Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Passenger side seat broke after sitting back. driver's side seat bolts split in two. both bolts are broke off into the two holes within the driver's seat. *tr
 The seat bolts have been replaced on average every 6-9 months we even bought high tension steel bolts hoping this would help it didn't. the design flaw is at fault adding washers and torque doesn't help either. whether the dealer or we install the bolts nothing helps. our concern for our safety is paramount. we have also detected in the passenger seat back frame that it is cracked and needs to be welded. my husband and i each weigh under 200 lbs. your help in correcting these problems would be appreciated. thank you. dt
 There was a tsb on vehicle for bolts that hold seats in place. dealer replaced bolts. then, a few months later bolts broke off. consumer took vehicle to dealer again. *ak dealer will not replace the bolts, bolt broke in threads and requires seat replacement and stronger bolts. *slc
 Manufacturer's recall 94c62; there is a bolt located between the seat recliner and seat frame at each attachment joint. this bolt has broken at random times on passenger's seat, and 3 days ago on driver's seat, and back of seat fell back. please provide any additional information/attachments. *please note, consumer received notification from manufacturer regarding this defect, and had this repaired. however, defect continued to occur.*ak
 The drivers seat of the truck completely collapsed almost causing an accident while driving on the freeway. consumer paid for manufacturers recall 95075c for the seat repair when it should have been free of charge. nlm
 Passenger side bucket seat rail broke , allowing the seat to move back and forth, seat was unstable. consumer has contacted dealer. please provide any further details. *ak
 Driver's seat fell backward while traveling, caused by a broken bolt. the bolt was under recall and fixed. after intial replacement, bolt broke and had to be replaced 2 additional times. *ak *ml
 Need help with previous recall on seat frame bolt fatigue. *ak
 Windshield wiper circut board failure on my vehicle not covered by recall, due to vin # not on manufactures recall list. i had to pay for new circut board out of my pocket. ; seat back recliner bolt/washer recall # 94c62 accomplished, but broke again 2 1/2 years later, and the cost for repair was paid for by owner. dealer service rep. said it had been too long scince recall, and chevrolet would not pay for repairs. ; right front passenger seatbelt has not worked correctly many times. cost of replacement very high and not affordable.
 Truck is covered under nhtsa campaign 95v246000 per this web site. manufacturer denies this and will not fix. failure is identicat to the one described in the campaign. please help.
 Vehicle having trouble in obtaining the proper recall repair work due to dealer problem. (seat frame connection). (attorney for consumer).
 Seat failed and had to be reanchored.
 A recall on a reclining seat (recall not on nhtsa data base), been waiting over a month for the part from the manufacturer. dealer is lanny berg chevrolet, caldwell, id; phone # 208/459-4621. please provide copy of the recall notice, and any further information on this matter.*ak
 I was driving to work (3/10/08) and was just getting to the highway when the back of the drivers seat broke sending the seat-back all the way to the back seat. this pulled my hands off of the steering wheel and caused me to loose control of the truck. the truck went across the road before i gained control. if it had happened 5 minutes later i would have been in heavy two way highway traffic and the results could have been deadly. is there a recall on the bucket seats for this truck? the truck is not drivable in it
 Truck was bought used and driver seat recliner bolt was broken at that time, in which the original owner replaced before our purchase in april 1998. since then, bolt has been bought from dealership and replaced twice. one the third breakage, dealership supposedly replaced the seat track under the recall. the bolt has once again broken, and now the passenger seat back bolt is also broken. gm refuses to fix again.*ak
 The front seats came equipped with a quick release feature. when this feature was engaged the seat came forward and severed the 8 year old child's finger in the hinge point. *ak
 Bolts keep breaking for seatback on driver's side. consumer feels bolts are defective, and seat may collapsee while driving, and cause a major accident. please provide any further information.*ak
 Screws which hold the seat backs in position, shear edoff, causing loss of seat back. driver could lose control of vehicle if he falls backward and is unable to see . this failure has occurred five times on my vehicle, 3 times on the driver's side and twice on the passengers side. chevrolet had a recall on this defect, and my dealer replace some of the screws. however, the failures continue, even with the replacement screws. i am beginning to become afraid to drive this vehicle. *ak
 On my 1993 chevrolet silverado k1500 extended cab fleetside long box pickup, there has been four failures of the drivers side seatback 60/40 split seat. the first failure was in february of 1996. after this was fixed, we received notification from chevrolet of a potentially dangerous problem where the seatback bolts could break and fall backwards leading to lose of control of the vehicle. now this is the fourth time we have had this happen. on july 23, 2000, we were on our vacation trip from fargo, nd, and were in the park rapids, mn, area, when the seatback failed once again. i called the national chevrolet customer service center and they checked with my maintenance dealer in fargo and confirmed again with me that this was the fourth failure but the only person that could act on this was on vacation and would not be back to work until july 31,2000, which is hard to believe with the size of the general motors corporation. i had to continue my vacation trip with suitcases and duffle bags bracing the back of the seat up which i felt was very unsafe and dangerous. as of august 1, 2000, i have not heard from the customer service center or received any mail from them. in the meantime i cannot use my truck to even go to work because of the concerns of safety in traffic situations.*ak
 Driver's seatback gave way completely. head was in extended cab area. this caused driver's view to be obscured. bolts holding the back had snapped again for the 4th time. been to dealer & had bolts replaced. problem still exists. have contacted manufacturer. *ak
 Passenger side bucket seatback broke, causing the passenger to fall back which could have resulted in injuries. consumer received recall for driver's side seat, but not for passenger's side seat. *ak
 Driver seat back upper bolt failed; even after dealer installed replacement.
 Seatback bolt shears off, causing the seat to fall back. *ak
 Driver's bench seat adjuster and rails or risers have split in half between two holes. seat went into the back of the extended cab. dealer and manufacturer contacted and stated no problem due to age of vehicle. owner made repairs. *ak
 Seat back hinge mechanism amputated fingertip of young child.