Yamaha Tw200

Model Tw200 made by Yamaha got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to power train. .

Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

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 Engine does not completely engage when clutch lever is completely released. the engine partially engages after the clutch is released, and then fully engages a bit later. the end result is that as the operator is giving the vehicle more throttle to accelerate, the engine finally fully engages due to the faulty clutch (finally fully releasing) and causes the front wheel to at times leave the pavement. this caused the operator to nearly dump the vehicle on a busy street when proceeding from a red light while driving it home after the first attempt by the dealership to repair the issue. the vehicle was purchased brand new on 12/03/2011, and picked up on 12/07/2011. problem worsened as the bike was ridden. at 20 miles, it was returned to the dealer for repair. it has been in for repair for this issue a total of 4 times since the purchase date for a total of 17 days in the shop in the 45 days since its purchase. on the third repair, the engine also was leaking oil. the vehicle only has 50 miles on it as of 01/14/2012.