Consumer Complaints

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 Driver and front passerger seats gets regular use. bolt broke when second row passenger side seatback was released and folded forward for access to third row seating. the seat had not been used for the previous 2-3 weeks. seat is still in folded position. i am retired and cannot afford repair/replacement of seat.
 I need your help to resolve a serious problem. i have nowhere else to turn. my daughter is the owner of a 2003 kia sedona. within a three month period, three of the door handles have fallen off this vehicle! after each handle fell off, she reported it to the local kia dealership. she learned that door handles were not covered and that she would have to pay $250.00 per door to have them repaired. the cost to repair this vehicle is now $750.00. kia does not consider defective door handles a safety issue so there has never been a recall. i believe that this is most certainly a safety issue. if my family was involved in an accident, my four little grandchildren would be trapped inside this vehicle. since i began researching this problem on the internet, i learned that there are many people who have experienced this same problem with their kia sedona van. their complaints are the same
 Tl* - the contact owns a 2003 kia sedona. the contact stated that the handles on the rear passenger and driver side doors broke off of the vehicle. the handles were plastic. the doors were unable to be opened because the child safety lock were on. the failure mileage was 74,500. the dealer stated that the vehicle was out of warranty. *ak
 Car has been huge headache bought new in 2003 has been towed twice for leaking coolant lines that rusted out. last time was on vacation kia has not returned on phone call or e-mail as it cost me 300 dollars and car is under bumper to bumper warranty has 34k miles . drivers door handle broke and airbag light was on fixed by dealer. one brake pad lining fell off at 25k miles replaced myself. most important we had a rear tire blow out at 60 mph in three lanes of traffic. tire shredded apart with 28k miles and was new york inspected 2 months earlier. other back tire bubbled out on one side and made the car shudder. replaced tires myself but please investigate this car now i am really worried after reading about the airbags not deploying. *jb
 Pin/latch on door handle breaks. *ak
 I have numerous complaints on my 2003 kia sodona. i purchased the vechile in june of 2003, we have since taken the van in to the dealership for a variety of problems. the aircondtioner stop blowing cold air with in the first three months of owning it, this has been fixed. paint has peeled off the front bumper, seat belt ratcheting system stopped working, engine mount needed replacing, tansmition needed adjusting three times, and the last problem was the vechile would lock when ever and where ever it felt the need to. i locked my self out of the car with my children inside many times. the dealship replaced a main panal inside the door. despite, all the times i have taken it in, at least twice for every problem, the dealership refuses to give me a car, mind you i have two children to cart around all day. i am extrmemly peeved about this van.