Wildfire Ltd

Model Ltd made by Wildfire got 3 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to engine and engine cooling, tires and unknown or other.

Model 2009

Consumer Complaints

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 I currently work for this company - but am about to be fired - so telling all.... cfmoto powersports has had several cf250t-f fashion scooters ignite and catch on fire. the put out a technical service bulletin for this issue - but have not seen that the units are being repaired. the first scooter burned in 2008 in new york and cfmoto sent the technician to new york to our dealer in his grace auto repair. the technician from cfmoto that inspected the burned units was andrew westenburg (995 harmony ln, amery, wi 54001-5262 - (715) 268-6452) he is no longer with cfmoto - don't know if he will talk. this scooter was completely burned. the fire is starting in the exhaust and the tech bulletin issued bypasses the problem. lev mirman, president of cfmoto, has done his best to hide this problem. more scooters have burned and it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured. this situation should not be hidden from the public and should not be handled as a technical service bulletin... a total recall needs to be issued before someone is killed or seriously injured. lev mirman is more worried about the money he can make - instead of consumers lives!!!!! as far as i know - lev has told cfmoto in china that all of the scooters have been repaired... he has blatantly lied to them. he is a con-artist and has fooled them on more than this issue... i am sure he pocketed the money they paid for this issue also. thank you for your time! now... time to fill in the irs. www.cfmoto-us.com (us division) www.cfmoto.cn (china manufacturer) andrew westenberg 995 harmony ln amery, wi 54001-5262 (715) 268-6452 in his grace auto repair 258 long island ave wyandanch, ny 11798 phone: 631-643-1726 fax: 631-213-0125 email: ingodshands4eva@aol.com i listed this as a wildfire - it is not - it is a cfmoto - but this manufacturer is not listed. ty
 Tl*the contact owns a 2009 wildfire ltd. while driving 45 mph, the vehicle almost flipped over. the seat belt consists of only one strap that extends across the shoulder and there is no lap belt. the vehicle has three tires: one in the front and two in the back. the front tire flattened and nearly caused a crash. there were no injuries. the vehicle was purchased new from the dealer. the manufactured advised the contact to speak with the dealer about the failure; however, the contact is reluctant due to the attitude of the dealer and because they will not speak with him. the failure mileage was 2,600. updated 02-23-09 *bf updated 02/24/09
 I am under the impression that kids atvs where no longer legally being sold in the united states. there is a local dealer here in the houston area doing so. if this is not the correct agency to report this problem to please advise me. *tr

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