BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
315501/01/200410009987Speedometer inoperative. *tc11/03/2004
0147001/01/200401470A10004413Erratic idle, idle surge, rough run, or near stall. *tt12/05/2003
020604054A01/01/200302060405410000936Increased accelerator pedal effort. *tt04/04/2003
307301/01/200410009593Downhill cruise control surge. *tt10/08/2004


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 This investigation involves the general motors corporation (gm)throttle body (tb) utilized in model year (my) 1999-2002 silverado, sierra, tahoe, suburban, avalanche and yukon (subject vehicle(s)) with 4.8l, 5.3l, and 6.0l engines. the tb valve may intermittently stick in a closed position.in such a situation, an operator may apply additional accelerator pedal force to increase engine speed.the application of additional accelerator pedal force, to open a stuck throttle valve, may open the throttle valve more than intended and, in turn, accelerate the engine and vehicle more than intended and reasonably expected by the driver.on august 1, 2002, the office of defects investigation (odi), of the national highway traffic safety administration (nhtsa), opened this engineering analysis.the investigation revealed that two factors may cause the defect: 1) tb manufacturing process problems; and 2) accumulation of deposits (a pcv system by-product) on or around the tb throttle valve and bore.odi concludes that the tb performs in a defective manner after analyzing gm
 Allege the blade in the throttle body allegedly can stick in the closed position or less frequently in a partially open position

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle hesitated while applying pressure to the accelerator pedal. although the vehicle was taken to the dealership for inspection, no repairs were made. the manufacturer was notified.
 Dt: 2001 chevrolet silverado. the rear backing plates that hold the back rotors in place were completely rusted and had to be replaced. the consumer contacted the dealership, and they gave him the number to gmc. the consumer then contacted gmc, and they accepted the complaint and said that they would see if they could do anything to help. gmc called the consumer back a couple days later and stated that they could not do anything. there were no accidents. the consumer recently received a recall on the front hub bearing assembly and wheel speed sensor. *ak (11/29/05) *sc
 While in reverse the vehicle accelerated backwards and the steering locked up. the consumer managed to decelerate the vehicle. the dealership was notified but did not resolve the problem. *ak *nm
 While driving at any speed and applying the brakes pedal went all the way to the floor, resulting in extended stopping distance. this vehicle was unsafe to drive. however, dealer replaced the speed sensor, but problem recurred.*ak
 Accelerator pedal sticks. *ak the consumer took the vehicle to the dealer and was informed the vehicle had a contaminated fuel system which would cost $170 and it would include cleaning the injectors. after not being able to get in touch with the customer service rep that the consumer spoke with previously who said the work should be performed at no charge, the consumer went to a friend and all he did was remove the air intake hose from the front of the throttle body and sprayed some cleaning agent and wiped around the butterfly valve, which resolved the problem. *jb
 While driving the vehicle experienced sudden acceleration. the accelerator pedal became stuck in full throttle position which required force to accelerate. *nlm. *ak ph *jb
 Throttle sticking right off idle. very hard to depress accelerator pedal. truck leaps when pedal finally frees-up. has happened several times. took vehicle to dealer...dealer unaware of any bulletin to repair properly. dealer ran injector cleaner through the fuel system and replace fuel filter. this did not fix the problem...dealer did not repair according to the service bulletin available. *nlm
 Consumer states while pulling a skid-steer loader up a hill with foot off brakes after coming to a stop, the vehicle rolled backwards. *tt
 While vehicle was stopped at a traffic light with foot on brake pedal vehicle unexpectedly accelerated without warning, resulting in a collision, cause unknown. dealership advised consumer to bring vehicle in for inspection as soon as body work is complete. manufacturer notified. *ak *tt
 I was traveling westbound on state route 262 at approximately 32 miles per hour when i encountered a stopped vehicle. i applied the brakes and the vehicle began an initial brake and then lurched forward without my releasing my foot from the brake pedal. this caused me to strike the vehicle in front of me. the air bags did not deploy nor did the seat belt properly restrain me. this caused me to strike the steering wheel with my chest and stomach. the hamilton county police office documented that the air bags and the seatbelt did not properly function. i was sited for following to close even though i feel that the brakes failed. i plan to appeal the ticket due to this reasoning in court on november 29, 2001. the safey of other owners/drivers of these vehicles is what prompted me to write. i would like to know if there have been other failures. please send them to my e-mail address: mbrusman@cinergy.com thanks for your time and attention with this matter.*ak
 While coming to a stop vehicle accelerated, applied brakes, but vehicle kept going. went over a small barrier which caused vehicle to become airborne. came down, and hit a parked vehicle. distance travelled about 100 feet. consumer injured back. damage to vehicle unknown at this time.*ak *yd
 Consumer's vehicle had a front impact crash when vehicle accelerated, speed unknown, airbags did not deploy. consumer sustained back inury. damage to vehicle unknown at this time.*ak
 I was informed by my dealer that this is a common problem with this model & is caused by carbon building up in the throttle body which causes the throttle to seize. i was told by the dealer that this problem began with the 1999 models & has continued until the present model. it is defective, has been for years, they are aware of it, & they don't care. they reccommend that & have the throttle body cleaned out about every 4000 miles at my own expense, even tho it is still under warranty. they say this is a service matter & the warranty doesn't cover normal service. what a rip off!
