CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
00T005000BRIDGESTONE/FIRESTONE, INC. T (Tire)1440000008/26/2000ODIFORD MOTOR COMPANY08/21/200008/10/2000
Defect SummaryTire description: firestone wilderness at, size p235/75r15, produced at the decatur, illinois tire plant and all firestone radial atx and radial atx ii tires, size p235/75r15. operation of these tires at low inflation pressures, high speed, and in hot weather, can contribute to separation of the tire tread.
Consequence SummaryIf the tread separates from the tire, the driver can lose control of the vehicle, possibly resulting in a crash causing injury or death.
Corrective SummaryThe replacement/reimbursement program for this campaign expired on august 29, 2001. however, customers should contact firestone customer service at 1-800-465-1904 for possible assistance.


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
01B7710/01/2001628153Owner notification program supplement 7 revised information - regarding replacement of wilderness at tires. *tt03/05/2002
98515711/01/1998613292Information on setting the tire inflation pressure for 1991 through 1999 model year vehicles in the pre-delivery process and during maintenance intervals. *tt06/20/2000
99515705/01/1999606945Information on maintaining tire pressure. *tt09/08/1999
1255403/01/1999605291Subject regarding revolutions per mile tire size data. *tt06/07/1999
985204/13/1998601290Information on tire company telephone numbers for customer assistance. *yc07/17/1998

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 1998 mercury mountaineer. attorney representing consumer requests list of vehicle tire tread problems. *smd
 Moved my truck to let another car out of the drive way. pulled back in turned the truck off came in the house and heard a loud boom. looked out the window and fire was shooting up by the wheel.
 Tl-the contact owns a 1998 mercury mountaineer equipped with turbo tech radial a/sr tires, tire size 235/75/15.(n/a) while the contact was driving approximately 55 mph , a loud pop sounded outside of the vehicle and suddenly the vehicle loss control. the vehicle flipped over two times and landed onto the center lane of the highway. the contact stated the rear driver side tire exploded. the contact sustained a mild concusion; and suffered from mild injuries to the knee, back and neck area. a police report was filed of the incident. the vehicle was completely destroyed and towed to a savage yard. the failure mileage was approximately 149,000. the dot number was ut1tt2e4305 js
 1998 mountaineer's tires were apart of a recall and consumer is requesting reimbursement. *ts the vehicle was originally equipped with wilderness at tires which were recalled. the consumer replaced these tire in 2004 after the consumer was almost involved in an accident as result of the faulty tires. *nm
 My wife was driving back to work at lunch, clear day, unlimited visibility, clear road conditions, when the driver side rear tire sidewall blew out. fortunately, no one was hurt. the tire was put on the vechicle by the ford dealership during the firestone recall. a passerby helped my wife change the tire. this is a goodyear wrangler rts, p235/75/15.*ak
 While driving, the left front tire blew out, consumer then swerved, and sideswiped a semi truck, consumer suffered minor injuries.(firestone wilderness ess at 15 w2hl p235/75r-15)*jb
 Mountaineer's front floor board and seat mounting brakets, especially the passenger side, get hot enough to blister the skin. when the floor board is hot the abs light comes on and it is hard to steer. the mountaineer also has excessive tire wear on the front which had lead to two sets of tires needing to be replaced. in 3000 miles the tires are worn enough that the mercury makes a whomping sound much like a flat is hard to turn and is difficult to stop until i have the tires rotated. the whole process then has to be done again in another 3000 miles which according to ford should be done every other oil change and this is normal for an suv.*ak
 While driving, the left front tire blew out, consumer then swerved, and sideswiped a semi truck, consumer suffered minor injuries.(firestone wilderness ess at 15 w2hl p235/75r-15)*jb
 The left rear tire blew out while traveling 70 mph on highway 44 near sullivan mo. even though no one was injuryed it was certainly a scary event.*ak (dot number: w2uu tiresize: p225/70r15)
 Firestone wilderness at tires on mercury, mountaineer 1998 are experiencing problems. three of tires on the vehicle are cracking. *ak *slc
 Original equipment, firestone wilderness tire p235/75r15 size, dot#: w2hl. while driving at highway speeds of 65 mph, left rear tire blewout. firestone has been notified. *ak *slc
 Steel belt showing through tires, consumer took tires to firestone dealer but was told they were not covered under recall because they didn't have the proper dot code (firestone wilderness at p235/75r15 dot w2hl). nlm
