Yamaha Fjr1300ae

Model Fjr1300ae made by Yamaha got 22 consumer complains there are 2 investigations as well as 3 service bulletins. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, engine and engine cooling. Technical service bulletines regarding engine and engine cooling, fuel system, other and power train. The car had one investigation (electrical system).

Model 2006


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
200701610/17/200710023797Yamaha motorcycle - 2006-2007 fjr1300a/ae -- poor engine performance occurs when changing to a higher or lower altitude while cruising at a relatively steady speed (more noticeable when altitude changes 3000 feet or more). *nj02/01/2008
200601006/23/200610020172Incorrect display of instantaneous fuel consumption. *tt08/03/2006
200601209/01/2006200601210020341Electronic gear shift actuator/new owner's manual. yamaha. 2006 fjr13aev, aevc. *tt09/19/2006


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 Odi is aware of at least 45 allegations of fjr1300 engine stalling while underway due to an ignition switch failure.in some instances, cycling the switch will allow re-start.fjrforum.com has numerous threads alleging the same issue.shortly after opening this ea, and before receiving a related information request from us, yamaha decided to conduct a safety recall (09v-002) to install new ignition switches in all my 2006-8 and early my 2009 fjr1300 motorcycles.with that decision, this investigation is closed.
 Odi is aware of at least 45 allegations of fjr1300 engine stalling while underway due to an ignition switch failure.in some instances, cycling the switch will allow re-start.fjrforum.com has numerous threads alleging the same issue.to gather more focused information about this subject, we are upgrading this pe to an ea (ea08-025).

