BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
31053105D10017226Ping, pop, snap or click noise from the propeller shaft. *tt10/28/2005
0824200408/24/200410013097Bearing growl or rattle type noise while depressing or releasing the clutch pedal. *tt04/07/2005
03073003107/01/200310012566Transmission leaks, slips, vehicle will not move. *tt03/07/2005
04073100101/01/200410011131Revised clutch pressure plate adjustment. *tt01/03/2005
04073100612/01/2004040731006A10011070Excessive shifter and/or engine vibration, bearing growl and/or rattle type noise while depressing or releasing clutch pedal. *tt12/28/2004
320510010861Allison lct1000 pump separator plate change disregard additional valve. *tt12/15/2004
31563156A10010292261 transfer case drivelines growl 1100-1200 rpm. *tt11/09/2004
315101/01/20043151A10010275Allison lct1000 transmission hard to remove from park. *tt11/09/2004
0083701/01/200400837A10010254Allison lct1000 overdrive disable lamp inoperative after installation of instrument panel (ip). *tt11/08/2004
313001/01/20043130A10010079Allison lct 1000 prndl flash and/or will not move. *tc11/04/2004
309201/01/200410010222Allison lct 1000 buzz noise feel on tcc apply. *sc11/04/2004
3105C3105B10009978Ping, pop, snap, or click noise from the propeller shaft. *sc11/02/2004
305401/01/200410009665Replacement flexplate may have larger bolt holes than the original flexplate. *tt10/14/2004
30833083B10009506M74 allison lct1000 pto gear applications. *tt10/04/2004
30023002D100088024l60e/4l65e intermittent neutral condition while accelerating from a stop or while driving. *tt 1999-2006 gm cars, light duty trucks and utilities. *tt08/23/2004
030730011B04/01/2005030730011C10008638Transmission slips, delayed engagement, cold hesitation, intermittent, poor performance, power, shift, dtcs p0701, p1709, p1711, p1713, p0841, p0843, p0847, p0870, p0872, or p0875. *tt08/11/2004
990730016A10/01/2002990730016B10007838Diagnostic information for intermittent transmission downshift, slip, busy/cycling tcc or noisy cooling fan. *tt07/12/2004
0208601/01/2004100077824l60e, 4l65e intermittent neutral from a stop or steady speed. *tt07/12/2004
0197701/01/200401977A10007580Allison lct1000 prndl flash and/or will not move. *tt07/01/2004
0211301/01/200410007455Intermittent no forward or reverse with possibly either a flashing prndl display or a range shift inhibited message. *tt06/23/2004
0159901/01/2004100072374l60e, 4l65e forward and low reverse waved steel clutch plate appearance change. *tt06/04/2004
03042100506/01/200310006121Service 4wd light on, 4wd inoperative, diagnostic trouble codes c0300 and/or c0305 set. *tt04/19/2004
00822B01/01/200400822C10005474No 2nd, no 4th and no reverse. to include 2004 light duty automobiles and trucks equipped with 4l60e or 4l65e automatic transmission. *tt02/27/2004
03073005411/01/200310004744Transmission fluid leaks out of vent when truck is started after a cold soak. *tt01/05/2004
0141011/18/200310004214Poor performance from a stop in 2wd, auto or 4wd hi. 2003, 2003 cadillac ext also included. *tt11/21/2003
01129A11/18/200310004170Allison lct1000 serviceability. *tt11/20/2003
08040308/04/200310003869This vme message applies to the valve body for the allison series 1000 transmission revised for the 2004 model year to add modulated main pressure control. this revision will provide additional transmission oil cooler flow and reduce pump11/05/2003
05210305/21/200310003656Essential tools for servicing the allison transmission. these tools include a four-wheel drive spanner nut wrench, rear bearing puller legs, digital depth micrometer and a rear bearing installer. these tools are required to replace a cr10/27/2003
05073000201/01/200510013480New essential tool j 45096 23 automatic transmission oil cooler line adapter for allison transmission. *eh04/19/2005
1008200210/08/200810013129Service engine soon light is illuminated and the vehicle may not start. diagnostic trouble code p0706, which relates to transmission range switch performance may be stored. *tt04/08/2005
02073001106/01/200410012151Slow or no engagement of automatic transmission no start blank prndl display flashing prndl diagnostic trouble code p0708 p0872 p0847 p0875 p1711 p1713 or u1000 set. this service bulletin replaces 020730011. *eh02/15/2005
324310011753Leak from the vent 4l80e/4l85e transmission. *eh01/31/2005
316110010546Allison lct1000 clunk noise on start in park. *eh12/01/2004
30573057A10009668Allison lct1000 pump whine noise. *tt10/14/2004
3055901/01/200410009674Allison lct1000 diagnostic trouble code p1711, p0872 after completing repairs. *tt10/14/2004
0085601/01/200400856A10007815Allison lct1000 oil pump whine, buzz on cold start. *tt07/12/2004
0133001/01/200401330A10007606Allison lct1000 buzz, moan noise at 1400 rpm with the 8.1 l18 gas engine. *tt07/02/2004
01932325410006495Allison lct1000 dark or discolored transmission fluid with no loss of performance. *mr05/04/2004
030730020C05/01/2005030730020D10005578Transmission has a harsh 1-2 shift, slipping 1-2 shift followed by a harsh engagement. *tt03/04/2004
03073005711/01/200310005581Transmission fluid leak from front of transmission - torque converter housing/pump area. 2500/3500 series models. *tt03/04/2004
03073005611/01/2003100055664l60-e automatic transmission oil pump first and second design identification. *tt03/04/2004
030730307A11/01/200303073003710005580Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. 2500/3500 series pickup models. *tt03/04/2004
020730030A11/01/200302073003010005536Some customers may comment that the transmission slips, a shudder, chuggle, or vibration is felt when the transmission shifts from first to second gear. *tt03/02/2004
0070201/01/200400702B10005476Slip condition in 2nd, 3rd or 4th damaged 2-4 band 3-4 clutch on the 4l60e/4l65e automatic transmission. *tt *mj03/01/2004
