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07187A09/01/200807187B10026542Gmc: some vehicles could develop a condition where one or more of the instrument panel gauge needles may stick, flutter, or become inoperative. csc letter received. updated 11/6/08. *pe11/06/2008
0718709/01/200807187B10023585Instrument panel cluster gauge needle function may cause inaccurate readings on some 2003-2004 cadillac, chevrolet, and gmc vehicles. *nj updated 2/5/08. *nj updated 9/5/08. *pe updated 11/4/08. *pe01/10/2008
448610022914One of the following concerns when programming the mileage or the hours into an exchange instrument panel cluster that is received from an electronic service center (esc). *nj10/04/2007

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. the contact was driving at approximately 40 mph and the speedometer indicated the mileage as 0 mph. the failure has occurred multiple times. the authorized dealer was informed twice because the vehicle was recalled. they stated that if the vehicle was not broken they weren't repairing it. one year later he took it back to the dealer because he started experiencing the failure with the speedometer and stated that they could not repair the failure because he was over the mile restriction on the warranty. the manufacturer stated that the contact would indeed have to repair his vehicle at his own expense. the vehicle has not been repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 85000 and the current mileage was 110000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. he stated that on several occasions the speedometer, oil pressure warning light and rpm light components became inoperable on the instrument panel. the dealer was contacted and advised replacing the entire instrument panel at the owner's expense. the manufacturer would not offer any assistance. no repairs were made to the vehicle to correct the failure. the speed, failure and current mileages were unknown due to the failure on the instrument panel.
 The speedometer suddenly goes to 120 mph and sticks there. it will reset itself within 3 days (usually) but is happening more often now. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. immediately after the vehicle was started she noticed that the speedometer moved from 0 to 120 mph without the vehicle moving. the dealer informed the contact that the speedometer needed to be replaced. there were no prior warnings and the vehicle has not been serviced. the current and failure mileages were 154000.
 I too have a 2004 silverado. my speedometer went out . at first it registered zero. later it went up to over 120 and stayed off the scale for the entire trip. this occurs now everytime i drive the vehicle. *tr
 04 chevy silverado spedo goes to 120 mph and stays there and will not go down. *tr
 I was driving and heard a pop. a couple of miles down the road noticed that my speedometer was way off. it said that i was doing over 100 when i was probably only going about 60. i search and noticed that this is very common with my truck. it's a 2004 chevy silverado with about 33k miles on it. i contacted the service department and asked if it was covered under the extended warranty and she said they would have to scan it and contact the warranty company. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado extended cab. while driving less than 30 mph, the speedometer dial went straight to zero. the failure occurred approximately three times within one week. the failure mileage was 83,959 and current mileage was greater than 84,000. updated 1/6/09 *cn updated 01/14/09. *jb
 2004 chevy 1500 truck, i received a recall for the dash cluster, all my dash components do not work, the recall is if only there were less than so many miles, now at 90,000 miles, mine quit working, why is a recall only good for so many miles when there is a problem with it. *tr
 The odometer and instrument panel in my 2004 chevy silverado is not working, meaning that i can not tell how fast or slow i am driving. i was not sure if a safety recall has been issued to make gm repair this free of charge. the speedometer is stuck on 5mph and does not move the entire time i am driving. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. the contact stated that the speedometer on the instrument control panel was inoperative. she was unable to determine what speed she was traveling. she took the vehicle to the dealer, but they could not identify what component needed to be replaced. the repair would cost $800. she called the manufacturer in reference to a class action lawsuit and was informed that they were not responsible because the vehicle exceeded 80,000 miles. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was 50,000. updated 09/17/08. *lj updated 09/24/08. *jb
 2004 chevy silverado with the speedometer sticking. consumer states that the speedometer will stay at 50 mph for a while then drop to 0 mph after stopping a few times and might not move from 0 unless he shuts the vehicle off and restart it. *kb
 Speedometer does not function properly. it will display 70 mph when standing still. it does not display the mph correctly. the needle will not re-zero after ignition is turned off. *tr
 The cluster panel gauges are all malfunctioning, some have gone completely out i.e. speedometer, oil gauge, alternator, etc. fan motor and adapter wires caught fire, shorted out. *tr
 My speedometer sticks. it will not mover or it will go to 80 and your doing 30. or it won't move at all. this has been going on now for a year. *tr
 Speedometer, is all over the place 20mph to 110mph, you never know how fast you are going without checking the rpms or a stop watch. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. while driving at various speeds, the speedometer displays inaccurate readings. there was a courtesy recall regarding the instrument panel, but the vehicle has too many miles. the current mileage was 78,000 and failure mileage was 72,000.