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 The motorcycle's engine quit suddenly without warning. from the on-line fjr forum and my personal inspections of electrical components in my bike, i have determined that this was caused by the well known yamaha fjr 1300 electrical grounding issue. a recall by yamaha is needed. this has been a known fjr issue for three years.
 2006 yamaha fjr1300. vehicle was being ridin and the speedomter stopped working, abs and check engine lights started flashing and the gear indicator was also flashing. this is the ae model with electrical shifting. it was stuck in 5th gear and would not down shift. i was able to return it to the parking lot in high gear and turn off the motor. called dealer and he cleaned a corroded ground spider and vehicle is now opertaing properly again.
 There were no memorable events leading up to the failure. there are no modifications to the motor, electrical, or ignition systems. all systems remain stock from the dealer/manufacturer. the motor was cutting in and out like there was an electrical interruption. at the same time that the motor was cutting in and out, the turn signals and high beams indicator would turn on for as long as the motor was cutting in and out, which was very fast (example: .5 second). this condition continued for 3 months with no regularity. the complete failure finally occurred while traveling home from work on the freeway. i was able to safely get to the side of the road, but was unable to get the motor started. i had to call a tow truck and pay to have the vehicle towed to my residence. found an electrical connector (known as s4 spider ground) that serves as a common ground to 5 other electrical wires was melted, like it was over heating from inside the connector. this connector does not contact any hot surfaces. i cleaned the connector with electrical contact cleaner. i picked out the melted plastic that was blocking the connector holes. i also cleaned off the connector plug that connects all the electrical connector terminals together due to corrosion and melted plastic stuck to it. finally, i applied die-electric grease to the connectors to reduce corrosion and improve the connection between the connectors and the connector plug. i could not replace the connector without replacing the entire head light electrical harness. this fix lasted for 1 year before failing again. i did the same cleaning as i had mentioned above, but it failed again after 2 months. i then soldered 2 separate wires to the top of the 6 prong connector and attached those wires to two different points on the vehicle. the last fix has lasted 11 months with no more evidence of overheating to the s4 grounding plug. there has not been any more engine cutting in and out symptoms either. *tr
 2006 yamaha fjr1300ae with 20,000 miles. left me stranded when it suddenly would not start. symptoms included: 1.the fuel gauge bar display shows a full tank and the whole bar display is blinking on and off. 2. horn won't work 3. the headlight high beam indicator is on, although the headlight is not on and switch is in the low position 4. both turn signal indicators are steady on 5. no error codes 6. neutral indicator is on this is a motorcycle witha computerized clutch - so no manual shift. when it is dead there is no moving it. towed to my mechanic who discovered a melted ground junction in the main electrical harness under the fuel tank. replaced both upper and lower harnesses at a cost of over $1000. *tr
 This is on a 2006 yamaha fjr1300ae model motorcycle with about 26k miles on it. i started the motorcycle, it ran for about 1 to 2 seconds then shutdown and would not restart. this was the first and only occurrence. upon inspection by an authorized dealership service technician it was found to have an overheated, melted ground junction in the main electrical harness. the manufacturer is going to replace the entire main harness under the extended warranty i have. the old harness is being sent back to the oem for inspection. it is my understanding from monitoring certain internet forums for this machine that other owners are having identical failures. inasmuch as this defect can cause the motorcycle engine to suddenly stop running, there is the potential for a serious or fatal crash injury. *tr
 2006 yamaha fjr 1300 ae motorcycle. *tr
 Ignition switch failed when in motion. this is an intermittent problem and causes the motorcycle to lose all power. dealer replaced switch. i'm reporting this so that you can lean on yamaha to replace all switches. *tr
 While pulling into the parking lot of work 2006 yamaha fjr1300ae just died. all power was lost and motor just stopped. the bike was completely dead and the failure was in the ignition switch. it took over 2 weeks to have the switch replaced. *tr
 Ignition switch failed, which stranded my wife and i 20 miles north of leaky texas on rd 336, which is an open cattle range area where cell phone's don't have coverage, in the middle of a 100 degree day on 9 august 2008. had stopped on the side of the road to get a bottle of water out of the saddle bag, when ignition switch turned back to on position, nothing happened. had already learned from this site that yamaha fjr's have a known problem with ignition switch failures. cut into the wire harness coming from the ignition switch, cut the brown and red wires, and spliced in a 30 amp toggle switch, which bypassed my ignition switch and restored power. learned about the need to carry parts to bypass the switch due to all the ignition switch failures reported on this site. *tr
 Total electrical failure cause by ignition switch failure while stopping. walked motorcycle off road, then worked the ignition switch on and off until ignition worked again. *tr
 Ignition switch failure due to electrical resistance/heat melting it's internal plastic components. *tr
 Ignition switch failure on motorcycle. failed suddenly while moving, with near loss of control. contacts pulled out of switch body internal to switch. this problem has been reported on internet forums by dozens of yamaha fjr1300 owners and has never been resolved. it is a dangerous condition since a motorcycle must be balanced by throttle application while leaned over, otherwise, the motorcycle will either fall over, or the path must be changed to keep it upright. under less than ideal circumstances, this could cause crossing lanes. *tr
 1) what year fjr? 2006 fjr1300ae with 16,500 miles, purchased new 3/2007 2) failed while running? or while turning ignition? or whatever? tuesday night (11/06/07) after pumping gas i turned on my key and watched the gauges fire up for about half a second, then everything went dead. i fiddled with the key a bit and got it started. i messed with the ignition a bit more and could not duplicate the problem. wednesday morning i had the same problem. once i got it started, i could not duplicate the problem again. i called yamaha when i got to work and gave them the fjrf003 info, and tried to get advice. yamaha suggested i take it to a dealer to see if the problem could be duplicated. i am thinking this sucks since i cannot make it happen on command. when i left work wednesday i had the same problem, but i learned i could make it happen more often with the handlebars in different positions. on my ride home at about 75mph the fjr powered down as the ignition failed. 3) how many days was the bike at the dealer for service? 13 days. sierra yamaha is located out in the middle of the desert and had to wait three days for a locksmith to re-key the ignition before. if the ignition was not re-keyed i would have had the bike in 10 days. 4) paid for by yamaha or not? yes, it was covered under warranty. 5) briefly, how badly were you inconvenienced by this ignition failure? the cost to me for the failure is about $130. the cost is related to fuel to drive my truck instead of my fjr. there was some worry on my part what would happen on an ae model if the ignition failed while in motion. i am please to announce the ae does not lock the rear wheel until the bike stops moving. however, if i was not able to get off the road i would have been stuck in the middle of the at night with no tail lights and unable to move the motorcycle. it appears this might become a larger issue. see link for other owners with the same. http://www.fjrforum.com/forum//index.php?showtopic=26098 *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 yamaha midnight venture 1300 (na). while driving 80 mph, the contact noticed oil spilling from the rear of the vehicle. the dealer stated that the oil seal failed and made repairs. the vin was unknown. the current and failure mileages were 12,000.
 Yamaha fjr ae 2006. i purchased this bike in 2010 with only 3500 miles on it. riding with friends we were about to enter a major interstate highway in dallas, tx. upon giving the bike throtle the engine suddenly lost all power at about 50 miles per hour. the speedometer and tachometer were jumping from zero to maximum several times. i almost lost control and other behind me almost crashed into me from behind. as i began to pull off the ramp out of the way of other traffic suddenly the bike restarted and regained power. it has not done this again. when i took the bike to the local yamaha dealer they told me there were no active recalls on this model. now i find that indeed the ignition switch has a safety recall and i'm quite sure this is the problem. i will return to the dealer to have the ignition recall completed.