 Before the tire blowout i had the tires inspected at the local firestone store and was told i had no tires that fell under the tire recall. when i went to another tire store to have the blowout replaced i was informed that tire was under the recall, the vehilce was inspected again and two more tires were recal tires. i went back to the firestone store were the tires were first inspected and the manager told me i was wrong about the tires being recalled after i told me another tire store had replaced for free under the recall dot number, i was then told i could not prove the tires were on recall to him so legally he did nothing wrong by telling he the tires were safe so now it was my word against his. i called firestone corporation and told them the same story but got no responce from the company eather.*ak (dot number: vdhl tiresize: 235/75r15)
 Pe00 020; consumer was traveling about 70mph on highway and heard a popping noise. vehicle veered off into a bar ditch, and it traveled down bar ditch, and hit guardrail. then went sideways into the lane of traffic, and then hit enbankment. incident was caused by a tire blowout. *ak
 Firestone wilderness at tires (p235 75 r15) caused vehicle to vibrate, consumer replaced tires with a different brand and has no more problems with vibration in the vehicle. *slc
 Was traveling 40mph when right rear tire blew. replaced it with the spare. towed truck to driver, he indicated all tires were bad. can see the steel belts coming through rubber. contacted firestone & informed no recall on tires.*ak
 This tire was not a recall with the vd code. it suddenly failed at highway speed by losing part of its tread. the tread separated from the ply for a distance of approx 18 on one side of the tire. photos are available. (dot number: w2hlipy2hl tiresize: p235/75r15)
 Firestone wilderness at tires p235 75 r15 experienced leaking. *slc
 Right rear firestone wilderness at tire blewout while driving causing the rear end of the vehicle to begin to fishtail, the vehicle was sitting so low that the jack could not be used properly. nlm
 Steel belt was showing on firestone tire. *slc
 I've been to a firestone dealer and the place i bought the vehicle, both tell me that my tires aren't on recall, but can sell me new tires are cracking around the treads just like the recalled ones i've seen on television, but they both are telling me there is nothing they can do about it! i just can't go out and afford new ones, and these are clearly defective. who can i get to actually look at these tires and take responsibility? the firestone representative told me that he has seen several of my type of splitting, but there is nothing he can do (he was quite rude also) about it except sell me new ones. now if these firestones aren't recalled and are bad, why would i purchase other non-recalled firestones. i have retained an air pressure of approx. 34psi since i've owned it. these tires are cracking and anyone who wishes to view these can just contact me and i will make them available at any time. please contact me, i'm about at the end of my rope and these tires should also be recalled, unless of course mine are deffective alone, and then they (firestone or ford) should correct this problem to..thank you for your time..v/r, j. matt duffin (dot number: w2 tiresize: p235/75r15) (dot number: w2 tiresize: p235/75r15)
 Right front firestone wilderness ht tire (p225 70 r15) experienced blow out. *slc
 Firestone wilderness at tires(p235 75 r15) don't hold air pressure, consumer had tires serviced every 3-5 weeks because of this. *slc
 September 20, 2000 i own a 1998 mountaineer. it came with firestone p235/75r15 wilderness at tires. the four mounted tires are all dot w2hl 1py 397. i recently had these tires inspected by my ford dealer's mechanic because i was going on an out of state. *ak (dot number: w2hl1py357 tiresize: p235/75r15)
 The sidewalls on all four tires cracked. the cracks were located all the way around the tire where the tread wraps from the face of the tire to the sidewall. i went to two firestone stores. both agreed the tires were defective and would be replaced on a pro-rate. no tires were available on 9/18/00 due to the demand associated with the recall. i was put on a waiting list. deciding not to trust the tires any longer, i was able to locate and purchase kelly-springfield tires the same day. i kept the wilderness at tires. three of the tires have dot numbers that are vnhl1py397. the other has a dot number vnhl1py387. all four tires were consistent in the patern of the cracking. i wanted to advise you of this defect as the recalled wilderness at are being replaced with tires manufactured in the same canadian plant as the defective tires on my mountaineer.*ak( dot number: vnhl1py397 tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Because of the news reports of tire problems i decided to rotate the tires on my mountaineer. on the inside of the right rear tire i found cracks where the steel showed through. i put all the tires back on the car and drove to a firestone dealer. they were willing to give me an adjustment on that tire only. i refused the offer and went to another tire company where i purchased four new tires. i kept the wilderness at tires in case they are needed in the future because of the on going investigation by your organization.( dot number: w2hl1py897 tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Original tires p235/75r15, dot vnhl348, 1998, mercury, mountaineer. consumer took car to be serviced, and mechanic said that 2 of the tires were cracking like the recall tires. then, dealer noticed a third tire had a crack. *ak
