Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Consumer stated having the same problem as the recall on the windshield wipers. dealer will not repair because vin is not included. recall number unknown.*ak
 Windshield wipers suddenly stop working,then suddenly came back on.*ak
 Windshield wiper circut board failure on my vehicle not covered by recall, due to vin # not on manufactures recall list. i had to pay for new circut board out of my pocket. ; seat back recliner bolt/washer recall # 94c62 accomplished, but broke again 2 1/2 years later, and the cost for repair was paid for by owner. dealer service rep. said it had been too long scince recall, and chevrolet would not pay for repairs. ; right front passenger seatbelt has not worked correctly many times. cost of replacement very high and not affordable.
 While driving in the rain the windshield wiper blades will cut off at random, affecting consumer's visibility. *ak
 Windshield wipers intermittently become inoperable in rainy weather conditions.*ak
 Occasionally windshield wipers stop while driving in rain storms, consumer experienced this problem since purchase, the last six months more rappidly. dealership could never duplicate problem. *ak
 Windshield wipers rarely come on. this has been an ongoing problem for almost 2 years. please provide further details. *ak
 Windshield wipers work intermittently, and sometimes they won't work at all. *ak
 Intermittently windshield wipers quit working in the middle of operation. the driver has to tap the windshield wiper motor before operation resumes. sometimes the windshield wipers do not come on at all. the dealer /manfacturer are aware of this problem. the problem has not been corrected. 1993 trucks not included in recall. *ak
 Windshield wipers failed.
 Windshield wipers turn on/off, becomimg inoperative in wet conditions, causing the consumer to drive without wipers, making it difficult to see. *ak
 While driving through inclement weather windshield wiper motor shut down, causing poor visibility when driving. owner contacted the manufacturer, and was informed that this vehicle, was not included in recall pertaining to the repair of the windshield wiper motor due to vin. *ak
 While driving in rain windshield wipers stopped working on three different occasions.*ak
 The windshild wipers will stop working you never know when they are going to stop working this has been a problem sience the pickup was about a year old the dates and milage at the time of accurance may not be accurate but this has been a problem for a long,long time and makes you frightened when it begans to rain
 Faulty circut board in wiper motor. same board used in different years currently under recall. gm #12463090. although same part only certain yrs. covered under recall. wipers will stop at any moment leaving driver unable to see.
 Windshield wipers work intermittently, can result in inoperative windshield wipers, reducing a driver's visibility and increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. *ak
 Intermittently windshield wipers become inoperable, obstructing the view of the driver. a recall has been issued on the similar makes and models. however, this vehicle was not included due to vin. dealer and manufacturer have been notified. *ak
 Intermittently windshield wipers become inoperable, obstructing the view of the driver. manufacturer will be notified. *ak
 Intermittently the windshield wipers became inoperable, resulting in poor visibility. manufacturer has been notified. *ak
 Circuit board replaced, due to windshield wiper failure. *yc
 Windshield wipers stop operating while driving. *ak
 While driving vehicle about 40 mph the whindshield wiper motor will stop working without a reason, and could stay off for a long time. *ak
 Windshield wipers would stop working intermittently when turned on or they would not come on until the consumer moves the module. *ak