Yamaha Vmx12 1985-2007

Model Vmx12 made by Yamaha got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to power train, vehicle speed control.

Car model

Name Recalls Bulletins Consumer Complaints
Yamaha Vmx12 1985 1 0 1
Yamaha Vmx12 1986 2 0 0
Yamaha Vmx12 1988 1 0 0
Yamaha Vmx12 1989 1 0 0
Yamaha Vmx12 1997 0 0 1
Yamaha Vmx12 2007 0 1 4

Model 9999

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Yamah motorcycles model year 1997; when motorcycle is in neutral between 4th and 5th gear, it will engage gear without warning. dealers are aware of problem. cause unknown. *ak
 Consumer states while in heavy traffic turning a corner, the throttle opened up and consumer hit a car. consumer feels the v boost kicked in and bike was only in first gear. *jb damage amount 5 thousand dollars, consumer sustained nerve damage, broken collar bone/leg, carple tunlle nerve and elbow damage, vehicle year is 2000 *scc