BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
050846006A09/01/2005050846006B10015018Information on upgrading certain onstar generation 5 analog/digital-ready systems to onstar generation 6 dual-mode (analog/digital). *tt05/13/2005
1008200210/08/200210013128This message is to provide dealers with an awareness of two new commands available via voice recognition in the onstar generation five equipped vehicles. the two commands are onstar and emergency. *tt04/08/2005
304410010363Generation 5 onstar steering wheel control function. *tt11/17/2004
305901/01/200410009608When using onstar personal calling feature, the caller cannot be heard on outbound call only. *tt10/08/2004
0911200209/11/200210009442Starting with the 2003 model year the rear headphones will only be included in vehicles with gm installed dvd systems. any other 2003 vehicles built without the dvd system will not have the rear headphones in the vehicle. *tt09/29/2004
301101/01/200410008898When using voice recognition dialing, some numbers or commands may not be understood by the system especially the number two (2). *tt08/25/2004
01913A01/01/200410007284Cargo covers- cladding stained or discolored. *tt06/09/2004
03084901308/01/200310004387Chime volume level too loud. various models including 2003 escalade ext, escalade esv, and gmc sierra denali. *tt12/04/2003
030844018A01/01/2005030844018B10004329Rear seat audio (rsa) and/or rear hvac inoperative. *tt update. *tt12/02/2003
03085200509/01/200310004335Diagnostic information for replacement remote keyless entry (rke) transmitter inoperative - unable to synchronize. *tt12/02/2003
01414B01/01/200401414A10004262Parts restriction for cargo covers cancelled. service vme. this bulletin replaces 01414a dated 11/18/03. *tt11/24/2003
00843C11/18/200310004151Replacement (rke) transmitter is inoperative - service vme. *tt11/20/2003
010846002C06/01/200310002836Programming of replacement onstar vehicle communication and interface modules (vcim). *tt09/26/2003
08-08906/01/200810026586Gm: special coverage adjustment-analog onstar deactivation. fcc ruled in 2002 wireless carriers would no longer re required to support analog wireless network starting in 2008. *pe csc letter was received. updated 12/1/08. *pe11/14/2008
1022200210/22/200210009499After replacing the amplifier there is sound only coming from the right front speaker. *tt10/01/2004
00372D01/01/200410007287Onstar system is attempting and/or completing phone calls which the operator of the vehicle did not initiate. *tt06/09/2004
0156201/01/200410005402Hvac digital display does not illuminate or function. service vme. sit bulletin 1411066. *tt02/25/2004
030852001C03/01/2003030852001B10001278Remote keyless entry (rke) system inoperative. *tt04/25/2003
030852001B02/01/2003030852001A10001113Remote keyless entry (rke) system inoperative. *tt04/15/2003
03085200101/01/200310000961Remote keyless entry (rke) system inoperative. *tt04/09/2003
02084402012/01/200210000767No audio out of speakers at times. *tt03/31/2003
PI-514101/01/201210043536Buick/cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/oldsmobile: if blower motor is set to any speed position and when key is off, it becomes inoperative and may still be inoperative after key is turned on. *pe04/09/2012
04013801410/01/200410012731High pitched tone heard inside vehicle when ac compressor is engaged. *eh03/11/2005
04013801310/01/200410012727Hvac not cold enough a/c compressor does not engage . *eh03/11/2005
04013700404/01/200410012614Revised air conditioning (a/c) system performance test. *tt03/08/2005
04013800806/01/200410012173Heat ventilation and air conditioning system cannot be controlled or defaults to defrost mode. *eh02/16/2005
04013801008/01/200410011190Diagnostic information to accurately diagnose a/c low pressure switch using new kent moore special tool ge-47742. *tt01/10/2005
305610010369Part restriction on air conditioning compressors. *tt11/17/2004
317901/01/200410010266Automatic dual zone hvac battery draw supplement to 02-01-39-007a. *tt11/08/2004
177301/01/20041773B10010054High temperature gauge readings at an extended idle with the ac on. *tc11/03/2004
307601/01/200410009603Repeat hvac blower motor failure. *tt10/08/2004