0149301/01/200410005508Allison lct1000 prndl flash and/or will not move with p0721, p0731, p0732, p0733, p0734, p0743, p0746, p0747, p0776, p0777, p1720, p1721, p1723 and p1724. *tt03/01/2004
00559C01/01/200400559D100054854l80e, 4l85e automatic transmission diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0706 and vehicle may not start. *tt03/01/2004
3259C3259E100055144l80e, 4l85e whine noise in first and second gear. *tt03/01/2004
030730037B12/01/2003030730037A10005169Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. *tt02/10/2004
010730038B10/01/2005010730038C10005162The service engine soon lamp is illuminated, no 3rd and 4th gear, the transmission does not shift correctly, the transmission feels like it shifts to neutral or a loss of drive occurs. *tt02/09/2004
03073005310/01/200310004747Allison automatic transmission valve body hardware changes. *tt01/05/2004
030730031D02/01/2006030730031E10004379Transmission leaks, slips, vehicle will not move. *tt12/04/2003
03073003810/01/2005030730038A10004323Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. 2500/3500 series pickup models. *tt12/02/2003
03073004408/01/2004030730044A10004326Information on allison transmission service repairs - full service of internal components. *tt12/02/2003
03073003709/01/200310004322Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. 2500/3500 series pickup models. *tt12/02/2003
00559B11/18/2003100042654l80e/4l85e may set a diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0706 (transmission range switch performance) and exhibit a no start condition. *tt11/24/2003
00557B11/18/200310004190The allison lct1000 transmissions may experience a leak from oil pump area. *tt11/21/2003
030730020A06/01/200303073002010002863Transmission has a harsh 1-2 shift, slipping 1-2 shift followed by a harsh engagement. *tt09/29/2003
03073002005/01/200310002393Transmission has a harsh 1-2 shift, slipping 1-2 shift followed by a harsh engagement. *tt08/27/2003
020730032A11/01/200202073003210000467Allison transmission control module fastlearn procedure update required after transmission repairs. *tt02/27/2003
020417001A07/01/2002020417001634895Concerns with launch shudder / vibration on acceleration. *tt10/10/2002
02073003008/01/2002634947Some customers may comment that the transmission slips, a shudder, chuggle, or vibration is felt when the transmission shifts from first to second gear. *tt10/10/2002
02073000409/01/2006020730004C631800New product information, grade brake feature of allison 1000 series transmission. *slc this bulletin replaces 02-07-30-004. *tt06/20/2002
429012/01/200710023751Engine surge or stall at stop and/or dtc p0742 possible tcc applied. equipped with allison lct1000 transmission rpo m74 or mw7. *nj01/30/2008
0148301/01/200410005496Vehicle has no pcm (power train control module) communication with tech 2. sit bulletin 1400427. *tt03/01/2004
00938B11/18/200310004179Allison lct1000 repeat transmission control module (tcm) failures with possible multiple diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs). *tt11/20/2003
PIT-472210/01/200810026804Gmc: fluid leak from transmission oil cooler lines due to corrosion. all 2000-2006 light duty trucks equipped with the light duty automatic transmission. *pe12/18/2008
314301/01/200410010247Transmission oil cooler line fitting clarification. *tc11/08/2004
0185601/01/200410006712Allison lct1000 will not shift from park due to ice, snow or mud build-up on shift linkage. *mr05/11/2004
020730024A08/01/2005020730024B634999Diagnosis of cracked or broken transmission case. *tt 2006 and prior cars and light duty trucks. *tt10/11/2002
02042100607/01/2002634893Some customers may comment that the 4wd/awd indicator lights on the selector switch do not work or the 4wd/awd system may be inoperative. *tt10/10/2002
00252B01/01/200410005507Allison lct1000 knock noise and possible leak from the torque converter area. sit bulletin 1401124. *tt03/01/2004
40304030A10021676New design front axle side bearing adjusters. *kb06/15/2007
336410014953Rear axle retainer button breakage. *eh05/12/2005
329410013541Highway speed vibration on smooth surface. *eh04/21/2005
30013001A10008872The service information and owners manual do not show a service interval for the 8.6, 9.5, 9.75, 10.5, and 11.5 inch rear axles with or without g80 (locking differential). *tt 2006 all general motors light duty trucks, vans and utilitie08/25/2004
030419001A09/01/2004030419001B10004717Use of synthetic front axle lubricant for 4wd vehicles sold in cold weather climates. *tt this bulletin replaced previous bulletin dated 10/01/2003. *tt01/02/2004
03041900404/01/2004030419004A10004366Growl or moan noise coming from front axle. *tt12/04/2003
03041800306/01/200310002854Revised wheel drive shaft inner joint and seal replacement. *tt09/26/2003
01222A01/01/200401222B10007278Repeat rear axle hub seal leak. *tt06/09/2004
387010020238Clutch pedal fade or clutch will not disengage typically when towing. *tt08/21/2006
302101/01/20043021B10008770Clutch pedal assembly squeak noise. the condition typically occurs during hot ambient temperature. *tt08/23/2004
33003300A100135724wd models with noise, vibration on dry pavement. *eh04/21/2005
03041900308/01/200310012557Fluid leak from front of vehicle add teflon tape to front axle vent plug threads. *eh03/07/2005
0211601/01/200410007447Highway speed vibration on k2500hd 4wd vehicles equipped with a 4l80e automatic transmission. *tt06/23/2004
04049500103/01/200410008653Revised wheel drive shaft nut torque specification. *tt08/12/2004
414410022360Allison lct1000 harsh 3-2, 2-1 downshift, and abs may activate. *kb08/03/2007
31363136K10021019Slip condition in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. damaged 2-4 or 3-4 clutch. *kb updated 10/31/07. *nj02/22/2007
60909/01/200410016217Clutch pedal squeak. *sc09/02/2005
0926200209/26/200210008630This message is about the transmission not shifting into gear with the clutch pedal fully depressed. *mj08/10/2004
