Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 The passenger side seat slides back and forth although it's in the locked position. please provide any additional information. *nlm
 Passenger's seat has been moving back and forth. vehicle been to dealer shop on several occasions, and problem still occurring. please feel free to provide any further details on this matter . *ak
 Metal within bottom left corner of driver's seat broke, causing seat to sink/collapse due to lack of support in that corner of the seat. this caused problem while driving. dealer notified. *ak *ml
 Metal seat track on the seat failed. mjs
 Driver's seat has become unanchored at the front end of the seat, and when the driver pulls it will rock backwards. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 Metal seat track on the seat failed. mjs
 Passenger's adjusting seat latch broke,causing seat to move freely back and forth while driving. dealer notified and refused to repair unless consumer pays the cost. *ak
 Rear seat snapped.
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 65 mph while applying brake pressure the driver seat recliner failed causing the driver to be pushed up against the steering column. although the dealership and manufacturer was contacted. repairs were made by team chevrolet samarium, tennessee. the cost was $ 250.00. this failure almost resulted in a fatal clash. the vehicle ended up off highway in a ditch. *ak
 The welds, which attach the bucket seat to the seat tracks, broke. this caused the seat to move back and forth while driving. *ak the welds that attach both front bucket seat to the slide rails are broke. the welds only broke on the front of both seats. when the driver's seat broke it caused the seat to rock into the back and caused the consumer to hit his head on the back window. *sc
 While cleaning the interior of the vehicle driver's seat moved forward and cut the consumer's pinky finger off. consumer was taken to the emergency room. *ak
 The entry to the rear seat did not work properly, the passenger side seat was sticking, dealer added lubricant but it still did not work properly, consumers child was exiting the vehicle from the passenger side, once out the truck he placed his hand on the seat and at that moment a passenger in the back seat tripped the lever and the back of the front seat came forward, the hinge of the seat cut the end of the childs finger off, the consumer believes a guard should be placed on the passenger seat hinge like the one on the drivers side seat. nlm
 While driving bucket seat frame broke, and consumer would find himself looking at dome light of cab. this has happened twice, once in dec of1998, and just recently. *ak manufacturer replaced free of charge on first occasion, the second time part failed, the part was paid for by consumer. *slc
 The passenger seat doesn't not lock down , it has only one lock on the seat to hold it down. we have contacted starcraft co. i have been trying for a year and a half to get the seat fixed. they keep sending the wrong parts. if the truck is in a accident i believe the seat will come out of the truck. the truck has starcraft conversion package . the dealership has done all they can do to help us contact starcraft to get this fixed. i hope you can do something before there is an accident. *ak
 Passenger's seat will not stay locked in position, causing the seat to move forward and backward when applying brakes. *ak
 Front passenger seat won't lock.