling at random speeds starting in mid-august of 2004. consumer took the vehicle to a repair shop, and the mechanic suspected the throttle was the issue. the problem was random and it would not do this for several days. the vehicle stalled on the highway while the consumer was merging into traffic. the vehicle would start after consumer let the car sit for a few minutes. later that day the car stalled again. consumer had to have the car towed to a dealership for repairs. this time the car did not start. the dealer replaced the throttle module, loaded software; throttle body, cable tie and etm reloaded. the car was running okay at times, but the engine was racing very high for seconds and then returns back to the normal rate. the motorwas revving and the tachometer was registering high for a moment. consumer considered returning the vehicle because of the problems. the total cost on repairs has been over $800.00. nhtsa investigation, pe05041. *ak *jb
 Dt: contact states the car has on numerous occasions shut down while driving. it generally restarted but not always. had to have it towed from time to time. has been having this problem since the fall of last year. the dealer attempted to diagnose the problem, and felt it needed a new starter. had a new starter put on and then a new ignition , and that initially solved the problem. but then the problem recurred, vehicle stalled and died on the highway. *ak
 If pedal brake was not applied, car would have rolled forward on hill even though transmission was in reverse gear.
 Electronic throttle pedal fails to work properly. there is a major delay of fuel getting into engine. have taken to dealership, and mechanic has no corrective solution for repair. has been to dealership with problem 3 times so far. volvo v70t5.*ak engine idle was too low causing delay in throttle. *yh
 Volvo v70 2001 when using cruise control accelerates on its on to excessive speeds and does not respond to either braking or turning off cruise control. *nm
 During acceleration when cruise control is engaged but not exclusively the vehicle loses power. as a result, consumer has to pull over to the side of the road and restart the vehicle. *ak