0925200209/25/200210008627This message is about hydraulic fluid usage for the hydraulic clutch system. *mj08/10/2004
00908D01/01/200400908E100054416.6l and manual transmission growl noise while engaging or disengaging clutch. *tt *mj02/27/2004
00908C01/01/2003100044096.6l and manual transmission growl noise while engaging or disengaging clutch. these are c/k models. *tt12/05/2003
3665100189264wd inoperative and possible dtc c0327 stored in the transfer case control module. *tt01/24/2006
05-04-21-00301/01/2008050421003C10017464Service 4wd light illuminated, diagnostic trouble code (dtc) c0374 set. *tt updated 10/05/07. *nj inspect wiring harness to transfer case speed sensors, replace wiring harness. updated 7/18/08 *pe11/08/2005
34243424A10017299Electronic transfer case unable to complete shift. *tt11/02/2005
352610016558Intermittent service 4wd light comes on with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) c0306 or c0308 stored in tccm. *tt09/22/2005
335110014853Intermittent malfunction indicator lamp (mil) with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) c0374 or erratic 4wd/awd operation. *tt05/10/2005
030421001D12/01/2003030421001C100051664-wheel drive switch indicator lights flashing, 4-wheel drive inoperative, diagnostic trouble codes c0327, p0836, p0500. *tt02/10/2004
01160301/16/200310005105Concerns with the service four-wheel drive light or the four-wheel drive is inoperative with a c0327 code stored in the tccm. gm voicemail express. *tt01/30/2004
020421006C03/01/2004020421006D10004357Inoperative 4wd/awd lamps, inoperative 4wd/awd system. *tt12/04/2003
01267B11/18/200310004200Service 4wd light on no codes besides u1000 codes. service vme. *tt11/21/2003
01267A11/18/200310004104Service 4wd light on, the 4wd is inoperative and no codes besides u1000 codes. service vme. *tt11/18/2003
030421001C06/01/2003030421001B100028564-wheel drive switch indicator lights flashing, 4-wheel drive inoperative, diagnostic trouble codes c0327, p0836, p0500. *tt09/29/2003
03042100102/01/2003100011244-wheel drive light, 4-wheel drive inoperative, diagnostic trouble codes c0327, p0836, p0500. *tt04/15/2003
020421006A10/01/200202042100610000173Inoperative 4wd/awd lamps, inoperative 4wd/awd system. *tt02/14/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My 2003 chevy silverado goes into gear with out pressing on the brake, also the truck will go into gear with out the keys in the igintion. the e-brake is also defective, the e-brake does not hold the truck. my 2 yrs old son was sitting in the truck on 9/20/2011 when the truck went into gear. i live on a incline my truck rolled down the hill while i was chasing the truck truck on foot, the truck finally came to a stop when it hit a 98 toyota tacoma which was parked in the drive way accross the street. the e-brake was set , the keys were not in the truck, the truck was not running! my son could have killed himself or someone else due to the fact the truck is not safe!
 1. poor ride, vibration, while driving at various speeds. mostly between 35 to 50 mph. had the problem with stock tires. replaced with after market tires, slightly larger. still had annoying vibration. to a point that i do not like to drive the vehicle! 2. fuel economy sucks! i upgraded from my '92 gmc pickup which gave me 12 to 14 mpg around town to 15 to 18 mpg on a trip; to my new chev. which is good for about 9.5 to 9.8 mpg around town and the best ever, on a trip was 13.4 mpg!!! 3. the bench-type seat is not adjustable to remove the vee feeling when driving. 4. the self-darkening mirrors are a hazard when trying to backup or change lanes! 5. the passenger front seatbelt locksup and can't be freed unless you unbuckle and reattach the belt, only to have it lockup again! i have had the vehicle back to two different dealers on three seperate occasions principally for the mileage and the very annoying vibration! i have contacted general motors, also with no success! i've changed tires, asked to have the transmission checked for the vibration, only to have seperate service managers tell me that it seems okay to me, and that there's nothing on the computer to indicate a problem! and you put bigger tires on the truck! you can't do that! i just celebrated (?!!!) my first anniversary with the truck and its been a miserable year!*ak
 Constant wind noise from hood hinge flaps and top windshield seal at 50 and above. also driver door seal squeals. i repaired the flapping noises myself after the dealer tried 6 times and said it was my bug deflector. the door seal was replaced after 6 trips and is worse now than then. i repaired this as well as i could. they replaced 1 of 3 seals. after 6 visits for my goodyear tires (nothing found wrong again) they decide to replace them. it took 2 weeks to get tires and then they replaced 2. the trans is clunker and has computer software issues causing shifting problems and dealer can not duplicate. the computer thinks it is ok so no codes will be stored. i also pointed out the gm tsb's to them on this problem. i may as well go to the zoo for service at least i get to expect poor service from wild animals. i wrote the vp of gm and he responded to me and forwarded my letter to vp of sales and service. went back for repairs and still have same problems and the new tires with 1000 miles are bad just like the others. $38,000 piece of junk with $3.00 hr monkeys repairing it. what a joke, they can have this truck back since there is nothing wrong with it. i was also refused service two times by my local dealer because i bought it else where. service manager said: "you are not our loyal customer and if we decide to service you, you go behind our loyal customers, reguardless of order". i think he may be looking for other employment now that the vp called me to discuss my concerns, but that is still against the law and the gm contract. think i am going to just get a horse and when it stops working just shoot it.
