Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Windshield wipers fail intermittently. *ak most of the times the wipers wouldn't come on. the consumer had to hit the wiper box inside the engine compartment to start. *ph *nlm
 While driving at any given time the windshield wipers would only work intermittently. the consumer owns another gmc vehicle that had a recall for the same problem. the manufacturer and the dealer have been notified of the problem. *nlm
 The windshield wipers did not work properly. while the consumer was driving in the rain, the windshield wipers stopped for about 3-4 minutes then started again. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and the consumer was told the circuit board malfunctioned. *nlm. *ak *ts *jb
 Windshield wiper frequently turn off while in use, won't come on at all and sometimes won't turn off. dangerous when driving in rain/snow. why are 1992 trucks not covered like 1994 and up? have seen many complaints dating back to 1990. .
 Windshield wipers work erratically. sometimes they quit in middle of operation, sometimes they won't run, and sometimes they run real fast and cannot be shut off. dealer was notified about the problem. problem has not been corrected. *ak
 While driving in rainy weather front windshield wipers failed intermittently. nhtsa recall 03v159000 was issued. dealership would not repair this vehicle free of charge because the vin was not included. *ak
 Windshield wipers suddenly stopped working. problem continued to get progressively worse. replaced the wiper motor with no resolution of problem. mechanic said the wiper motor controller board (circuit board) could be bad, and that there might be a recall for this part. *ak
 Windshield wipers work intermittently, they come on and off without prior warning. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
 When i went to get a state inspection on my truck windshield wiper motor would not engage and the attendant told me these 1992 trucks were well known for the wiper motor not to work, he suggested when it dod not work to hit the wiper motor with a blunt instrument and it would operate.on 10-28-00 we were caught in a rainstorm and the wipers would not come on so we proceeded to hit the wiper motor with a crowbar to make it come on, it worked.i was very grateful that i could pull over to the shoulder of the road to do this manuever.i would hate to be in the hammer lane and not be able to have wipers available to me.the attendant that gave me this info said there is a short in the motor that came from the factory like this. i wanted someone to be aware of this problem, and i figured the dealership would say it was my cost not their's. i would appreciate you looking into this matter and replying as to if i'm the only one expierencing this problem.i paid $20,000 for this truck and this is my only complaint i have about the truck. thank you very much. nancy hobaugh. *ak
 Windshield wipers stopped working while operating vehicle. dealer notified, and informed consumer that vehicle was not on recall due to vin. seeking help from nhtsa in this matter . this condition can lead to a vehicle collision due to poor visibiliity when needed. *ak
 Windshield wipers stop running while still on . dealer notified and refused to repair unless cost goes to consumer. can nhtsa help in this matter. *ak
 While driving in the rain & would have the windshield wipers on, they would stop working for no reason. has to stop vehicle & get out & hit the motor under the hood to get the wipers to work again. had the wiper motor replaced twice & still problem exists. the warranty ran out on the third replacement. *ak
 Sometimes windshield wipers will work, sometimes they will not, and sometimes the wipers will quit working in the middle of operation. the dealer is aware of the problem. the problem has not been corrected. *ak *ml