 The speedometer maulfunctions resulting in display of incorrect speed. gm acknowledges the equipment failure and will not honor the recall. *cn
 I own a 2004 chevy silverado. about 2 years ago, my instrument panel quit working. because my mileage exceeded the number set by gm, gm will not honor the recall on 2003-2005 gm vehicles. my wife has experienced the same problem. *cn
 04 silverado with 46,000 miles, speedometer has malfunctioned. sometimes will be pegged while stopped,sometimes will read 60 when stopped. i think gm should replace these obviously defective parts, plus pay for all tickets acquired in these defective vehicles. obviously there is a trend here people(nhtsa),when i get my next new truck ($30,000-$40,000), i may be looking elsewhere. truck is not fixed yet, but will be contacting the dealer tomorrow to hear their sob story. have never received a letter from anyone regarding this,but did acquire the vehicle new,off the lot. *tr
 We have a 2004 silverado. on friday, dec. 21 the speedometer started to stick. when the vehicle is stopped it will go as low as 30 mph. when driving the speedo says about 110-120 mph. there is (without going and looking) about 38,300 miles on the truck. we bought this truck new in feb. of 2003. this is a huge safety issue. *tr
 November 10, 2007, i wrote the following letter to: general motors 100 renaissance center p.o. box 100 detroit, mi 48265-1000 certified mail number: 7007 1490 0000 9298 4767 to whom it may concern: i have received your letter regarding the 2004 model year chevrolet silverado whereby general motors is providing extended warranty on the instrument panel. general motors wrote: this letter is intended to make you aware that your vehicle could develop a condition where one or more of the instrument panel gauge needles may stick, flutter, or become inoperative. however, general motors also wrote: if the condition occurs on your 2004 model year chevrolet silverad within 7 years of the date your vehicle was originally placed in service or 70,000 miles, whichever occurs first, the condition will be repaired for you at no charge. frankly, i find the mileage restriction ludicrous! either the instrument panel is defective or it is not! moreover, if the instrument panel fails when driving, especially at night, public safety becomes an issue......... *tr
 Failure of 2004 chevy silverado instrument cluster. *tr
 Speedometer is sometimes pinned at 120mph sometimes 60 mph when parked . does not work at all. this is a known gm instrument panel cluster program & the truck is a 2004 under 4 years old but they won't do anything to pay for this known problem because i am over the mileage. not my fault it broke after 70thousand miles . it has happened to many others earlier & they can get it fixed for free. if it was a defected panel it should be fixed regardless of the mileage for a truck under 4 years old. *tr
 Instrument cluster is failing. first was the speedometer, then the tachometer, followed by oil pressure gauge. i have no idea how fast i am traveling or if my oil pump is working. the speedometer part is a major safety issue to me. from what i have read, there are thousands of gm vehicles with this problem and they refuse to do a recall. *tr
 My speedometer started acting up saying that i was going faster than i was going. now it stays on 120 and now my oil pressure gauge is starting to do the same. *tr
 The speedometer in my 2004 chevrolet silveado began malfunctioning early this spring, and has progressively gotten worse. currently when parked it registers between 50-120 mph, then pegs when driving. so i never know how fast i am going. the replacement instrument cluster costs nearly $600.00 for the part only, not including labor to replace it. of course none of this is covered by the warranty, or even the extra warranty we purchased when we bought the truck used. *tr
 Speedometer on my 2004 chevy silverado is acting up. the needle is ticking like a clock as i accelerate and slow down. i have heard and read about many complaints about this same exact problem on this make, model, and year vehicle. *tr
 My 04 chevy silverado ss has lost the gas gage and the rpm gage is sticking. the only gas gage that i have is the digital one. the rpm gage has started sticking. when the gas gage started sticking i talked to the chevy service department and they said a gas cleaner they sold would most likely fix the problem. we have done two treatments with no luck. today is the first day the rpm gage is sticking. by the sounds of all the other similar complaints it will be stuck soon. how may people have to complain to get a obvious manufacture problem fixed? *tr
 Speedometer is erratic, does not reset to zero when stopped. *tr
 Speedometer completely failed, right after truck turned 100,000 miles. *tr
