Consumer Complaints

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 Total brake failure. the cause of the failure was the failure of both lines from the master cylinder to the abs ehcu where they are unprotected from wheel spray adjacent to the wheel speed sensor anchor point just inboard and slightly aft of the left front wheel directly below the master cylinder. upon inspection it was clear that the line closest to the left front wheel failed first and that the other line failed a split second later due to the burst pressure torque moment created by the the first line failure. up until may 14th the truck remained stationary in the driveway but is now undergoing total brake line replacement. during this task it has become evident that the lines have corroded to the point of failure in many places but the problem seems concentrated on the left side of the vehicle from the front bumper to the rear axle. the only line not in this area is the right front brake line which is in reasonable condition except where it passes along the left side to the abs ehcu. in many places the lines can be broken by hand using the action of breaking a stick by hand. in some cases this caused the line to break in multiple pieces. any thoughts that this is anything but a material quality issue are senseless. this truck has been plagued with material quality issues, specifically rusting of metal. parts that have been replaced are tail gate cables (recalled) window regulator cables, wheel speed sensor cleaning procedure due to rust ( even though this truck is not covered by the recall) front and rear brake rotors fell apart with sheets of metal delaminating from their surface and wheels have severe rust requiring their replacement. the fuel lines on the truck, barring a few small spots, remain in like new condition as they run along the frame rail adjacent to the brake lines that are failing apart from corrosion.