CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
06V417000GENERAL MOTORS CORP.from 09/01/2003 to 01/31/2004V (Vehicle)79411/06/2006MFRGENERAL MOTORS CORP.10/31/200611/01/2006
Defect SummaryCertain vehicles originally built with cloth seats that were equipped with an automatic air bag passenger sensing system and later reupholstered with aftermarket leather seat cover kits are involved. testing has indicated that the aftermarket leather seat covers can cause the passenger sensing system to malfunction.
Consequence SummaryIf the passenger sensing system malfunctions, the front air bag on the passenger side may be disabled when it should be enabled, or enabled when it should be disabled. in either case, in the event of a crash that requires air bag deployment, a front passenger's level of injury may be increased.
Corrective SummaryBecause a replacement leather seat cover that is compatible with the passenger sensing system is not available, general motors (gm) will repurchase these vehicles in accordance with the terms stated in gm's letter to owners. the recall began on november 6, 2006. owners should contact gm at 1-877-477-1022 to begin the process of repurchasing their vehicle.
NotesGm recall no. 06102.customers may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
417910021016Dual stage passenger air bag used in single stage application. *kb02/22/2007
337310013523Sir light on steady after bulb test and no diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs). *tt04/20/2005
04094100306/01/200410012542Proper use of labor operation code when diagnosis leads to sir passenger presence system replacement. *tt03/07/2005
00442A01/01/200410007291Dual stage air bag used in single stage application. *tt06/09/2004
02094100203/01/2004020941002A10000080Air bag lamp on, passenger air bag indicator always reads off, diagnostic trouble code (dtc) b0092 set. *tt02/12/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. the contact stated the service air bag light comes on from time to time. the dealer stated the air bag can come on at any time once the light comes on. the dealer has replaced the modular twice, the air bag, plugs, air bag string and a few other things over the 15 times the vehicle has been in for this problem. the contact had the modular under the dash replaced again and now the vehicle will not start. the lights come on, but the vehicle will not crank. the contact feels that not knowing if the airbag will deploy on its own is a safety issue. the failure mileage was 30000 and the current mileage was 65300.rl
 I was driving up tp a stop light when the light turned red there was a car in front of me that had stopped, i realized i didn't have a lot of room but thought it would be enough to stop. i put the pedal to the floor and still hit them two people were injured. *tr then on 9/8/07 and a deer ran out iin front of me, again my foot to the floor i hit the deer. 1st i was suprised that my air bags didn't deploy (really tore up the front of the truck) and 2nd i should of been able to slow down in time. after reading all of the issues with the brakes on chevys and no one is doing anything about it, i think its time to look for a different car company.
 Dt*: the contact stated while at stop sign, a van hit the contact's vehicle on the front driver's side. upon impact, the airbag did not deploy.
 I had an accident in my 2004 chevy truck at a speed of approx 80 mph head on impact. the truck was totaled but my air bags didn't work. i made a complaint to gmac, they had an investigation and according to them there was nothing wrong with the air bags. i find that hard to believe with that kind of impact, this is a safety issue and i have 2001 chevy suburban that my wife drives with my children. can you please look into this because i would like to know gmac is not taken responsibility for the air bag failure. thank god i was wearing my seat belt , because it was the only thing that saved my life. *nm
 On jan. 10 of 2006 i lost control of my 2004 chevy silverado while i was driving on icy road. i hit a concrete divider head on. my concern is that the air bag never deployed even though the damage to the truck was quite big. i was given a estimate of $9820 of damage because they have to replace the body frame. even with all this damage my airbag never deployed. *nm
 While driving 30-35 mph i took notice to vehicle slowing down in front of me. i applied my brakes and pedal went to floor causing me to rear end vehicle. upon impact air bags did not deploy. truck was taken to dealership of purchase, still sits there today. third occasion of brakes going to floor, first occasion of air bags not deploying.*ak
 Recently while trying to start my truck there was a drivability issues with the powertrain, i had the lock light for the theft deterrent system on the instrument panel come on. the check engine light was also lit. the airbag light for the passenger side wouldn't come read airbag off even though there was a passenger seated. the red warning light for the drivers side did not appear to work either.*ak this issue only happened one
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. while driving approximately 58 mph, the contact slid on a patch of ice and lost control of the vehicle. the vehicle ran off the road and crashed into a telephone poll on the passenger side. the vehicle stopped when it crashed into a frozen embankment. upon impact, the front air bags failed to deploy even though the contact made impact with the steering wheel. the contact was injured. the vehicle was completely destroyed and a police report was filed. the contact filed a complaint with the manufacturer, but the complaint was denied. the manufacturer was unable to diagnose the vehicle; however, after inspection of the vehicle, the manufacturer confirmed that the air bags were enabled at the time of impact. they did not give an explanation for the deployment failure. the vin was unknown. the failure and current mileages were 180,000. updated 09/03/08 *bf updated 09/04/08. *jb