 Took tires to firestone dealer, he found severe cracks in 2 tires, front, but they were not part of recall. bought goodyear tires to replace them. car spent 2 winters in bradenton, florida. trip down last year was in over 90 degree heat. return trip the same. psi (30) at all times.( dot number: w2hl tire size: 15 )
 Noticed a rocking/rolling motion on smooth pavement. left rear tire had a bubbled area which had worn and burst a hole in the tire. steel thread showing. i put the spare on and when got back home i bought 5 new tires . i think i caught the problem just in time to avoid a possible accident.( dot number: vnhl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 No summary( dot number: w2hl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Apparent tread seperation caused tire failure. i narrowly avoided an accident because of this on i294. defect appears evident.( dot number: w2hl tire size: p23575r-15 )
 The firestone wilderness at tires on the vehicle all have experienced stress cracks, however the tires are not included in the recent recall. *mjs
 No summary( dot number: w2hl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Driving eastbound on i-12 louisiana en route to md when vehicle shook violently and we lost control of vehicle and did a 360 and slammed into trees . vehicle was total loss and 2 animals perished , spouse and i were taken via ambulance to slidell mem. hospital( dot number: tire size: p23575r15 )
 Took tires to firestone dealer, he found severe cracks in 2 tires, front, but they were not part of recall. bought goodyear tires to replace them. car spent 2 winters in bradenton, florida. trip down last year was in over 90 degree heat. return trip the same. psi (30) at all times.( dot number: w2hl tire size: 15 )
 Noticed a rocking/rolling motion on smooth pavement. left rear tire had a bubbled area which had worn and burst a hole in the tire. steel thread showing. i put the spare on and when got back home i bought 5 new tires . i think i caught the problem just in time to avoid a possible accident.( dot number: vnhl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Apparent tread seperation caused tire failure. i narrowly avoided an accident because of this on i294. defect appears evident.( dot number: w2hl tire size: p23575r-15 )
 Preiviously contacted ntsha ref # 866987 (info on forme sent me is incorrect) correct info follows: while driving to fl, in georga noticed a viberations in from end. contacted ford, they said try to have tires balanced. firestone store said can't balance tire because the steel belts have seperated internally. there is an aporx. hight differance betreen treads of 1/2: i didn't want to pay $120 for a new tire so i had the store mount that tire as my spare. i still have this tire. firestone has since said that they will replace that tire, but since it is not in the recall, i was wondering if you wanted to look at this tire since it did not totally fail?( dot number: w2hl1py467 tire size: 23575r15 )
 The firestone wilderness at (p235/75r15) tire experienced a split on the sidewall area. *mjs
 Vehicle has the firestone wilderness/at p23575r15, but it was manufactrued in north carolina. front driver's side tire is starting to separate. tread has worn completely, and is now developing cracks. firestone has been contacted.*ak both front tires stated wearing quickly and the tread began separating. they are unsafe and should be recalled. *yh
 This mercury mountaineer has three firestone wilderness/at tires p23575r15 manufactured in canada that are developing cracks around outside and inside walls. firestone has been contacted.*ak dot vnhl. *slc
 Both the front firestone tires experienced severe cracks, consumer replaced tires with goodyear ones. *mjs
 Wife of owner was driving vehicle on level asphalt pavement under normal conditions at speed limit. tire exploded and came apart so violently that chrome steel rim was bent on impact with pavement. driver was able to maintain control of vehicle and pull off onto shoulder. vehicle was towed for service. all tires and one rim were replaced. infant child was a passenger at time of incident.( dot number: tire size: p235/75r15 )
 I has had 3 of the original 5 tires fail. one failed at 7000 miles; the other two at 30,000 miles. i was told that the damage was internal. the tires began to buldge on the exterior wall. one of the tires flattened at 75 mph on the freeway beyond repair; in fact, this tire is in my garage. the local dealer made the problem my fault--improper inflation. however, the dot number on my tires did not match those from the recall. i was prompted to write because i do have evidence that these particular tires as well have manufacturer defects. my problem was identified to me as belt slippage. however, the dealer also stated that these were the best tires firestone makes. fortunately, i have decided not to replace my firestone tires with another set of defective tires. nevertheless, others are putting these same type tires on the vechicles as replacements for the defects. i am stating for the record that these will also warrant investigation. isn't it odd that i have replaced three of five tires with less than 30,000 miles for belt slippage. what are the statistical odds of that happening? knowing a bit about statistics, this number is significant, not a random occurrence.( dot number: tire size: 16 )
