Yamaha Xvs650a

Model Xvs650a made by Yamaha got 3 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to power train, service brakes, hydraulic.

Model 1999

Consumer Complaints

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 I own an yamaha xvs650(v-star) and it has come to mine as well as alot of others that the drive shaft of these bikes needs regualar lubing maintenance that is not being followed during periodic maintenance and sometimes during initial assembly by yamaha. this issue has come to attention because of some riders having their drive shafts fail while riding causing the rear wheel to lock up. this is extremely dagerous and can cause accidents and in some cases death. yamaha has no mention of this type of preventive mainteance in their owners manual or their service manual. i think there should be some type of recall to have this checked and serviced. thanks for your time.*ak
 Consumer was traveling on his motorcycle approximately 40 mph when front brakes locked up without any activation, once the release valve was opened the brakes then were released, the motorcycle was driven 100 feet and the front brakes locked up again, consumer received burns, cuts, and a broken hand. *jada