Yamaha Fz6r

Model Fz6r made by Yamaha got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to unknown or other. .

Model 2012

Consumer Complaints

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 Well i was driving in my motorcycle right behind my parents on june 10, 2012 when i noticed that they were speeding, i brought it to there attention, my speedometer said they were going 80, but my parents stated they were going 75 mph. so we went for a test drive when we got home i stated to him drive 55 mph for about two miles and i will be right behind you sure enough my speedometer said i was going 60 but he was going 55. then i tested it with a gps device and the same thing happened. on monday june 11, 2012 i called yamaha and asked them about this, they stated that there is an allowable difference which is 10 percent. i would like to know if there statement to me is valid. one of the reasons i am concerned is the slowest possible limit on a freeway is 45 mph here in ca. what if i am going 46, and a police officer pulls me over for going 40...who would be responsible for the citation?