 While driving around 65-70mph my speedometer stuck. while slowing down after reaching speeds of nearly 70mph, i realized my speedometer was not backing off of this speed. i then did not know how fast i was driving. the speedometer is now stuck at 67mph. from what i understand i will have to replace this actual unit for $500. i have seen this same issue all over forums on the web. *tr
 I own a 2004 silverado. as with an ever growing list of fellow owners of chevy and gmc 2000 to 2005 trucks, the speedometer has quit working with only 40,000 miles on the vehicle. this is a safety hazard not being able to know the speed at which our vehicles are traveling at! *tr
 2004 silverardo 2500 hd crew cab with 33,000 miles - instrument cluster not working. *tr
 My 2004 chevy truck was recalled because of instrument panel malfunctions. a recall has been issued; however, it seems to me that the plan to correct this has arbitrary recall parameters, ie 7 year/70,000 miles. my vehicle is 3 years old and has 96,000 miles and has experienced this malfunction. i did contact chevy but no concrete repair plan was established. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. while driving 70 mph for 20 minutes using the cruise control, the speedometer reading was 95 mph and the rpm was 2000. he didn't notice any warning indicator lights at the time of the failure. after coming to a complete stop, the speedometer read 45 mph. the dealer stated that the electrical instrument control panel clusters needed to be replaced. he has not called the manufacturer. the failure and current mileages were 32,640.
 2004 chevrolet silverado speedometer has stopped working exactly as outlined by the other complaints, speedometer registers randomly with incorrect speed or stuck needle. i called my dealer and parts and labor amounts to around $500.00. i asked a friend of mine who is also a service manager at the dealership if this is a common problem and his response was ?ohhh yeah, i don?t know why they haven?t recalled it yet. chevrolet may not be considering this a safety issue, but if that is the case why do we even have speed limits? speed limits are intended to provide for the safety of the community, will a person with out a working speedometer be able to stop in time when a child runs out in front them? chevy better hope so. *tr
 Speedometer on 2004 silverado reads erratically. not reliable to show correct speed. reading eventually will reach 0 while speed has not changed. *tr
 Speedometer failure. *jb
 Speedometer reads 75 when the truck is stopped and quickly pegs when moving. chevy wants hundreds of dollars to repair. a quick search on the internet revealed that this is a frequent problem with chevy truck newer than 2003. it should be a recall issue. *jb
 For over 2 years and 30,000 miles the speedometer in my 2004 chevrolet silverado pickup has been sticking. starting at about 20,000 miles about every 3 or 4 months the speedometer needle would stick at 25 mph, 30 mph or 35 mph. this sticking was where the speedometer needle would stop at when you turned the key off. when the needle would stick it caused the speedo to read incorrect speed. the vehicle was under warranty when this started. i did not take it into the dealership because it would require taking a whole day to take it in and the dealer would not guarantee he would fix it in one visit. the dealer said bring it in. they would check it and order the parts. then bring it back when the parts arrived. before wasting the time with the dealer i tried removing the battery cable and allowing the computer system to reset itself. this worked for the first 10 times the speedo stuck. the speedo is stuck again and removing the battery cable over 10 times has not reset the speedo correctly. gm has known about this speedo problem for over 5 years but is only bandaiding the problem. this speedo problem is a safety issue. *tr
 Failure of speedometer and tachometer gauges. needles pegged. no idea how fast truck is traveling. *tr
 2004 chevrolet silverardo - ext cap, 4wd, ls, faulty speedometer. *ak
 Speedometer inoperative. *ak
 2004 silverado 1500 4 door. under normal driving conditions the speedometer started registering way too high... dead stop, the speedometer reads about 30-45 mph. normal driving with flow of traffic on interstate displayed as greater than 120 mph. *ak
 After i drive about 11 miles the speedometer drops to zero. after about 30 to 40 miles it will run between 20 and 30 miles slow. this happens every day i drive the truck. why can't general motors get there heads out of the sand and do something about these problems. *jb
 Speedometer dropped to zero when driving at 55 mph, after about 40 miles speedometer runs slower than actual speed. this is happening on a regular basis.*ak
 Speedometer on my 2004 gm chevy silverado reads drastically different from actual speed while driving, making it impossible to determine actual speed which could cause a crash due to improper speed, or traffic safety violation for improper speed. gm does not have recall on this safety issue. gm is aware of this problem with many of its vehicles and demands $500.00 for labor to repair the problem at the owners expense. *tr