 Vehicle seems to go into 4-wheel drive by itself while driving . this has happened to me three times already. i want to switch dealers but gm told me no i have to stay with the dealer who worked on the vehicle. as this happens the vehicle slows down considerably causing the seat belt to lock and hold me back. also at times the vehicle just slows down while at highway speeds. the check 4 wheel drive light comes on and the push buttons on the panel do not operate. (the lights go out) i also think this has caused my odometer to fast forward. it tells me now that i have 29900 miles on the truck . i have all records and need help. i travel to work 8 times a month and round trip is 114 miles this does not seem to work out . can they check the electronics and see actual miles from the computer. *jb
 2003 chevrolet silverado 4wd, abrupt jerking from transmission or drive train, tends to occur when accelerating at low speeds, distracts from good control of truck. truck has 14,000 miles and problem has been evident for last 10,000 miles.
 While driving at any speed up a hill, the transmission decelerated even when the consumer's foot was on the accelerator, which made the vehicle difficult to control. the vehicle also died on take off. grommets on lower controls rubbed the torsion bars. while pushing accelerator pedal the consumer had to build up rpms by pressing the gas. the vehicle did not take fuel until the rmps built up when climbing hills. *jb *cb *jb
 The vehicle switched from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive with out warning. *jb
 Had to replace a flexplat twice on 2003 chevrolet 1500hd (4x4). first one at 43,000 miles, the second one was at 78,000 miles. chevrolet would not help on either one. they also said they had no problems with it but the transmission shop found a service bulletin stating to use a new spacer if you do have problems. *tr
 Tl*- the contact has a 2003 chevrolet silverado with a current odometer of 60,000 miles. on 5-13-04 the brakes failed. the contact had to use the emergency brake to stop the vehicle. on 10-17-04 the transmission failed. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer, and they told the contact that the failure was due to the vehicle hauling items, but the vehicle did not have a hitch to haul anything. *ak
 We all need to contact gm at www.chevrolet.com and complain. i purchased my 2003 chevy 2500 hd in nov. 2005. it had 32000 miles on it. the warranty ran out at 36000 and when i hit 38000 miles the problems started. the electrical system started acting up. i had went to leave and everything was dead no power at all. i would jump it and then it was fine for the first couple of times. the last time i jumped it, it cranked but i had no power it wouldn't move in drive or reverse and all the gauges went crazy. i disconnected the battery waited a minute and reconnected it and everything was working fine again. a week later the speed odometer went crazy and wouldn't go back to zero. now starting a few weeks ago the drive train is making a loud clanking noise and the rear wheels are wanting to lock up when i try to start off. these problems don't occur every time, but the drive train noise is getting worse from all the feedback i see on this web site i feel i would waste my time contacting gm. all of us chevy owners with problems needs to contact gm every day about our $30,000 and $40,000 dollar hunk of scrap metal. i hope mine will burn and i will not ever buy another chevrolet product again. here is there web site www.chevrolet.com. i have been calling the phone # on the web site, but it just stops ringing. you can send them e-mails and letters. *jb
 Frequently my 2003 chevy silverado hesitates to pull off after coming to a complete stop. i've taken it to two dealerships for the problem with the transmission. they state it is a problem with the computer programming which has the transmission pulling off in second gear instead of first and they have no solution for this problem, just keep driving. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 10 mph and below, the steering allowed too much play and maneuvered loosely. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who replaced the steering shaft. however, the problem still exists. the rack and pinion had a slight leak. the consumer has had numerous components replaced on the vehicle such as wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends, control arms, steering gear, shocks, steering linkages, coils springs, wheel hubs steering column and the power steering gear. the intermediate shaft was replaced three times and lubricated the last time. the consumer was told the steering design was flawed, which contains a looseness that can't seem to be corrected. the transmission hesitated at times. the dealer stated the clutches were burnt and glazed. the tires were exhibiting premature wear. updated 08/02/06. *jb updated 04/16/08
 Dt: the consumer complained about several problems. while driving he had trouble shifting from first gear. the dealer reprogrammed the engine control module and the transmission module control. the vehicle was still shifting hard, and the rpms revved. the replacement of the aforementioned did not remedy the transmission problem. the second problem was with the brake light coming on the cluster assembly. the service dealer replaced it, and it seemed to work well at this time. the third problem was with a noise in the rear of the vehicle. the dealer replaced the gear kit, two gaskets, case, the rear differential carrier assembly, carrier gears, and shims. the noise was still heard. the dealer recommended that the contact install carpet to cut down on the noise. the final problem was with a loss of rear traction. the dealer has been unsuccessful in identifying the root of the traction problem.*ak the cruise control stopped working. updatd 11/29/05. *jb
 When coming up to an intersection, the truck failed to come to a complete stop, in dry conditions, with ample stopping distance. the truck was revving at a high rpm, and continued to push forward with the brake pedal pushed as hard as possible. this resulted in a rolling collision. vehicle finally stopped when shifted into park. immediately called dealership, and gm. after 2 days in the dealership they stated nothing is wrong, and will not investigate any further. i will not drive the vehicle any longer after this scary incident.*jb
 The truck was parked and the key was in the accessory (acc) position, and my two year old granddaughter hit the shift lever out of park, and the truck rolled down the street and hit a u-haul truck, she was not injured, her mother was in the truck with her but could not shift it back into park, or hit the brake. *jb
 I own a 2003 chevrolet silverado extended cab short box z71 4x4 pick up truck. it has the 4 speed automatic with overdrive transmission. i have a consistant shifting driveline clunk that only occurs when the transmission upshifts from 2nd to 3rd gear and then downshifts from 3rd to 2nd gear. i have had this vehicle back to the chevrolet dealer three times so far concerning this issue. all i get is the usual gm runaround that this problem is a normal condition and no repairs should be attempted according to the tsb related to this condition. i have owned other gm vehicles in the past, and i have never had of any of them bang or clunk from the transmission when shifting gears automatically. they claim that it is some type of a momentary torque reversal problem when that particular shift occurs that causes the clunking and or banging condition in their transmission. a momentary torque reversal in their drivetrain while the vehicle is moving in forward gears is a normal condition? not to me. they absolutely will not fix this problem under warranty stating that it is a normal condition. on the other hand, if this causes the transmission to suddenly lock up...and someone gets hurt in the process....then i'm sure that it will be fixed properly. why is it that the automotive manufacturers today will not repair their engineered screwups at their expense, like they should be responsible to do? why is it that they will not fix their problems unless that componet in question fails completely?
