Vw Touareg

Model Touareg made by Vw got 12 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to air bags, electrical system and exterior lighting.

Model 2005

Consumer Complaints

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 My 2005 touareg has been in for service on 5 out of the 8 air bags in the car. the driver side airbag had to be replaced because if was defective, than after it was replaced it came disconnected. the 2 front windshield airbag covers had to be placed. the 2 back covers had to be replaced. seat belt cover had to be replaced and another has locked up and can not be moved. *nm
 The drivers side airbag will only work for 2 months at any given time then stops working. i purchased this vehicle new. every couple of months the censor that indicates that the airbag is not working comes on. i take the vehicle in to the dealer, they reset the censor, they tell me my airbag is fixed, insisting that this time they have identified and corrected the problem. and 2 months later the censor is on again indicating the airbag is not working. i thought this was similar to the check engine light, when it is on the car still runs, with the dealership a 200 mile trip, i was not in any hurry to rush in every time the light came on. after 2 years of this recurring problem the dealer ship told me that when that censor indicates the airbag is not working, the airbag is truly not working, and if my vehicle were to get into a accident the airbag would not deploy. this is a very serious safety issue and vw has been very insensitive and frankly hard to deal with in regards to this horrendous safety issue. with my warranty running out in 5000 miles and they have had my car in the shop for 3 full weeks working on a fix/repair, and once again they have come to me and said that it is fixed, they will not extend the warranty for the airbag. the only reason the company will not stand behind their fix is that it is not fixed and they know it. *tr
 2005 vw toureg, lots of electrical failures, had 04 also traded on lemon deal--said kinks were worked out not true our suv has been in the shop so many times for long periods of time i have lost count. *jb
 Volkswagen toureg,2005, headlights go off for no apparent reason. they stay off for several seconds and come back on. on other occasions, only one headlight has gone off and come back on several seconds later. this happens intermittently. *jb
 Our 2005 volkswagen jetta broke down due to the computer needing reprogramming. it did not give warning it just had no power and wouldn't go in the middle of an interstate. this was a service bulletin with volkswagen i believe this is a safety issue because there is no warning and the brakes don't work and the car doesn't go and could potentially cause an accident. *tr
 We purchased a vw touareg 2005, in may 2005, the rear center seat belt is jammed and can not lift up rear seat without cutting the seat belt. vw service has had to cut the seat belt to be able to put the seat back up. this has occurred three times 3/1/06, 4/10/06 & 6/9/06. this occurs every time we put our seats down to load the back with stuff, and then try to put the seat back up into sitting position. *nm updated *jb
 Just bought my 2005 vw jetta gls tdi diesel (turbo) model car from local dealership in columbus, ga. my wife and i drove off the lot (literally) and she immediately turned on her new driver's side heated seat (black leather seat) to test it (lucky she did). the seat would not work at first, then it got hot, and hotter, and started burning her. she cut off the heat switch for the seat, and the seat remained hot. the switch started getting too hot to touch and smelled of smoke, so we turned around and brought the car back that same day/minute. the dealer said it was just the switch. they replaced the switch and when i picked it up,but it then it took about 5 minutes to get warm, but the switch wasn't smoking or extremely hot as before. the next day, the heated seat on the driver's side stopped working all together. our third day of ownership, we had to schedule a service for the following monday and do without the heated seat all together. the vw service advisor advised me he might have to replace the heating element in the seat itself although he commented he knew nothing of such problems as this-?. anyway, here we sit with a loaner awaiting the verdict, and it appears we might be inheriting a problem from way back. my issue is that the switch got extremely hot, and the seat was hot enough to cause a burn or a car fire. yes, i know..keep the switch off -but, we had it off and the seat still kept getting hotter (during the first incident). i'm afraid these things are going to go bad and someone will have a little diesel car burning up around them with a faulty seatbelt trapping them in a fire! help, and please get engineering on this one ( re: # pe 03052)*jb
 While driving home from church i saw a beautiful shiny prius and i was not able to stop in time with my vw jetta. the brakes would not hold. *jb
 The brakes in my 2005 jetta gli make a very loud noise when i back up. it was a recall and they told me the first day that they had taken care of it, and that if i keep on hearing the noise take it back. well the noise its pretty bad, so i took the car back and they said they couldnt do anything about it, but i don't think they even looked at the car, because when i picked it up it was exactly how i left it and usually they wash you car or put plastic when they see it.
 My 05 vw touareg v8 has had a failed air bag sensor, sunroof insulation, steering wheel shake at varied speeds, and a serious alignment issue since the first day of ownership. after 6 different trips back to the dealership, they can't seem to fix the shaking and the alignment problem. there are many forums and blogs on the net regarding a genuine defect in design of this vehicle which doesn't allow it to drive straight. all of the loaner touaregs model years 06/07 have had similar alignment problems, so i don't think it is just my vehicle it is a great number of these vehicles with the same problems. vw needs to step up to the plate and take care of their customers. this is not a cheap vehicle and the support is worst then any company i've ever dealt with. the customer service representatives answer to my problem is i recommend you keep taking the vehicle back to any dealership of your choice until the issue is resolved under the manufacturer's warranty period. this means that for the next five years i have to take this vehicle back to them on a weekly basis for them to try to fix a problem in their design. i just don't think it is fair to a consumer who coughs up big bucks to purchase a vehicle and the vehicle is flawed from the first day. *nm
 July 6, 2006 i opened the hatchback trunk to put a bag in. i was standing to the left side of the car close enough to lean into trunk. the trunk door open as usual, i leaned in to place my bag and the trunk door dropped on my head leaving me quite dazed and blood running down my face. the air shock on the trunk failed leaving an 1 inch wide and deep hole in the right corner of my fore head. i was taken to emergency where they put staples in my head and sent me home with instructions to take care of a concussion. vw was notified and the car was taken in. the car was there for 3 days. i picked it up and 3 days after that the door failed again. thank goodness i was still being cautious or it could have happened again. i then traded the car in, not wanting to wait for another failure. *jb
 The tires on my 2005 toureg have excessive wear due to the weight of the vehicle and the pirelli tire used. this was fixed on the 2006 touregs however the 2004 and 2005 have the wrong tires spec and the tires could blow out prematurely causing a person to lose control and roll their vehicle. i have contacted vw and pirelli with no success in getting my tires replaced under any type of warranty claim because they are original equipment tires. i only have approx 20,000 miles on these tires. i was also instructed today that i could pay for the entire replacement of all four tires and then i would receive a warranty on them. *nm

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