 I have a 2004 chevrolet silverado with a serious safety issue! the speedometer works intermittently and when the needle actually moves the speed that registers is no where near correct. the dealer wants $600 to fix it but apparently it is well known that chevy's are having an issue with the speedometer. i have had to resort to hooking up my laptop computer with gps to be able to monitor my speed!! gm needs to recall!! *jb
 I own a 2004 silverado 2500 hd w/allison transmission. the speedometer is faulty. the speed sensor has been replaced but has not fixed the problem. the transmission is ok. the speedometer is erratic. one day it will work...then i'll be driving at 60 mph and the needle drops to zero or shoots up to 120. i have to gauge how fast i am going by the other traffic or look at the rpms. this is a terrible safety hazard. i have already spent $160. when will chevy/gm issue a recall? *jb
 (1) there were no specific events that lead to failure. (2) my 2004 chevy silverado speedometer stopped working at about 40k miles when warranty was out. dealer says it costs approximately $500. i've read many websites describing this issue along with lawsuits in ca, or, and wa, so i was hoping gm would recall. i've been driving for 9 months guessing my speed. it is march 2007 and vehicle inspection is due so now i have to pay $500 since gm has not recalled this issue. i've seen concerns about this issue that go back to 2005. how is it that no one has forced gm to recall this potential dangerous defect. (3) to correct problem, i will have to pay $500 to fix a defect that gm knows about and won't do anything about.*jb
 I have a 2004 chevy silverado. my speedometer started going bad after 50k miles (15k past warranty) the speedometer displays inacurrate speeds. driving on the intersate at 70mph, it reads anywhere from 0-15. sitting at red lights it sticks at 55 or 40. i have no idead how fast i am driving and i view this as a majot safety issue. if it were a rare thing i would consider this a bad apple, however, ther are many many thousands of owners who have the same problem. there is currently a lwasuit in washington state pursuing this issue and one in oregon which is to follow. (http://www.autoblog.com/2007/03/05/gm-sued-over-inaccurate-speedometers/) bascially, gm is in denial. if you look at mycarstats section on gm website, every single complaint in the misc section is about speedometers. how can this be allowed to continue? why has a recall not been issued. i wish someon would please explain to me how a company such as gm is allowed to get away with putting faulty safety equipment in vehicles. i could believe a quirck on an assembly line casuing this malfunction if it were 10-50 vehicles but were are talking in excess of 10,000 vehicles.
 I own a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500 and yesterday the speedometer began reading incorrectly. now it currently reads 65 mph at both a standstill and when the truck is turned off. at regular surface street speeds (40-50 mph) the speedometer reads approx. 95 mph. i called gm in detroit and the denied any knowledge of the problem being widespread and referred me to a dealer who quoted me a price of $495.00 to repair the speedometer. what about the other gauges in my instrument cluster? how long till they fail? more importantly, how much will it cost for the repairs? *jb
 The speedometer on my 2004 chevrolet silverado does not work properly. at times it will show 0 mph when the car is being driven. when the speedometer decides to work it moves in a jerking fashion. the first time i realized there was an issue with the speedometer was because i was pulled over by the state police on a rural highway going 26 miles over the speed limit. other gauges also do not work. the oil gauge does not register and is pointing downward. the fuel gauge now does not work and points off the scale. i have seen on the internet many complaints with similar issues. *jb
 My speedometer has had a 'jerky' motion for the past few weeks. today, on my way to work, i set my cruise at 78. when i exited the freeway and entered the slower section of road, my speedometer failed to decrease as my speed did. it still read 78 when i slowed to match other traffic in a 55 zone. additionally, i stopped at 3 stop lights and each time the speedometer froze at a higher speed than the previous one (i.e. first stop 40, then 52, then 64). i feel this a major safety concern as myself or another driver of my vehicle will not be able to determine their actual speed and may put others in danger. *jb
 Speedometer malfunction in most of the 2004 chevy silverado's i have driven in. i own 1 silverado. the company i work for owns several 2004 silverado's. everyone i have driven along with the boss truck all have the same speedometer malfunction is a safety issue. people need to know how fast they are going. *jb