 2003 and up chevrolet silverado 1500 4.8l automatic i found i am able to shift the transmission out of park without the engine running and with the key in the accessory position. this is from no key inserted to inserting key and rotating to the accessory without going to the run or start positions. this can be done without depressing the brake pedal. this has also been verified on numerous 2003, 2004 and 2005 silverados with automatic transmission but unknown engines at several dealerships. i was told everytime this is normal operation but was unknown to them prior to me bringing the problem up to them. this problem is consistent and occurs everytime attempted. possible scenerio involves children in the vehicle with the key set to the accesory position to permit the radio to play while the driver exits to perform some task. the children could hit the shift lever and move it out of park permitting the vehicle to move. again, this is possible without the engine running and without the brake pedal depressed. with the key in the run position, the brake pedal must be depressed to move the shift lever but never with the key in the accessory position.
 We have had several thing go wrong with our truck. we have had the expandable mirrors replaced once and fixed several times, the transmission was rebuilt, the speedometer quit working and the memory does not recall the driver or seat position. *ak
 When shifting from the second to third gear a loud banging noise was produced. dealer has rebuilt the transmission. c urrently, when shifting first gear to second gear a loud noise is produced. consumer is concerned that the transmission will fail while driving. *ak
 Vehicle shifts hard and makes clunking sound in all gears. the transmission is constantly slipping between first and second gears and slams into second gear. also having intermittent issues with truck slipping in first gear from a dead stop. there is a constant knocking feeling in the steering wheel when going over bumps and turning. dealer claims nothing is wrong. i have been a loyal gm customer for years and am extremely dissatisfied.*ak
 When braking at any speed brake pedal would go to the floor, and there would be extended stopping distance. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak abs displayed brake system failure. the consumer stated that the brakes failed on inclines. the consumer stated that there was an electrical short. the odometer failed and added extra mileage. the tires started separating after 300 miles. the radio became hot and shorted out. the air conditioner shorted out. the consumer stated that the new vehicle checklist was not filled out nor reviewed with him. the consumer stated that the engine knocks. the consumers fingers were burned by the radio after it got hot. the consumer stated that he heard a growling noise in the power steering. the consumer heard a buzzing noise in the transmission. the consumer had to use the emergency brake to stop the vehicle coming down a hill. the right headlight went out and turned black. the headlight was replaced with the wrong high beam light. the cd player will not take the cd. the speedometer will only go to 20 mph at times. *tc
 Problem with transmission hard shift from 1 to 2nd and at times won't shift until you release gas and step on gas again. sometimes when taking off from a stop transmission slips, causing vehicle not to move, then engages when rpms is high causing vehicle to jerk into gear. *jb
 The front end was replaced twice from a clanking noise, and the vehicle was serviced no less than twenty times. vehicle was taken to another dealer, and it was discovered the transmission bolts were loose. the clanking sound was gone.*ak
 Transmission clunking in 2-3 up shift or 3-2 downshift, mush louder when towing my trailer it sounds like its going to exployed brakes: brake pedal is on the floor very very weak cannot stop truck on a quick brake 2003 chevy silverado 4x4 xcab. *ak
 Transmission shifts hard from 1st to 2nd gear. this may cause a loss of control of the vehicle on icy roads.
