BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
01031001001/01/2007010310010F10021116Inspection of tire and wheel size prior to diagnosis of transmission shifts, poor performance, speedometer, cruise control concerns. *kb03/07/2007
300905/01/20083009H10021013Suspension vibration or frame beaming at 40 - 60 mph. *kb updated 8/25/08. *pe02/22/2007
02030700203/01/2005020307002A10014945Revised front caster and camber adjustment procedure. original not yet received. *tt05/12/2005
04031000204/01/200410012626New flexible spare tire hoist tool available to assist in lowering/removing spare tire. *tt03/08/2005
3009A3009B10008845Suspension vibration or frame beaming at 40 -60 mph. *mj08/24/2004
0031301/01/200410008867Squeak or creak noise from underbody over bumps. *mj08/24/2004
03031000609/01/200510005554Reference guide for the technician to upgrade a vehicle from factory wheels and tires to 20 inch wheels and tires, which are available through gmspo. *tt03/02/2004
0155501/01/200410005395D height specification missing from si. sit bulletin 1410632. *tt02/24/2004
03030900207/01/2007030309002B10005181Rear leaf spring slap or clunk noise (replace spring inserts) *tt updated 10/18/07. *nj02/11/2004
03030800212/01/2005030308002B10002851Rattle/squeak from front of vehicle. *tt *ar09/26/2003
03031000101/01/2008030310001D10000959Tire slowly goes flat and/or excessive wheel vibration caused by bead splits (replace wheels with new heavy duty rim version) *tt *ar updated 4/11/08. *nj04/09/2003
010310010C09/01/2004010310010D628870Inspection of tire and wheel size prior to diagnosis of transmission shifts, poor performance, speedometer, cruise control concerns. bulletin 01-03-10-010b not received. *tt03/21/2002
27090109/27/2001626427Some vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive extended cab and short bed may experience a bump or clunk on stop or acceleration. *slc12/14/2001
00031000812/01/2000623044Some customers may comment that they are unable to lower the spare tire. *tt10/25/2001
01031000203/01/2001619387Information on exceeded tire inflation pressure (harsh ride factor). *tt05/24/2001
0171201/01/200410006411Left front of vehicle sits low. sit bulletin 1454860. *tt05/03/2004
17120112/17/2001629633Some customers may comment on a squeak or rattle emanating from the front end or front suspension on their four-wheel drive truck. *tt04/04/2002
990308002A05/01/2004990308002B611289Front suspension coil spring noise. *tt06/01/2000
334009/23/20063340C10020874Left front axle shaft difficult to remove. axle differential leak seal shaft. *kb01/25/2007
PIP4054A02/01/2008PIP4054B10024345Eaton locking differential chatter shudder noise on turns, equipped with a locking rear differential rpo g80. *nj updated 7/17/2008. *pe04/07/2008
3000A01/01/20043000B10008901Rear axle locking differential chatter shudder noise on turns. *mj08/25/2004
302801/01/200410008797Replacement tailgate cables bind at shoulder bolt. *mj08/23/2004
0157001/01/200410005412Spring slap noise from the rear of the gmt 400 series truck. *mn02/25/2004
00347A11/18/200310004123Rear spring slap or clunk noise. *tt11/19/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Consumer heard a popping sound from the front of the vehicle when turning either left or right. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer, and mechanic was unable to duplicate the problem. *ak
 Front tire prematurely worn on one side dealer replaced rack &pinion ,steering gear that was leaking dealer set toe refused to do full alignment.rotated tires.at18,100 front tire again worn on one side different dealer installed another remanufactured rack & pinion,steering gear an did a full alignment . vehicle then had slight vibration transmitted through steering wheel when taken back next day dealer said tires needed replaiced .
 While driving at any speed the vehicle drifted to the left and right. the owner made contact with the dealer multiple times, however the problem still existed. *nlm the vehicle pulled to the right and left while in motion. the right wiper did not clean the windshield. there was a rattle noise which had come from the dash area on the left side while the vehicle was in motion. the dealer found four missing bolts under the steering. due to the vehicle going to the left, the front calipers were removed, to check movement, the rear drums for dragging, binding, adjust and reassemble. *scc *jb
 While driving at highway speeds the vehicle started to shake severely which made it difficult to control the vehicle. the vehicle was driven to the dealership and the consumer was informed by the mechanic that all four(4) tires were out of round and would need to be replaced. *nlm
 Consumer states that the tires on a 2001 chevrolet silverado bounced while driving. consumer took the vehicle to the mechanic to have them balanced, and was told the tires maybe recalled tires. the tires did not have bubbles or splits on them, they just vibrated and bounced while driving. wilderness at, size p265/75r16.*ak all four tires were balanced time and time again, but the problem still existed. *ph *jb
 When starting vehicle in the morniings it will make a loud knocking noise that comes from engine. noise sounds like two pieces of metal hitting each other. this will go on for about 10 minutes before it stops. contacted dealer, and dealer stated that noise was normal for vehicle.*ak
 I have taken this truck to 2 different chevrolet dealerships and contacted chevrolet about this knocking sound when the vehicle is started and they tell me this has been happening since 1999, not just on trucks. one dealership told me it was because i didn't use a gmcoil filter.*ak
 While driving consumer stated that the front end was causing the steering to pull to the right. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 A noise coming from the front end of the truck. sounds like something is rubbing when moving. *ak