308601/01/200410009509Air conditioner (a/c) low pressure switch diagnostic tool. currently the a/c low pressure switch open/close pressures cannot be accurately determined by measuring pressure at the low side service port. *tt10/04/2004
01428B01/01/200410007279Rear air conditioning hvac blower motor control module information. *tt06/09/2004
0170401/01/200410006405Programming control heads - hvac ac. *tt05/03/2004
03013801909/01/2004030138019A10005551Underhood air conditioner rattle noise heard on acceleration or a sudden loss of air conditioner system performance. *tt this bulletin replaces 03-01-38-019 dated 11-01-2003. to include various modles including 2002-2004 commercial up03/02/2004
01428A01/01/20040142810004172Rear air conditioning hvac blower motor control module information. service vme. sit bulletin 1455584. *tt (this bulletin replaces pi01428a dated 11-18-03). *tt11/20/2003
0134811/18/200310004133Passenger compartment air filter. *tt11/19/2003
01139B01/01/200401139C10004105Air conditioning compressor belt or tensioner jumps or flutters causing a rattle noise. service vme. *tt11/18/2003
03013900806/01/200310002850Changes in air conditioning compessor on/off instrument panel display symbol from 2003 to 2004 model year and synchronizing the driver and passenger set temperatures. *tt09/26/2003
03013900706/01/200310002131Air conditioning (a/c) inoperative / intermittent, air conditioner blows warm air. *tt08/13/2003
010139004A12/01/200201013900410000729Air conditioner not cold enough, air conditioner blows warm air with vehicle at extended idle. *tt03/28/2003
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
0204601/01/200410007733Navigation screen locks up. *tt07/09/2004
0214901/01/200410008850Clock not keeping proper time on vehicles with navigation radio. *tt08/24/2004
302401/01/200410008803Radio preset reads somethingf other than the station id or station call letters. *mj08/23/2004
0057301/01/200410007618Low audio output from speakers. *mj07/06/2004
01919A01/01/200410007274Replacement radio reads cal error, has no audio or will not program. *tt06/09/2004
0166201/01/200410007248Xm error on a radio display. *tt06/04/2004
0203901/01/200410006935Navigation radio displays japanese writing or symbols. also including 2004 hummer h2. *mr05/19/2004
0191901/01/200410006807Replacement radio reads cal error, has no audio or will not program. *tt05/14/2004
0184901/01/200401849A10006708Vehicles equipped with xm do not have audio, am, fm work correctly. *mr05/11/2004
0186401/01/200401864A10006615Radio cd skips/ejects or clock resets to 12:00. *mr *tt05/07/2004
0175901/01/200410006302Xm rapid activation utilization. *mr04/28/2004
0139011/18/200310004195Xm radio must be tuned to channel 1 through 66 during activation attempt. 2004 chevrolet canyon, gmc denali, gmc colorado also included. *tt11/21/2003
020844020B03/01/2003020844020A10001250No audio out of speakers at times. *tt04/25/2003
020844020A02/01/200302084402010001134No audio out of speakers at times. *tt04/17/2003
PIT3504D09/05/200810025770Some customers may comment on various hvac concerns including temperature doors defaulting to full hot position or unable to obtain defrost position. *pe09/05/2008
0701200407/01/200410014251Oil life system reset procedures-trucks. buick terazza 2005, gmc sierra denali 2002-2003, gmc b7 chassis medium duty 2003-2005 and gmc 560 c-series 2003-2005 *sc04/29/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 The state of california ordered installation of the interlock ignition device (iid) to prevent the vehicle from being operated by intoxicated drivers. the device malfunctioned, causing the vehicle not to start or stall while driving. manufactured by guardian interlock, model 3050, serial# 13429 & 18832, transponder 4.4e. *ak
 Vehicle was unable to start, and was taken to the dealer to repair the battery because it was corroded. then, vehicle experienced the same problem for a second time, and the air conditioning was drained. finally, the vehicle shut down and lost power while on the road. taken to dealer for a third time for repairs.*ak....third time dealer repaired fuel pump. after third repair traded vehicle. *ak