 While driving transmission slipped gears, causing the consumer to drive in first gear. dealership repaired the problem once, but problem recurred. *ak
 2003 2500 silvarado with 36,000 miles. so far the transfer case shifting module (dropped itself inot 4 low at 70 mph), transmission (became so sloppy that it slammed passengers around had to be rebuilt), air conditioner compressor (quit working and the new one works poorly), fuel pump (died in the middle of utah and took 4 days to get the part), radio (had multiple problems had to be replaced after 4 visits), keyless remote failures, and 4 recalls. *ak
 I am complaining of a clunking sound and a hard shift coming from the transmission in a 2-3 upshift in a 03 silverado automatic. i have taken it to the dealer many times and they tell me that gm says the noise and shifting is normal. i have driven many cars and nothing i have driven shifts like that. i wish gm would have to do a recall and correct the problem. *ak
 1to2 gear slamming,within 900 miles,engine light on at 800 miles,change oil message at 740 miles,abs light on at about 8000 miles,7500 miles would not start,poor brake performance,extended cab pass. door squeaking loudly,bose sound speaker rattling,tail light squeaking,2-3 upshift very abrupt and loud,clunky like the transmission is falling out,turn signal right flashers will come on sometimes until you cancel the turn signal,rear bumper rusting out,truck will sometimes roll 2-4 inches when first started,chevrolet refused this truck on a lemon law buyback ,they installed a software download for late upshift,not much help,they replaced the crank pos. sensor,truck now starts,replaced taillight,one less squeak,put nuts on the rear door speaker,now it hopefully wont fall out ,they wedged the rear passenger door,temporary fix,1500 miles later squeezing again,oil life monitor reset(fixed),repaired,the 2-3 upshift clanking they say is normal(rattles the inside of the cab when it happens)brakes fade at low pedal pressure,they say its normal(seems there is a recall on this sight for that),turn signal causing flashers to come on,unknown why,or how to fix it,dealership not eager to fix rust issue on bumber,not airtight cabin wind noise,chevrolet claims it as normal,they changed alternator,and plug-ins for late upshift,no change,eager to rid of this truck!!!*ak
 Transmission slips between dead stop to second gear-more noticeable when wheel is turned. clunking noise when shifting. dealer was unable to find anything wrong. (2003-2500hd crew). *ak
 Transmission shifted through all ranges while in first gear (low) would not down shift to pass. *ak
 Power train & transmission, clunks & slips quite often on acceleration and sometimes will downshift unexpectedly at lower speeds. *ak
 When taking off from a stop transmission slips, causing vehicle to fail to move, then engages when rpms is high causing vehicle to jerk into gear. can be very dangerous when pulling into a intersection and vehicle fails to move. i have almost wrecked several times because of the delay. does not happen all the time dealership has been notified 7 times and failed to fix it. *la
 Transmission has rough studder/slippage when shifting from first to second gear. it doesn't occur every acceleration.*ak
 Clanking in transmission between 1 and 2. *la
 Drive line clunk. appears to be too much play in the drive train. clunking sound when automatic tran shifts. been to two dealers 4 times. they say it's normal. talked to gm and they say it's normal.*ak
 Harsh 1-2 shift slipping 1-2 shift followed by harsh engagement. *la
 While driving between first and second gears transmission slipped intermittently, causing vehicle shutter violently, and became very hard to down shift. *ak
 While driving and making left or right turns steering made a noise. also, brakes and transmission problems. dealer notified. *ak
 Problem with transmissiopn hard shift from 1 to second and at times wont shift until you release gas and step on gas again. this happens at any time and with any road condition
 2003 chevrolet silverado the truck will shift in 4 low while driving.the service 4 wheel drive light will come on. the truck has been to the dealer,dealer can not give reason why the truck does this or has been able to repair it.sooner or later this truck will cause a accident when it pops into 4 low on its own. *ak
 Transmission failure. *ak
 At low rpm the transmission will free wheel after stop or between low gears. after stopping the truck will raise rpms, but not move, then drop into gear. runs fine for a while then without warning can re-appear. has been a major factor in two near-collisions when exiting shopping areas and finding no power connected as truck rolls into intersection. has also rolled backwards once only on uphill when transmission free wheeled. has been presented to dealer four times (five but once did not even look at) and can not duplicate problem. once also to dealer because brake petal went to floor while stopped at intersection - was told this was a normal function of the anti-lock braking system. date is of first incident. *ak
 The vehicle shifted into 4 wheel drive without warning. *nlm
 While driving the second gear of the automatic transmission didn't shift properly. the dealer inspected the vehicle but could not duplicate or correct the problem. *nlm
 Purchased 2/2003; service transmission light comes on intermittently; dealer unable to fix problem. grinding noise in transmission; advised by dealer not to use 4wd low as it may become stuck. *nlm
 While driving 65 mph the vehicle shifted from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive low. the dealer was aware of this problem and stated that the manufacturer had no remedy for it at this time (2500 hd). *nlm *tt
 Transmission bangs into gear, sometimes it is so violent it causes the rear wheels to break loose causing reared to become unstable, been to dealer 3 times , they say this is normal. this problem becomes worse the longer its driven. very scary to drive on wet roads.
 Transmission bangs into second gear and a loud clunking sound is heard,took vehicle back to dealers 3 times and was told that this is normal condition for the vehicle and no repairs are to be made also that the noise is worse on the four wheel drive models. ts
 While driving at any speed and without warning transmission failed, causing vehicle not to accelerate. dealer notified. ts. *ak
 The transmission slips when either starting from a complete stop or when shifting from 1st to 2nd gears. you can feel the truck then jerk into gear when engaged. note: this is an automatic transmission and does not do it on a consistent basis. it seems that temperature or road conditions are not a factor. i have taken the vehicle into a chevrolet dealer 5 times and the problem still persists. dt
 The auto transmission decoder has had to be replaced twice in less than 2,000 miles on a 2003 chevrolet silverado duramax.
 4x4 not working, charcoal canister, cd-player 3 times, complete new brake system from rotors,seals,caliperes etc. that i paid for $1,000., window regulator, door latches, noise coming from the steering area, dash peeling apart, chapman chevy replaced all four tires twice within 50,000 miles-i finally went and spent $1,200 on new tires to make sure my family and i our safe
 Upon parking, had slight difficulty placing vehicle into park gear position on very slight incline in driveway of home. stepped out of vehicle, returned a few minutes later to find vehicle had rolled into pole. attempted to start vehicle, but would not start, tried to put vehicle in neutral, and column shift was very loose. applied parking brake and contacted dealer for tow next morning. dealership determined the shift cable had broken, replaced with new shift cable. only explanation offered was plastic sheath had cracked allowing cable to kink, they stated initially it sometimes happens, but they did not explain why. i am very concerned that if vehicle were parked on street on a slight grade it would have rolled downhill possible causing damage or injuring someone.
