Consumer Complaints

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 The battery in my escalade had been dying on me for a while. one day, my gauges all stayed stuck as if i was driving on the freeway. i drove it for a while until i was tired of jump-starting it almost everyday and i finally replaced the battery.the gauges all stayed the same. a few days went by and the battery started to die again. i realized that this was more than just a battery problem. i drove it 5 miles away from my place on the freeway and as i was coming back home it started to decelerate all on it's own. it marked system stability disabled and would not let me go over 25 mph. i have not driven it since november and would like to know what is going on with this. i read about a recall but this problem was supposed to be fixed since 2002 when the recall notice was sent out. as i have read the descriptions on what people's problems with this same type of vehicle was, i notice that it is exactly what is going on with my vehicle. (bcm recall 2002 #02066)
 Electronic control stability system has not works since vehicle was new. i have taken to the deal under warranty over 15 times. unable to correct problem. *tr