 My family was on vacation and traveling on interstate 85 south. about 1/2 hour before stopping the vehicle started to sway. i thought it was a cross wind or air pocket created as we passed or was passed by traitor trailers on the road. the family decided to stop for lunch and exited off i85 south at 12b. we proceeded to golden corral - 807 e. atlantic street - south hill, virginia. upon exiting the vehicle i noticed the left rear tire going flat. i inspected it and notice two slashes about two inches in length on both sides if tire about two feet apart. the cut was on the side of tire where the tread began and was separating. at this time a customer leaving the golden corral approached me and inspected the tire and told me this is the same tire that was reported on the 6pm news one day earlier as being defective. i contacted aaa to change my flat tire. later that afternoon we stopped in raleigh, nc and purchased one new firestone wilderness at tire. one used tire became the spare and two new tires were on the rear(the original spare and the new tire just purchased). we continued safely on our trip to eufala, al. on august 23, 2000 i contacted my dealership in reference to the tires beging exchanged. the person answering the phone indicated they had nothing to do with the replacement but a firestone dealer in emerson, nj was involved. late in the morning of 8/23/00 i went to the emerson, nj firestone dealership and the tires were inspected and was told one tire was ok(i supposed the one purchased on 8/3/00). however, i was placed on a waiting list and told the backlog was about one month. i proceeded to my dealership and explained to them what had happened during vacation and i wanted my tires replaced. dean griffen was helpful but did not have any tires nor did two other locations that were called. i on my own purchased 5 tires from goodyear in bergenfield, nj.( dot number: tire size: p23575r15s )
 My tires have dot starting with vh, they have a crack on the inside and outside of the tire all the way around just below the tread line. no tire shop will replace these because they are not on the recall list. they appear to be unsafe and i do not want my family injured due to manufacturing neligence. i am unable to confirm where these tires were made. i am told the crack is caused by driving on dirt and paved roads but these are all-terrain tires and should hold up to different road types. please help me get these tires off my car before the tread comes off. there is still plenty of miles left on these tires but i am afraid to drive with these tires cracked!*ak( dot number: vh tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Been told my tires have stress cracks inside and out. not safe but not yet on recall. taken to ford, smith tire barn, hunting tire, and firestone tire in jackson tn.( dot number: tire size: p235-75-r1 )
 While driving on route 34, near tidewater, oregon, rear tire disintegrated and we were able to guide the vehicle to the side of the road. luckily no-one was coming in the opposite direction at the time. we were able to secure assistance from a nearby resident who called tow truck from waldport, oregon. tire was in shreds, and smoking when we stopped.( dot number: tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Complete tread separation of 1 rear tire at freeway speeds.( dot number: tire size: 23575r15 )
 The tires are an all terrain design, however they perform very very poorly in snow/slush/very wet conditionswhen combined with the vehicles that have all wheel drive. i've talked to three experts who have all concluded that the problem is with the rubber band on the outer edge of the tread on both sides (this band has no lugs in it, resulting in poor traction in turns.) essentially, the all wheel drive tries to pull the car forward and is supposed to adjust power away from the wheels with poor traction. when it does so, the car has a major tendency to lose control at all wheels. since i have owned the car i have seen or heard of two other identical vehicles getting into similar accidents with the same options/tires as my vehicle, so i asume it is a re-occuring problem. this incidence of traction loss has resulted in three major incidents of spinout, two of those caused major accidents, one only involving my car, and one involving mine and another. my driving record has been impeccable before these accidents, also note that other front wheel drive cars and four 4wd trucks were on the roads doing fine in the conditions, and in both cases i was going considerably under the speed limit (30 in a 50mph & 15 in a 25mph). also, in both cases, brakes were not applied, so that rules out a cause for the skid.( dot number: tire size: 235/75 r15 )
 Spare tire mounts failed therefore did not hold tire securely allowing the sidewall of the tire to rub against the frame wearing the tire.