 General motors have a faulty neutral safety shift switch on their silverado 1500 1/2 ton pickups that may lead to failure and cause the truck to burn. i have brought this to the attention of general motors but they ignored me. my truck burned and we put it out. i see others that have burned and i bet the neutral safety switch is what started it. if you were to investigate how many 03 (maybe newer maybe older) have burned you will find the cause in this switch.
 The locking rear axle on my chevrolet silverado 2500hd does not release when entering a turn or intersection from a stop, causing the vehicle to continue forward and fight steering in the proper direction. i have had several near head on collisions with opposing traffic upon finally completing the turn. chevrolet inspected the rear axle and installed a lubricant additive at approximately 10000 miles but the problem still exists. i have spoken with other owners of the same make,model,and year vehicle who have similar problems. *nm
 Steering wheel intermittently locked up, mostly when making right turns, and some when making left turns. vehicle had been at dealer on three occasions. dealer replaced the serpentine belt and the left hub. however, dealer was unable to resolve this problem. *ak
 Abnormal noise heard coming from the driveline when slowing down.*mr *jb
 Very excessive drivetrain clunk while down shifting 3-2 gear, upshift 2-3 and now is getting worse as 1-2 and 2-1 are clunking due to excessive drive train freeplay. the problem is aggarvated rounding slow cornors, down a grade or with a load. the dealer tried to made me believe i was hearing things and everthing is fine the first time in, yet everyone who rides in it asks whats that banging. the second time in the dealer for the problem i got a tech service bulletin, which says owners may find the clunk objectionable?? will not adversely affect durability??? there is no way this drivetrain will last as long as a nonclunker. the dealer was also going to get me an extended warranty for drivetrain, which didn't happen. very frustrated chevy won't fix it. if owners find it objectionable it should be fix. *ak
 I purchased a new chevrolet silverado truck on 8/15/2003. i drove it 15,000 miles and the transmission went out and was replaced. on another trip returning from denver to durango i was driving on a mountain road when the back wheels suddenly, without warning locked up. this caused the truck to go into an uncontrolled skid and i crashed into the side of the mountain. the truck bounced back into the road and almost forced other cars off the highway. the opposite side of the highway was very steep with no guardrail. had i skidded that direction, i would have tumbled some 200 feet or more. to add to this the airbags did not deploy upon direct frontal impact with the mountain. all of this information was noted in the colorado highway patrol accident report # 908fzeh21p. general motors has accepted responsibility but 10+ weeks later has not replaced the totaled truck!*ak
 All attempts to remove and recondition/replace the front differential to drivable and mechanically safe four wheel drive condition were unsuccessful. (nar) *ph *cb
 While driving 55-60 mph when vehicle brakes were depressed transmission shifted to third/fourth/fifth, and sixth gears, flowing vehicle ad engine idled high. consumer only noticed this problem when the tow button was depressed. *ak
 Dt*: the contact stated intermittently, when the outside conditions are cold the steering is stiff. this occurs at any speed. the problem is worse when the brake pedal is depressed and turning the steering wheel. the dealership replaced the valve in the power steering. this has not corrected the problem. there is a technical service bulletin, #10013533, regarding this, but no repair available. the water pump gasket was replaced. the transfer case bearings were replaced. updated 03/22/06. *jb
 4x4 not working, charcoal canister, cd-player 3 times, complete new brake system from rotors,seals,caliperes etc. that i paid for $1,000., window regulator, door latches, noise coming from the steering area, dash peeling apart, chapman chevy replaced all four tires twice within 50,000 miles-i finally went and spent $1,200 on new tires to make sure my family and i our safe
 All attempts to remove and recondition/replace the front differential to drivable and mechanically safe four wheel drive condition were unsuccessful. (nar) *ph *cb
 2003 2500 silvarado with 36,000 miles. so far the transfer case shifting module (dropped itself inot 4 low at 70 mph), transmission (became so sloppy that it slammed passengers around had to be rebuilt), air conditioner compressor (quit working and the new one works poorly), fuel pump (died in the middle of utah and took 4 days to get the part), radio (had multiple problems had to be replaced after 4 visits), keyless remote failures, and 4 recalls. *ak
 Service 4 wd light comes on while towing trailer. i've taken the vehicle to 3 different dealerships 4 different times and always find something new creating the problem. per bbb order chevrolet was to have another opportunity to fix vehicle and chevrolet rep. insisted that he would personally have a allison transmission guru personally review my vehicle. well they changes some sort of part within the drivetrain and the guru never showed up. to this day the 4 wd light continues to come on and they seem to just call it a minor flaw and i have driven the vehicle to much! i purchased the truck just about a year and a half ago and it has 48000 miles. i guess i'm just not allowed to drive the truck that much. i'm just lost since they say the lemon law is good for 18000 miles only and i'm stuck with the truck. please help with some info!!! *jb
 Service 4 wd light comes on while towing trailer. i've taken the vehicle to 3 different dealerships 4 different times and always find something new creating the problem. per bbb order chevrolet was to have another opportunity to fix vehicle and chevrolet rep. insisted that he would personally have a allison transmission guru personally review my vehicle. well they changes some sort of part within the drivetrain and the guru never showed up. to this day the 4 wd light continues to come on and they seem to just call it a minor flaw and i have driven the vehicle to much! i purchased the truck just about a year and a half ago and it has 48000 miles. i guess i'm just not allowed to drive the truck that much. i'm just lost since they say the lemon law is good for 18000 miles only and i'm stuck with the truck. please help with some info!!! *jb
