BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
08270009/29/20006092304Subject regarding non-deployed airbag handling procedures. *tt12/04/2000
97091908329709/19/199754423Authorized airbag deactivation for medical necessity. *yc04/07/1998
08379911/12/1999081798C6089800Daimlerchrysler corporation is now offerinb airbag on / off switches for selected vehicles. *tt02/25/2000
08179812/30/1998603153Subject regarding airbag on - off switches. *yc02/05/1999
081798 REV B09/18/1998081798 REV A602450Subject regarding the airbag on-off switches. *yc11/05/1998
08!79807/31/1998602318Discussion on airbag on- off switches for selected vehicles *ak10/26/1998

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Air bags did not deploy.*jb *ts
 While traveling vehicle 1 hit vehicle 2. insured is concerned about the air bags not deploying and the passengers seat belt failed, one person was injured in accident, claim 16-n171-233. *jg
 Vehicle 2 slammed on brakes causing vehicle 1 to rear end vehicle 2. airbags did not deploy, 2 people were injured in the accident, claim 46-0463-331. *jg
 While approaching vehicle 2 at a traffic light, vehicle 1 was braking, pavement was damp and vehicle 1 slid into rear of vehicle 2. air bags did not deploy, one person was injured in accident, claim 11-3696-209. *jg
 While traveling vehicle 1 hit vehicle 2. insured is concerned about the air bags not deploying and the passengers seat belt failed, one person was injured in accident, claim 16-n171-233. *jg
 While making a slow turn heard a crunching sound from steering wheel. at same time airbag light came on, and horn was sounding intermittently. consumer contacted dealership who determined that clock spring assembly needed to be replaced. *ak
 Airbag light came on. then there was a rubbing noise in steering column, horn went out before, and consumer had to keep replacing fuse. consumer feared airbag would deploy in face.*ak consumer states the clock spring went out. *slc
 Consumer lost control of the vehicle and air bag did not deploy when the vehicle hit a tree, occupant/owner of the vehicle died of cardiac arrest at hospital (hartford county sheriffs orffice - sherrif traffic enforcenent section) . nlm
 Airbag light comes on sometimes. dealer said when light is on it's an indication that airbag will not deploy.*ak dealer says it is due to a failure of the spring in the streeing column. the driver did not want spring repair, but say light goes off when seat belt is tightened. the vehicle also developed shudder as it shifts the forward gears, particularly between speed of 44 and 50 mph. with light acceleration. *yh
 No deployment of air bag during vehicle collision, resulting in chest injury to consumer.
 While driving vehicle swerved to keep from hitting an animal. instead, it hit a tree at 45 mph. consumer's head crashed into the windshield, breaking the windshield. upon impact, air bags did not deploy. contacted the manufacturer. it took two weeks for manufacturer to assess the damage. *ak
 While the driver was pulling out of his driveway the air bag on the driver side deployed although there was no impact. please provide any additional information. *nm
 Front collision at 45 mph and airbags did not deploy, consumer suffered extensive back and neck injuries. vehicle was totalled.*ak
 Was making left turn. another vehicle ran red light and hit consumer's vehicle on side.upon impact, driver's air bag failed to deploy. driver sustained injuries, and was hospitalized.*ak
 Consumer's automobile had rearended a 2001 ford pickup truck, and driver's airbag did not deploy. the effect of the airbag not deploying could cause serious injuries to consumer. *ak
 Traveling approximately 55 mph on the beltway, consumer was approching turn off when she was involved in a three car collision. seat belt failed to hold, and the driver's side air bag did not deploy. dealer/manufacturer were not notified at this time. *ak
 While driving a strange smell entered the vehicle. immediately after the smell, the driver's side air bag deployed without warning, causing consumer to crash. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 While traveling 25-30mph, hit a pole, impact was on the front bumper slightly off the center to the driver side with significant front end damage, driver air bag did not deploy.
 Driving 30-40mph when blazer ran red light & hit caravan on driver's side. air bag did not deploy. seat belt restrained, but had trauma to neck & shoulders. *ak
 Vehicle was struck by a vehicle out of control and flipped twice. during the crash owner's 2 children were ejected from vehicle through the rear door which opened on impact. the built in child seat clip opened allowing 3 year old child to be ejected from vehicle. air bag also failed to deploy.
 While driving at 60 mph owner hit a tree at direct center and there was no deployment of driver's side airbag. owner notes that dealer said vehicle was not traveling fast enough. *ak
 Air bag: driving approximately 45mph another vehicle pulled out in front ad was hit sideways, air bag did not deploy. cause unknown. *ak
 Driving along approximately 25mph and hit a vehicle head-on and the air bag did not deploy. chrysler corporation said that vehicle was not going fast enough for the air bag to deploy. *ak
 Consumer was involved in a 35 mph frontal collision in which the driver's side air bag did not deploy. *ak
 The vehicle went off the road and hit a post and the air bag did not deploy. please describe. *ak
 Air bag deployed twice for no reason. please describe. dup 974183, posted on 03-nov-98. *ak
 While driving drivers side airbag deployed with no warning or reason for its deployment. tt
 Driver's head hit windshield even though driver was wearing seatbelt and the airbag deployed. tt
 Had a frontal collision, air bag deployed half way, hub did not open properly. tt
 Upon impact, during frontal crash, at approx. 80mph, airbag fail to deploy, when vehicle rolled 8-10 times down an embankement. tt
 The air bag light remains on in the vehicle. consumer is informed by the owner's manual that the air bag may not function in an accident. manufacturer was contacted by owner.*ak
 While driving down highway, another vehicle coming around a curve from the opposite direction, lost control and hit consumer in the front end. upon impact, driver's side airbag didn't deploy. *ak