 Tire separated on the sidewall and was vibrating very badly. *ak (tiresize: p235/75/r1)
 Pe 00 020/tire tread separation: left rear tire experinced a flat tire while traveling at 70 mph. tire taken to a firestone center, and informed consumer that tire was showing signs of wall separation. they would only replace it at a prorate exchange. tires were original equipment and mounted on a 1998 mercury, mountaineer; tire size p235/75r15 and dot# w2hl1py288 *ak this is the second tire that have become defective. the inner side wall cracked and the tire does not hold air. *yh
 I had two tires experience sidewall failure (large bulge on outside of tire). tires were replaced by firstone. the tires on my vehicle are not subject to current recall due to the place of manufacture.( dot number: w2hl1py308 tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Consumer had changed the four set of tires because of cracks on the tire sidewalls. firestone p235/75r15 wilderness dot w2hlipy457. *ak the firestone representative had inspected the tires and found no problem. apparently the problem could not be seen until the tires are removed from the rim. *yh
 1998 mercury mountaineer. attorney representing consumer requests list of vehicle tire tread problems. *smd
 The consumer was concerned that every year she has to replace the heat sensor. last year she had to replace it before the vehicle could pass emissions because the check engine light came on. this year the same thing happened. the consumer took the vehicle to the dealer and was told that the problem was the heat sensor. *ak the consumer stated that she replaced the original tires due to the recall on the tires (defect number : 01x001000). the inside of the tread came apart. *tc *jb
 While driving 55-60 mph and without warning, right rear tire began to make a flapping noise, tread separated and sidewall bursted. *ak firestone wilderness ht tires, no other tire information given, *slc
 Travelling southbound on i-35 at milemarker 20 near clarks grove mn when left rear tire blowout occurred without warning, completely separating tread. vehicle brought to a safe stop on the highway shoulder where spare was installed.*ak (dot number: w2hl tiresize: p235-75r15)
 Consumer noticed firestone (vnhl1py108) tires showing signs of cracking around the tread, all 4 tires were replaced and firestone agreed to give consumer partial credit for each tire, even though tires were not apart of recall, but the tires were in excellent condition. *jb
 Pe00 020; all four firestone tires have tread separation. firestone company has been notified. firestone, wilderness at, p23575/15. *ak
 All four tires are showing signs of tread separation, tires have cracks around the base of the tread, dealer will not replaced tires because tires are not included in recall 00t-oo5. *cj
 The firestone wilderness at p235/75r15sl tires were replaced due to visible cracks between the sidewall and the tread, the tires are not included in the (oot-005) recall, consumer is requesting reimbursement. *mjs
 Consumer replaced firestone tires prior to recall notice, consumer request reimbursement but still has not recived refund. nlm
 The belts of the firestone tires were broken and separating causing a rough ride, consumer purchased four new tires and request reimbursement but was denied because the replacement tires were purchased from a competitor prior to aug 9, 2000. nlm
 The right rear tire is cracking at the tread line, the other three tires show same signs of cracking, these tires are not included in recall (firestone wilderness at p235-75r-15). nlm
 The firestone wilderness at p235/75r15sl tires were replaced due to visible cracks between the sidewall and the tread, the tires are not included in the (oot-005) recall, consumer is requesting reimbursement. *mjs
 P23575r15; while having tires serviced noticed tread separation. *ak firestone paid for part of the tire expenses. *yh
 Firestone wilderness tire(p235 75 r15) experienced tread separation, all tires except 1 were included in recall 00t0050, consumer requests reimbursement for the tire that is not included in recall. *slc
 Left rear firestone wilderness tire tread separated and caused damage to the vehicle. nlm
 Firestone tire experienced uneven wear, consumer received recall letter 00t005 after already replacing tires not knowing if these faulty tires were with the recall, consumer requests reimbursement. *slc
 Tread is seperating from tire on side wall, tires are not recalled tire dot vdhl (firestone wilderness at p235/75r15). *et