 On the advice of council, i have been instructed to outline and document to general motors corp. details concerning a vehicle incident that took place on january 29, 2004, approximately 7:45 pm, while driving our 2003 chevy silverado 2500hd (vin#1gchk29u03e369348) my wife and i were driving on s.r. 224 east of findlay at 40mph when without warning, the entire front end locked up on the vehicle (later duplicated by the service technician at lariche chevrolet in findlay, ohio) throwing my wife and i violently against our restraints. this resulted in a total loss of control and inability to move the vehicle from oncoming traffic. we were stranded in the middle of a road that is frequented by semi trailers and vehicles traveling in the 55-60mph range, and were completely unable to get the vehicle to move. the vehicle would not go forward or backward. after pushing the 2wd/4wd buttons frantically on the dash and shifting from park to reverse to drive, the vehicle finally moved in reverse (2wd). i then shifted to drive and was able to pull into a nearby driveway. after testing the vehicle up and down the driveway, we proceeded to get off the main road and went directly home (approximately 0.5 miles). the vehicle was towed to lariche chevrolet the following morning. (complete background of service work in memo page) as you can see this was a terrifying experience for both of us, leaving my wife unwilling to travel in this vehicle. fortunately, our problem was duplicated by a technician at lariche chevrolet who in the manager's words your truck about put my service tech through the windshield. because we are afraid to ride in this vehicle, we are asking to have chevrolet exchange this vehicle with another equivalent model. this was our second chevrolet in 2 years, so we are happy with the brand, just not this truck. please advise us of your decision. *ak
 Service four wheel drive light comes on. this truck has been to the dealership three times to have the sensor replaced. no apparent cause and no fix for it.*ak
 At 6,130 miles the message check 4x4 was displayed. at the same time, the 4x4 control buttons went inoperable. the 4x4 system was completely disable and inoperable. onstar confirmed vehicle required service. redwood city boardwalk found mode switch shorted, replaced mode switch and the problem was corrected. dealer replaced switch module with different color (gray) module than was provided with the truck new (black), gray does not match dashboard.*ak
 Upon depressing four wheel drive indicator consumer notice vehicle did not respond to the shift change. vehicle was traveling in two wheel drive. *ak
 On one occasion the viehicle shifted into towing mode by itself, without any reason, (ie: no buttons pressed). yesterday, the truck shifted into 4wd - low range at highway speed by itself without any reason. this caused the front wheels to temporarily screech and the engine to over-rev. i stopped the truck on the side of the road, turned it off and then the 4wd control panel was inoperative and the service 4wd indicator was on. i took the truck to my local dealer, they told me they didn't have time to diagnose the problem right then, but not to worry because the error code would be stored and they could retrieve it after lunch. i took it back after lunch, and no error code. this is the third time i've had the truck in on 4wd problems, but the first time that the problems have presented a real danger. i had the truck in five times with transmission problems without a fix. *jb
 4 wheel drive becomes non operative and the dash light turns off and message service 4 wheel drive comes on. the vehicle has been to the dealer 4 times and they cannot fix it. *la
 Problems with encoder motor sensor.*mr the four wheel drive light illuminated several times, the dealer replaced the transfer case shift. also the service engine soon light illuminated and the dealer replaced the evaporative emission canister vent solenoid. *ts *jb
 Transfer case/differential,service 4x4 lights keep coming on, brakes, shocks, bumper pad falling off, transmission clunking noise, would not start. goes into four wheel drive on its on. very dangerous when this happens. was told by gm that there was no fix. dealer has put several parts on including reprogrammed module in transfer case, replaced differential case and gear kit, brake pedal would go to the floor, dealer replaced left front shock because of leaking fluid onto rotor, clunking noise from forward to reverse was told this was normal, engine cranks but does not start, towed in, dealer replaced body control module. this truck has less than 9,000 miles on it. the four wheel drive system ( transfer case) the dealer is just guessing that they have fixed the problem. was told that my truck was a tester to see if they could fix the transfer case problem. what could go wrong next! *nlm
 While driving, the vehicle shifted into 4 wheel drive high without warning. for the third time the sensor motor had to be replaced by the service dealer. *jb *cb *jb
 4wd drive is inop. the transfer case automatically switched to 4 lo on the move. the truck has been in 5 times for the same problem. the dealer and gm says there is no fix at this time, time frame for fix is unknown. dealer says it can not replace encoder because gm will not allow parts to be installed because it will not fix the problem. this truck has less than 2500 miles on it.
 The 4 wheel drive system malfunctioned, and the 4 wheel drive automatically engaged in 4 wheel drive low, no matter what the consumer attempted, the vehicle failed to disengage. mr *ts the consumer was told there was no fix for the problem. *jb
 4 wheel drive light came on intermittently while driving. the vehicle sounded like it wanted to engage 4 wheel drive. the vehicle was taken to the dealer on 4 occasions, however the problem still existed. *jb
 The transfer case on my 2003 silverado 3500, on its own, switches from 2 wheel drive to low range 4 wheel drive while at speed. the dealer advises that gm has no fix for this dangerous problem and, instead, has had me remove the fuse to the on-the-fly 4 wheel drive. this leaves me with a 2 wheel drive vehicle only. the problem is constant once it starts. at 35 to 45 mph, control is difficult when you are surprised by this drastic shift to low range 4x4. my brother and i bought two identicle vehicles in december 2002 and his is doing the same thing. gm and the dealer have been of absolutely no assistance at all. the problem continues and has very serious potential.
 Transmission transfer case has a crack. leaking transmission fluid. *nlm
 4 wheel drive system does not work and gm has no fix for it. truck has been inoperable since i bought it. this means that it was broken at the factory. *jb