BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
10-00-89-017C02/01/201110038295Gm: information on fixing multiple situations right the first time. *rm06/14/2011
0927200209/27/200210008633Contacting tac prior to replacement of an engine control module (ecm). *tt08/10/2004
0067701/01/200400677A10007713Snow plow prep package information - service vme. *mj07/08/2004
0171701/01/200401717A100062496.6l lb7 engine - fuel rail pressure regulator harness connector servicing. *tt04/26/2004
990089015C01/01/2005990089015D10004347Light service support vehicle lssv (formerly commercial utility cargo vehicle - cucv ii and iii) service. *tt12/03/2003
990089015B11/01/2002990089015A10000468Light service support vehicle (lssv). *tt02/27/2003
010866005B08/01/2002010866005A634817Subject regarding availability of pickup box reinforcement kits for toolbox / rear window barrier / ladder rack applications. *tt10/09/2002
02-06-04-03704/01/2008020604037D634786Some customers whose vehicles are operated in dusty type environments, such as farming or mining off-road type applications, may comment about the illumination of the instrument panel ses light, with diagnostic trouble code p0446 set. *tt10/09/2002
02060400202/01/2002631888Subject regarding communication information irregularities when using generic scan tools. *slc06/25/2002
07080108/07/2001625314Information regarding pick-up box reinforcment kits, for when adding toolboxes or ladder racks. *slc11/19/2001
11060106/11/2001623479Information regarding enhancements to the new remote keyless entry key fob. *tt10/29/2001
01085600205/01/2001619745Some customers may have concerns with the security lamp illuminating while driving; the security lamp may be on or off; the engine cranks but will not start and the security lamp is flashing; and / or the engine starts then stalls and the s06/28/2001

Consumer Complaints

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 This is totally dangerous . why hasn't this been fixed . i seen so many people complaining about this problem . this abs crap is worthless ! when coming to a stop the breaks totally lock up and you can not stop . i almost ran through a store front window . the dealership and gm itself is totally un helpfull . all they want is your money to fix them and then to have the problem come back a few years later . this is so expensive no one can afford to fix this problem . i wonder if they care when someone gets killed because this problem they just push off . my 2001 silverado is now doing it again . i won't buy their junk anymore . what a crime they have on their hands and no one is doing anything about this . where is the government on this ? this is so wrong !
 The abs and parking break lights come on at random. there is noise from the front tires when you make a turn, the breaks i would assume. the break pad have been changed. the gas light flips back and forth from full to empty, have to use the milage to know when to get gas. and the gas petal sticks, not good in traffic.