 Brand new truck,at 639 miles 2 tires found to be out of round. there has been a vibration from 38-45 miles per hr. in the body of the truck. tires rotated and balanced at 7,420 miles, problem still there. truck taken to a chevrolet dealer tires needed balanced again at 9,705 miles. problem still there, truck taken to a firestone dealer at 11,366 miles. problem still present. its due to go back to the dealer for the third time, for the same problem, plus another thing for the third time. there is no way tires should have to be balanced this many times on a brand new truck that has never been taken off road or abused. on in the body of the truck around 38-45 mlies an hr. dealer put on two new tires. i now have 11,000 miles on truck, the tires have been balanced 3 times, not counting what the dealer did at 639 miles. they were balanced & rotated at 7420 miles, problem still there,truck taken to chevrolet dealer, tires balanced at 9,705 mproblem still. *ak (dot number: w273 tiresize: p265/75r16)
 While traveling at approximatley 55 mph on a 2 lane highway, there was a very loud popping noise resulting in complete loss of steering control. consumer was able to bring vehicle to a stop while vehicle drifted to the right, not to left into oncoming traffic. dealership was examining vehicle, and has yet to make a determination as to cause of this defect. please provide any additional information/attachments. *ak
 This trk drifts left within about 40 ft your off the road i took it in they set the front end 3 or 4 times the last time they went past manuf.spects to compensate and set toe in out trk still drifts at about 60 to100 ft and now tires are wareing on the inside this trk should not be doing this and i find there are others after talking to a alinement shop the dealers taking them there befor someone buys it so they may not notice theres a problem. *ak
 Power assist steering faded to nothing while driving. dealer replaced major front suspension components, including tires, but the steering failure still persisted. the cause of the failure had not been determined. manufacture rwas not claiming any responsibility at this time. *ak
 Nut (s) and cotter key(s) missing on right upper ball joint and right sway bar ends.. vehicle mfr. in indiana plant.....very dangerous...caution all owners of any truck manufacturer in this plant the last weeks of may 2001. missing nuts will cause coplete loss of steering control.*ak
 1. no warning 2. abs kick in at low speed and little to no braking is result in forward and reverse, inconsistently occurring 3. dealer replaced front hub #15233111 *tr
 Shock absorbors are leaking fluid. consumer feels that this may cause a fire, and/or serious unexpected accident from the leakage, consumer does not want to be held responsible for a matter that has been checked by the dealer, w/ the dealer reassuring him that this is okay, when the vehicle is continuing to leak. consumer is unsure if this is a defective part. *ak *scc
 Nut (s) and cotter key(s) missing on right upper ball joint and right sway bar ends.. vehicle mfr. in indiana plant.....very dangerous...caution all owners of any truck manufacturer in this plant the last weeks of may 2001. missing nuts will cause coplete loss of steering control.*ak
 Left front wheel bearing failed with only 76000 miles on vehicle. *jb
 Dt: 2001 chevrolet silverado. the rear backing plates that hold the back rotors in place were completely rusted and had to be replaced. the consumer contacted the dealership, and they gave him the number to gmc. the consumer then contacted gmc, and they accepted the complaint and said that they would see if they could do anything to help. gmc called the consumer back a couple days later and stated that they could not do anything. there were no accidents. the consumer recently received a recall on the front hub bearing assembly and wheel speed sensor. *ak (11/29/05) *sc
 Contact states: 2001, chevrolet silverado. having problems with the anti-lock brakes. when driving 40-50 mph everything seems fine, but once the car comes almost to a complete stop while traveling 5-10 mph the brake fail. happens in any road condition. the first time it happened the car was taken to the dealer, and they said it was the wheel assembly ,and fixed the brakes. currently, , it happened again, but the car has not been taken to the dealer yet. no warnings prior to or after the failure. *ak
 The rear of the vehicle bounces badly over freeway bumps.
 When stopping, brake pedal was down to the floor. abs brakes locked up and vehicle slid before coming to a stop. took vehicle to dealer who could not duplicate the problem.*ak dealer replaced leaking master cylinder and deglazed the rotors. transmission experienced slipping, clunking and would not shift into 1st gear, dealer replaced transmission. rear end is noisy, u-joints have been replaced, however noise reoccured, consumer states chevrolet has a u-joint and bearing problem. *slc
 Rear end of the vehicle lost control when driven over bumps or potholes at any speed on any kind of road conditions. dealer has been contatced for this problem , but has been unable to remedy the problem by raising and lowering tire pressure. please provide further details.*ak
 Transmission seemed to be in neutral after stopping and applying brake then accelerating. dealer picked up with wrecker. when wrecker arrived, condition could not be duplicated. dealer has valve body ordered to replace in transmission. second problem: rear leaf springs shift causeing a knock when going up uneven grades or speed bumps. third problem: looseness in transfer case and rear axle cause a clunk when downshifting to stop and sometimes when transmission shifts. dealer claims normal. large aluminum driveshaft transfer sound. just excuse for poor quality product. this clunk or knock also sounds when rear axle moves on uneven grade with axle shifting and driveshaft stationary. *ak
 When driving at slow speeds and making turns there is a metallic clanking sound coming from rear end of vehicle, dealer said this was normal.*ak