 Please advise re: wilson nc wilderness at recall possibilty - per info available, that i have been able to obtain, wilson manufactured tires are even more likely than those from decatur to experience tread separation problems but as of yet do not appear to be recalled. why not? i am driving on dot w2... serial tires and would like to be added to any distribution lists on the ongoing investigation on a recall of all wilderness at tires and further statistical information on the wilson location. thank you. (dot number: w2 tiresize: p235/75r15)
 Tire blew-firestone atx p235-75r15. (claim# 36-a113-742) *mw
 Tread is seperating from tire on side wall, tires are not recalled tire dot vdhl (firestone wilderness at p235/75r15). *et
 Blow out, vehicle rolled, hospital/san antonio by airflight. policyholder confirmed firestone tire on vehicle exact model not known yet but most likely will be wilderness. he said that he had firestone wilderness tires on the mountaineer. he said that the wrecker yard does have the piece of tread that seperated and it peeled off all in one piece. he said that the tire that it came off of is still inflated. explained again he said that since his family sustained serious injuries, he is going to consult with a lawyer to pursue a bl claim against firestone. (claim# 53-c601-172) *mw
 On 09/14/00 i left my house and entered my vehicle, to run errands. upon pulling out of my driveway, i noticed that my tires were slipping. upon getting out of the car, i noticed i had a flat tire. i called a friend to change my tire. once the tire was off the vehicle, i began looking for the reason the tire went flat. my friend and i both soon realized that my tire was flat because the tread was beginning to separate from the tire. i still have the tire in my garage. thankfully, no one was hurt. i have contacted firestone, only to be told that my tires were not included in the recall. it appears to me that the same thing is happening to my tires that happened to the tires being recalled. i am now afraid to drive my car with these tires on it. being a full-time college student, i need to drive my car. i am not in a position to afford the extra cost of new tires even if i may be reimbursed sometime down the road. firestone will not help me. i'm hoping you can do something for me. thank you very much for your time. *ak (dot number: w2hl tiresize: p235/75r15)
 These firestone, wilderness/at, p23575r15 are equipped on a mercury, mountaineer 1998. they have began to develop cracks were tread meets the sidewall around the whole tire,and parts have separated. firestone, and ford contacted.*ak these tires have a c heat rating which means they can be driven at 85 miles per hour for 30 min. *yh
 Pe#00020 - consumer had experienced tread seperation on the right front tire while driving approximaely 65 mph. replacement tire issued by firestone was a recall tire. consumer was able to have the front right tire replaced on recall. the other 3 original tires, which were the same size of p235/75r15, have not been replaced because plant code was different from the recall tires. however, all 3 tires experienced cracking around the entire tire of where the tread met the tire. consumer has advised firestone of problem, who also recognized the problem, but did not offer consumer satisfactory service. tires were the original tires purchased with the vehicle. the vehicle a 1998, mercury truck, mountaineer. *ak ford company blames firestone for the tire problem. *yh
 Beginning tire seperation and beading was discovered when i had my tires checked and unltimitely replaced. *ak( dot number: vnhl1py358 tire size: p23575r15 )
 There is a crack (line) that goes around the side of the tire approx 1 to 1.5 inches below the top of the tread( dot number: w2hl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 The steel belt has been exposed on three of the four tires. the steel belt on 2 of the tires can be lifted up by my fingers. i have never seen a tire wear like this. i wouln not have noticed this unless i read of current problems with the firestone tires. upon my inspection i discovered this early wear problem. i fear for my safty and my family driving on amy firestone tire of the wilderness 'at' type. i need to know if there tires mfg. at the n.c. plant will be recalled. i am keeping the car at home. i called ford motor and they said all their tires are safe. then why are there tires wearing and failing so early. i need help regarding these tires. asap. *ak( dot number: w2hl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 There is a crack (line) that goes around the side of the tire approx 1 to 1.5 inches below the top of the tread( dot number: w2hl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Firestone p235/75r15 dotw2hl experienced tread separation on right rear passenger tire, consumer had just previously had tires checked at a firestone dealer who stated tires were okay, consumer is requesting reimbursement. *slc