 Surging,ses light on,code 89,bad injector pump,3 warranty trips to shop,chevy won't ship part,been 6 days still waiting,on vacation and its holding up trip,we bought this truck to tow and can't use it, tennessee put on fuel pressure regulator didn't help,then local shop flashed pcm with 4 drivability updates helped temporarily,third visit told needed injector pump,but why not a recall, told everyone in country waiting on same part,once was told it would have to come from isuzu in japan, help,
 Set cruise @ 67mph level ground (apporx 1900rpm) run for ~10-15 mins. go up sufficient grade for cc to force downshift to next lower gear and increase in rpm to 3000+. upon cresting hill and going down gradual downgrade the vehicle will upshift but the cruise control will reset its setpoint to ~ 4-5 mph greater than original. subsequent hills will keep repeating until test terminated above 75mph. repeatabiloity is variable based upon grades of subsequent inclines. first reset to +4 mph is consistent.
 Accelerator sticking in the up position
 While driving accelerator pedal is hard to apply when passing or pulling from a stop, the pedal will stick. consumer has to use his foot to release the accelerator pedal. the gas needle fluctuates from empty to full continually.*ak consumer very concerned that the fuel gauge problem could be a fire hazard. *bf
 While applying the brake pedal brakes failed. the brake pedal went to the floor. also, accelerator pedal stuck. *ak
 The gas pedal sticks, you have to tap on it a couple of times to get the truck to move. then if you are not careful, the vehicle moves forward real fast.*ak
 Gas pedal does not move after applying pressure to pedal. when pedal moves it causes a surge of vehicle. *ak
 2001 silverado w/5300--i have had to have the throttle unstuck twice and the carbon junk cleaned out twice from my truck in less than 80000 miles and it still knocks. i see all kinds of service bullitins and notice hundreds of complaints of sticking,engine rattle at startup andd yet you let gm off time and time again. when are you end the noise and make them file a recall!!!!*ak
 My 2001 silverado 1500 the gas pedal sticks. i have to really push down hard to get it to move. this is also happening on my husbands new 2004 silveravo 1500. this has been happening for more than 2 years. it is getting so bad that i am almost afraid to drive it.*ak
 Recurring problem with throttle sticking in the closed position. the throttle accelerator periodically sticks in the closed position. when the pedal is depressed with enough pressure, the throttle suddenly frees up and the vehicle lurches forward suddenly and uncontrollably. dealer advises that they have had problems with the design of the throttle body, such that the throttle plate hangs up due to a protusion. throttle body must be replaced at owners expense. *jb
 Accelerator sticks, vehicle does not respond properly.
 Problems with throttle sticking in the closed position. *mr the throttle accelerator had stuck in the closed position. when the pedal was depressed, the throttle suddenly freed up and the vehicle lurched forward suddenly and uncontrollably. *scc *jb
 While driving at 55 mph consumer lost control of vehicle while traveling up a hill. then vehicle struck a wooden fence. one beam of the fence came through the windshield, striking the consumer in the head, eventually killing him. also, two passengers sustained injuries. in the confusion, consumer depressed the gas pedal instead of the brakes and struck a fire hydrant. all passengers and the consumer were wearing seat belts. however, the air bags did not deploy. police arrived on the scene and made a report. manufacturer and dealer had been notified of the incident. *ak
 When vehicle stopped at a light the accelerator pedal got stuck, causing the driver to press the accelerator pedal to the floor, resulting in vehicle acceleration. *ak
 When starting accelerator pedal/ throttle stuck in the closed position. accelerator pedal had to be depressed with great pressure to release the pedal, causing the vehicle to lurch forward. the cause of the problem had not been determined. *ak
 Consumer states vehicle's accelerator pedal sticks. dealer notified. please provide additional information. *ph
 2001 chevrolet silverado extended cab 4x4accelerator sticks at idle and requires excessive force to dislodge. once pedal breaks loose, the force required depresses the pedal and the truck lurches forward until throttle control is regained.*ak
 The accelerator became stuck in the idle position.*jb
 My 2001 silverado truck has had a sticky gas pedal since new. it is nearly impossible to put the vehicle into motion once the transmission is engaged in 'drive' due to a gas pedal that is stuck. i have to place an incredible amount of pressure to get the throttle to unstick and feed gas to the engine. this results in an abrupt, jolting start.
 While driving at any speed and without warning the throttle pedal will stick causing a distraction to the consumer. dealer notified. *jg
 While driving throttle control sticks. when shifting from park to drive and pressing on gas pedal vehicle will not move initially, but then will lurch forward.*ak
 While driving/accelerating, and without any warning gas pedal can get stuck and cause an accident. cause unknown. dealer notified. *ak
 While driving 45 mph and without warning accelerator pedal will start vibrating violently. mechanic stated there was a design flaw, and manufacturer has been notified.*ak
 The problem is when coming to a stop (under braking) if you don't come to a complete and total stop and you decide to switch back to the accelerator, the truck free revs for about half a second and then dumps the transmission in gear. while this has yet to cause me any dangerous problems, i believe it very well could in the rain or ice/snow. if you're not prepared for it, sometimes it hits hard enough that for a moment you're somewhat disoriented, representing a dangerous situation if there's other traffic around. *ak
 When pressing on gas it does not engage, it is sticking in throttle body. when it did engage, it caused vehicle to take off at a rapid acceleration. took to dealer, and they cleaned throttle body, and problem stopped for a couple of months, but it did not correct the problem. *ak