BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
05085001210/01/200510017764Unwanted/loose seat movement. *tt11/29/2005
99085000404/01/1999606575Subject regarding seat noise / vibration - creak in front seat cushion, rattle / vibration in 40% front seat, jingle in 20% folding center seat. *tt08/27/1999
99085000504/01/1999606577Experiencing rattle noise at rear seat upper attachment where the seat connects with the rear cab wall. *tt08/27/1999

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I have a 1999 gmc sierra extended cad truck the drivers seat adjustment made of plastic when it breaks the seat will not lock. the seat belt is attached to the seat so in the event of an accident all that is holding is flimsy plastic. i checked all the salvage yards in my area they said every truck that they have that has wrecked the plastic slide is broken. to me, my wife and my life are worth more than this plastic piece. gm needs to recall and either fix this piece with metal or different seat tracks. my seat broke just adjusting it. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while stopping the vehicle, both front seats move forward/backwards a quarter of an inch. the dealership determined the entire seat assembly needs to be replaced. updated 5/10/2006 - the power seat track on both front seats were loose. *nm
 Locking mechanism on front driver seat failed, causing movement of the seat both forward and backwards without warning. *nm
 Dt: consumer states when he parked his vehicle he raised the seat. when he got back in the truck the seat kept moving back and forth. the seat will not stop going back and forth. the dealership replaced the track and the parts to the seat. the repairs were made at the owners expense. *nm the seat track was repalced. updated 12/07/05. *jb
 1-seat adjustment 2-seat will not lock in position-slides freely front to back 3-temporarily locked failed piece into usable position-cannot adjust to any other position due to failed plastic block. researched complaints for 99 gmc sierra truck and found 10 existing identical failures. these are complaints-566049, 758819, 855016, 862903, 877718, 10020665, 10022698, 10066125, 10074822. i am sure there will be additional complaints under mirror vehicles such as chevrolet and cadilac and other years. i have identified the piece as a plastic block approximately 1 inch wide by 2.5 inches long with a lever, spring and pin assembly. the u portion of this block fails causing the seat to slide freely creating a severe safety issue. this is clearly an unsafe and poor design. i have pieces of broken block for reference and will continue to escalate this as far as necessary for resolution from gm.
 The drivers seat adjuster fails to hold the seat from sliding back and forth. i have manual bucket seats and have been told by gmc that there is no records of failures. this has been repaired 5 times by replacing the seat adjuster, all under warranty thus far, but i am concerned that this is a safety issue since if it fails while driving, it allows the driver to be moved forward when brakes are applied.
 There is a bar that is at the base of the front drivers seat which comes out at the console. the bar cut straight through the seat. the bar is very sharp, and the consumer was badly cut by the bar . *ak *jb
 Operated release lever on drivers seat to gain enterance to rear seat area. hen seat back was returned to up right position, seat would not lock in any position. drove to local garage, very dangerious. mechanic advise seat track was broken. ordered new track from gm, cost $164+tax + labor to install. saved old track for nhtsa inspection. *ak seat tracks is a safety item. now to convince gm.
 As i was driving down the highway i had to apply my brakes very quickly and a part in the manual adjusted drivers seat broke and the seat slid forward pushing me against the steering wheel. after this incident the seat will not lock in any position (it slides free in the track). i reported this to gm and they equated it with brakes wearing out. i am so very thankful to the lord that nothing was coming because when the seat malfunctioned my ability to steer and continue braking was affected.
 Driver's side seat track broke without force, driver was unable to position the seat. cause unknown. *ak
 Son was driving 99 gmc sierra truck on i-20 in arlington, tx monday, may 26th when he braked to slow and the front driver seat suddenly lurched forward throwing him into the steering wheel causing him to lose control of the truck. he regained control of the vehicle but was almost rear ended by vehicle. son and fiancee were unhurt and no damage was done. when they were able to pull over and investigate, the front driver seat would not lock in place. it would move forward and backward without locking into place. son had to brace his foot against the dash to hold seat in place in able to drive the vehicle home. serious injury could have been the result if control of the vehicle had been lost. feel this is a manufacturers defect and serious injury could result if this happened to others or myself since i drive the same identical vehicle.
 When attempting to reposition driver's seat, the seat would not lock in any position. after examing the seat consumer found a small white plastic rectangle under the seat. the seat was broken and consumer drove with the seat sliding back and forth. *tt
 Seat tracks anchor snapped off, causing driver's seat to fully recline back. cause unknown. dealer notified.*ak
 I was having trouble moving the drivers front seat forward or backwards, i left it in the foward position as i was driving along a city street ,i came up to a light and the seat anchorage became broken causing me to strick the steering wheel.i feel that if i had been going faster then 25mph i would have gotten hurt worse. i had a factory defect on the front seat belts,which i had taken to the dealer ,i was adviced that the parts were not in and had to be ordered. this was back in november or so to the best of my recllaction. 2-28-2001 i called the gmc customer assistance office spoke with a gmc representative and declare my problem , i wanted this deficiency to be covered under warranty,and i was adviced that it was not. now what good is the seat belt doing me when the seat will not stay ,i have been using my left foot for support against the brake release that is mounted on the side of the drivers door,it keeps me from going foward at slow speeds what is going to happen if a vehicle in front of me suddenly stops? what good is this type of safety seat belt if the seat will not stay stationary,if this happen to my vehicle i dont doubt it will happen to some one else and mybe they wont be so lucky.another safety feature that was installed be the manufacture is the antilock brakes, they are also not covered under an extended warranty like the emission system, i feel that the seat and antilock brakes should be more of a safety concern then the emission system.any information will be kindly appreciated thanks for your time.*ak
 Consumer went to apply brakes and driver's seat slid forward because bolt that catches seat on tracks broke. dealer has inspected t vehicle. *ak
 Front passenger seat rattles. yh
 Driver's seat moves when applying brakes. throws driver against steering wheel and unable to control vehicle properly. dealer will look at the vehicle. *ak *ml
 Driver's passive restraint is inoperable. restraint has locked in one position. the dealer has repaired and replaced the restraint previously. manufacturer has been notified. also, mechanism that locks the driver's seat in the track broke while driving, almost caused loss of control. *ak *ml
 There is a pop/squeak in front over bumps. replaced front coil springs.also, driver's seat sits too far/replaced right air deflector. *ak
 Bucket seat tracks pertrude out from under seat creating a safety hazard due to design flaw.
 While approaching a stop sign at approximately 20 mph, the driver side seat adjustment broke free and the seat slid forward. because of the anchorage of the seat belt being the seat itself, nothing held me back from contact with the steering wheel. fortunately this happened at a low rate of speed. i am in the process of seeking reimbursement for repair cost in the amount of $513.11 from gm who would not cover the repair because the vehicle is out of warranty.*ak
 Seat has failed twice it hard to drive when the seat moves all the time, *ak
 While driving on flat surface driver's seat will fully recline back. dealer notified.*ak