Consumer Complaints

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 This is the second time this component failed, the replacement was oem. they still have not gotten it right. this failure causes the loss of power steering, water pump & alternator. if this happened at a critical time it could easily cause an accident. this problem has happened to several of my friends and a local service station even carries the part due to its high failure rate. no safety defect that failed mentioned in summary. *ak
 No summary listed for this vehicle. *ak
 Since about 1997 the exterior paint has literally peeled away from the car; down to the bare metal in most areas. i have observed literally hundreds of these vehicles(same vintage) with this problem.
 Paint peeled by exposure to sunlight to expose primer coat in several locations
 Paint is peeling on roof and hood of mini-van
 Floor mat wedged the accelerator pedal into full throttle position.
 Gauges inoperative. *sd