 2004 chevy silverado speedometer started to stick at around 55 mph then start working, this went on for about two months, then it pegged out at 120 mph and has stuck while driving, when truck is at idle it sets at 70 mph. *jb
 Speedometer was stuck on 50 mph and never moves lower. unable to tell what speed one is traveling. *jb
 Chevy silverado 2004 4 wd pickup approx miles 38,000 when driving truck speedometer raced past 120 mph .vehicle stayed at 50 mph when shut off. i understand this is a common problem and gm is in denial. *jb
 My 2004 chevrolet silverado speedometer started working erratically or not at all about 3 months ago. *nm
 Speedometer failure @48000 miles. it would work intermittently but most times it was too fast or too slow. the entire instrument cluster had to be replaced at the dealership. *nm
 My chevrolet 2004 silverado ls does not read the speed correctly. sometimes it does not move and others it will have me going 110 when i am doing 45 mph. *nm
 The speedometer quit working at 40000 miles. checking on line there are hundreds possibly even thousands defective speedometers. this is a safety problem and the dealer stated it would cost $500 to fix and take two days. *jb
 56000 miles on 2004 chevy silverado and speedometer has been showing 110 when doing 30, showing 0 when doing 70, showing 0 period.*jb
 I have a 2004 silverado s71. it has 35k miles on it at this time. in sept. of 2006 i noticed that the speedometer was not returning to zero mph smoothly. it would drop in steps. it is not indicating the correct speed, sometimes it is high and other times it maybe low or not working at all. now the tach is also acting erratic. sometimes it works and other times it doesn't, at times it does not return to zero when the engine is turned off or it hangs at some arbitrary point. (1) events leading up to the failure - none. (2) failure and its consequences - received speeding ticket. (3) what was done to correct the failure; i.e, parts repaired or replaced (and if old part is available) . - none at this time. *nm
 2004 silverado speedometer. the speedometer began failing about a year ago and now fails on trips of 5 miles or more. speedometer most often begins registering low. it is so gradual that it is not obvious when it begins happening. it will eventually register below zero at any speed. the only way to reliably judge speed is via the tachometer. a few times, it has registered high, so as to read >100 mph at highway speeds. my research shows this is a very common problem with this make/model of gm vehicle. of course this is a very dangerous situation, especially when it first occurred with me. i am uncertain how fast i was actually going when i realized i was going way too fast in relation to what the speedometer was reporting. i believe the speedometer should be considered a critical piece of safety equipment. in addition, law enforcement requires you to follow posted speed limits, which is difficult when the speedometer is reporting inaccurately. in my opinion, this device should not fail at 35000 miles. again, in my opinion, this is a manufacturing defect and the consumer should not have to bear the expense for the repair. *jb
 Erratic speed reading on the speedometer of my chevy silverado. *nm
 While traveling, my speedometer on my 2004 chevy silverado would not read an accurate mileage, for example while traveling 60 mph, the speedometer would be in excess of 100 mph, thus causing a safety issue, due to the fact that i do not know the exact speed of my vehicle, and can only judge that my vehicle is traveling the correct speed by pacing other vehicles on the highway. in fact i was pulled over for speeding, and when asked how fast i was going, i showed the police officer that my speedometer was reading 40 mph when i was parked, when in fact i was going approximately 10 miles above the speed limit. i went to the chevy dealership, and the service representative said that he has had to replace a couple of theses, and with parts and labor would be approximately $700. my warranty expired just 700 miles prior to this defect starting. i was about to pay to get this repaired, when i decided to do research online to see if this was a problem with other silverados, and come to find out, there are many cases like mine. i feel due to the fact that there are so many cases like this, that it should be considered a defect, and be repaired at no cost to the customer. *nm
 I have a 2004 2500 chevy truck the speedometer will sometimes start at 0 and sometimes at 60 mph and sometimes at 30 mph i called the dealer and they told me to bring it in. they said they would keep my truck for 2 days. they knew just what was wrong with in. they want $350 dollars to do this. i don't think i should have to pay for a defect on the speedometer. not for sure on when i bought the truck. *jb
 Speedometer quit working. at a stop it was showing 120 miles an hour, sometimes more sometimes less. after researching on car forums on the internet i found many, many people have had these same problems. *jb
