Yamaha Xv1900

Model Xv1900 made by Yamaha got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to power train. .

Model 2006

Consumer Complaints

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 On march 21st of 2012, around 2pm, i left my house to head to work. when i approached the stop light (red) right off mckinley bridge on missouri side, i down shifted from 4th to 3rd gear when i noticed the bike lunged forward abit and started making a grinding noise. the noise sounds like the belt is not grabing onto the sprocket or something like that. i was told that there is alot of roadliner's and stratoliners xv1900's has this problem. the problem is with the 3rd gear pinion p/n 1d7-17131-01-00. yamaha knows about this problem with the model bike in question but has not had a recall on this part yet. i was told that this problem could cause a catastrophic crash from the transmission locking up at high speeds. the replacement part has a new p/n (99999-03864.00).