 2004 chevrolet silverado with seat cover concerns**cc a recall was issued regarding this problem with the air bags and seat covers. the consumer wanted to know if his vehicle was included in the recall. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while stopped at a stop sign, the vehicle was hit on the driver's side front end. the air bags did not deploy. seat belts were in use however back and neck injuries were sustained. the impact was so severe; both passenger tires came off the rims and dug into the pavement. the police were on scene and a report was filed. the vehicle was towed to dealer, upon inspection no determination could be made why the air bags did not deploy. the manufacturer was alerted. updated 05/16/06. *jb
 While driving on slick roads my truck went off the road, down a hill and crashed into an embankment. the entire front end was severely damaged. the frame was bent, the bumper was wrapped up under the fender, grill guard pushed into the radiator. upon impact neither of the airbags deployed. my face slammed into the steering wheel breaking my nose. truck salvaged. *jb
 Dt: the contact stated the company truck that he drove was involved in an accident. upon impact, the airbags did not deploy. the entire front end of the vehicle was destroyed. the contact sustained injuries. he bruised his chest, shin and tore the tendon in his ankle. there had been no accidents in this vehicle prior to this. a police report was taken at the scene. *ak
 Dt: the contac owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. the contact's vehicle was involved in a front end collision while traveling 65 mph on august 28, 2005. upon impact, the air bags did not deploy. there were no warning lights on indicating there was a problem with the air bag system. the contact stated another vehicle lost control of and hit the side of contact's vehicle, causing it to hit the center median. the consumer contacted the dealership and the manufacturer. *ak
 Traffic came to quick stop i did a rapid push on the brake pedal and nothing happened no brake lock at all and rear ended the person in front of me, causing major damage to front of my vehicle and my air bag did not even deploy. *jb
 Dt: 2004 chevrolet silverado. the consumer was in an accident on august 23, 2005. while driving 40 mph. a deer came onto the road, consumer's vehicle swerved to avoid it, and went into ravine. took out two trees. this damaged the front end of the vehicle. upon impact, the airbags did not deploy. the vehicle was driven home, and is currently at the auto body shop. there has been no determination as to why the air bags did not deploy. a police report taken. the consumer sustained injuries. she bruised the chest, and she had a bulging disc i neck near spinal cord. *ak
 Consumer's vehicle was involved in a frontal collision with an oak tree at 5 mph. upon impact, neither frontal air bag deployed. although consumer was properly restrained the crash pushed the engine through the firewall against the passenger's seat. driver sustained injuries, and an ambulance transported the driver to the local hospital. *ak
 While driving 65 mph consumer's vehicle was involved in a frontal collision. upon impact, both frontal air bags deployed, but failed to inflate properly. driver sustained minor injuries. *ak
 2001 chevrolet pickup involved in a crash with a tree and air bag did not deploy. drive sustained severe injury to mouth by hitting steering wheel, displacing five lower front teeth causing extensive pain having teeth repositioned. *jb
 While driving at 35 mph consumer's vehicle was involved in a frontal collision. upon impact, none of the frontal airbags deployed. driver sustained minor bruises to their chest from the seat belt, and the front passenger sustained a bruised knee. this collision resulted in $800.00 frontal damage. *ak
 The consumer stated the frontal air bags did not deploy during an accident. there were no injuries. the driver had the vehicle towed to a body shop. *jb while traveling at 30 mph and approaching an intersection, a second vehicle entered on the consumer's left hand side, there was no time to react, the consumer struck the second vehicle on it's right side. the drivers side air bag did not deploy. *sc *jb
 While driving 60 mph driver applied the brakes and pedal went to the floor. this caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, and hit another vehicle on the passenger side. upon impact, both air bags did not deploy. there were no injuries. *ak
 While driving 40 mph vehicle was involved in a head on collision. upon impact, dual air bags did not deploy. passenger sustained injuries to neck, jaw, and a broken arm. *ak *jb
 I recently purchased a used 2004 chev. silverado pick-up in 7-2005 from a car dealer in our area. within a short time frame from the purchase the air bag light came on for no apparent reason. i took the truck to the dealer where i purchased it and they advised that it would cost approx. $550.00 to replace an sdm module. i have spoken to several mechanics since and they advised that they have seen this same problem with the chev. silverado pick-ups driver air bag. i believe that this is a safety issue that should be looked into. i believe that they have a defective coil spring in the air bag system which will not allow the steering wheel airbag to operate. please check and advise. thanks. *nm
 While driving the air bag light came on , and the computer read out, saying servicing air bag. the consumer took vehicle to the dealer, they placed it on the computer and stated it showed no defects, and warranty has expired. *ak *sc
 The air bag light was on after being serviced on three occasions. the air coil, air bag module and module diag sensor sensor were replaced. *jb
 While driving 60 mph vehicle hydroplaned, lost control, and crashed into a building head on . upon impact, driver's side air bag did not deploy, and passenger's side air bag was deactivated. no injuries reported. *ak