 My speedometer on my 2004 silverado functions incorrectly. it reads anywhere between 30 and 120 and i have no idea what my speed is. apparently thousands and thousands of owners are having this problem. this is apparently a safety issue and there most definitely should be a recall. *nm
 Tl* - the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado z71. the contact stated that the speedometer did not accurately register the speed being driven in this vehicle. even when not driving the speedomenter registered a speed. the contact stated that the engine light has been on 80% of the time since he owned the vehicle.*ak updated 2/22/2007 - *nm
 My 2004 silverado just reached 40,000 miles when my speedometer stopped functioning. it's stopped at 120 mph and want go down. *nm
 It appears numerous gm vehicles are current experiencing speedometer cluster problems, cause the speedometer to fail. my issue is with a 2004 chevrolet silverado. there appears to be numerous complaints online, without any recall proposed by gm. *jb
 Problems with my speedometer. the speedometer gets stuck as well as rpm readings. interior materials squeak when going over slightest bumps. *jb
 Dear sirs, my son is driving our 2004 chevy silverado pickup and he is 16 yo. the vehicle has less than 50k miles and the speedometer started malfunctioning last week. it indicates the speed at 20-50 mph less than actual. i am aware of a forum on topix.net that has more than 327 complaints of this very problem. surely there is a safety concern here with the possibilities of excessive speed due to the inaccuracies of the speedometer! please let me know what the status of your concerns regarding this issue. thanks for your time! respectfully, david w. freidberg md facs. *nm
 Speedometer has been jerky for a month or so. this morning on my commute i set my cruise-control at 65 mph, when i checked my speed again the speedometer was reading 50 mph. i did not reset the cruise control. *jb
 Speedometer on my 2004 gm chevy silverado reads drastically different from actual speed while driving, making it impossible to determine actual speed which could cause a crash due to improper speed, or traffic safety violation for improper speed. gm does not have recall on this safety issue. gm is aware of this problem with many of its vehicles and demands $500.00 and several days to repair. they will not replace parts, only send it out for repair at owner's expense. *nm
 Speedometer problems 2004 silverado pegged at 120 mph large safety issue, i never know how fast i am going. *jb
 Speedometer malfunction dose not show proper speed needle gets stuck at different speeds or starts at different speeds. *nm
 Speedometer failure-2004 chevy. silverado-z71- incorrect speed indicated on speedometer-at stop speedometer continues to register movement-when moving speedometer registers speeds in excess of or lower than actual speed. *jb
 Speedometer failure : needle pegs at 120 and will not return to 0, fluctuates. *jb
 Speedometer and tachometer work sometimes. now don't work at all. *jb
 04 chevy silverado speedometer not working. *jb
 Driving down the highway my speedometer reads 10-30+ mph lower then actual speed. can not find a service recall on this problem though i have had no problem finding hundreds,if not over one thousand others who are experiencing the same problem. *nm
 The speedometer has quit working. this is common on 2004 chevy trucks like the one i own. i have asked around and it is a common repair. the failure of a speedometer is a serious failure of a safety device on any vehicle. *nm
 Speedometer hangs up and does not register correct speed. *nm
 The gauge cluster on my 2004 chevy silverado has 6 gauges and after 2 years 3 of the gauges no longer work. the 3 that no longer work are the speedometer,tachometer, and voltmeter. with the speedometer no longer working it is very dangerous. *nm
 Under normal driving conditions the speedometer on some gm trucks will hang when decelerating and when accelerating again the speedometer starts from the position that it hung. the part that is failing is a motor that controls the speedometer and to replace the part you must replace the whole instrument cluster at a cost of $600. it seems to happen right around 50k miles and at that point it is no longer under warranty. it leaves you not knowing how fast you are going as well as not being able to pass a vehicle inspection. *jb
 Speedometer acting erratic now stuck on 120 mph non functional now very expensive fix from gm(new instrument cluster) *jb
 2004 chevy silverado speedometer will not return to zero. speed reading are erratic. you do not know at what speed you are driving. *jb
 Speedometer malfunction. sometimes it reads twice the speed i'm doing or more and sometimes it reads half the speed i'm doing. it varies. *jb
 2004 chevreolet silverado - bought new speedometer malfunctioning (needle hangs up, etc.) at 45,000 miles. *jb