 Pe00 020; took vehicle to the dealership after receiving a recall letter from firestone. there were no tires available. firestone, wilderness#at, p2357515, #dot vd. there were no injuries. *ak
 Pe00-020, tire size p23575r15 dot vnhl, original equipment mercury, mountaineer, 1998. driving at approximately 55 mph right front tire tread came off ,causing vehicle to be pulled off the road. tire stayed inflated, but tread came completey off ,right down to steel belt, as though it was recap tire. consumer took tire to firestone, and was told it had correct air pressure. *ak
 Vehicle parked when news was heard on tv about tires. checked tires and left front tires showed tread separation and steel belt sticking out. took vehicle to ford & mechanic replaced tire with the spare. later, took vehicle to firestone & was informed tires were not on recall due to not being from decatur plant. firestone tires on 1998, mercury mountaineer, 38,000 miles. firestone wilderness at p235/75r15 with 34,000 miles.*ak
 Pe00020; tire tread separation: all four tires are showing signs of tread separation. tires have cracks along the sidewall. while driving at speeds of 50 and above, there is a very loud humming noise. tire size is p235/75r15, dot #w2hl. original tire equipment on a 98, mountaineer. tire mileage about 30,000. *ak the customer received recall notice for firestone tires, but the dealer after looking at the tires indicated that they were not covered. *yh
 Consumer had seen recall information on firestone tires. consumer was concerned about the recall, and firestone was not willing to help. *ak
 Pe00020, original tire on 1998, mercury, mountaineer. all four tires had cracks along tread and sidewall. it seemed that tread has been peeling off. tire size p235/75r15 and dot # vnhlipy337.*ak
 Pe00020, tire tread separation: front passenger's side tire is showing signs of tread separation. there is a tear between the letters r and e in firestone. firestone, wildersness at, p23575r15, dot #vnhl. original tire equipment with about 16,100 miles.*ak
 After reading information on the recall, inspected the tires, and found cracks on them, as well as tread separation. firestone p235/75r15 dot # vnhl1py437. *ak the firestone dealers confirmed that the tires were defective. the firstone wilderness at tires had continuous crack on outside of the tread line. *yh
 On april 2,2000 while traveling on interstate 10 at 70 mph i experienced a tire separation and blowout. at the time i had all five original tires on my mountaineer. after the separation i put the spare in service and the next morning i purchased three new firestone wilderness at tires and placed them in service which gave me five tires with zero miles on them.after hearing of the firstone recall after returning to minnesota i had my firestone dealer check my tires. i was informed that my tires did not meet the requirements for recall because they had the dot#w2hl instead of the dot#vdhl.all of my ties have the w2hl number and yet i was one of the persone that experienced a tire separation and blowout just as thet-v report stated was the reason for the recall. i have no trust in these tires. i would like a suggestionor instruction as to what to do. m. l. geiszler, bemidji,minn.estone recall( dot number: w2hl tire size: p235/75r15 )
 While inspecteting tires after seeing the news on tv, found tread separation on the right front and left rear tires. firestone wilderness p235/75 r15, dot vnhnl. *ak
 A crack just below the tread all around the tire was detected by my car dealer while in for regular service.this tire not part of recall in that it was manufactured at quebec factory. *ak( dot number: tire size: 235/75-15 )
 There was no crash involved. the problem was noticed when we heard about the recall on the firestone tires (wilderness at) manufactured in decatur, il. upon examining our tires, to see if they were the ones manufactured in decatur, it was observed that all the tires were splitting, on both inboard and outboard sides, where the sidewalls meet the tread. the splits went around the entire tire. it is my belief that there is a fault in the tire design itself, and not in just the tires manufactured at the decatur, illinois plant. *ak( dot number: vnhl1py367 tire size: p235/75r15 )
 Pe00-020; 26,540 miles wilderness at original equipment with mercury mountaineer, 1998, p235/75r15 and dot #w8jn. consumer took vehicle to a ford dealer to check to see if had a recall on tires. dealer told consumer that vehicle did not have a recall , but the left rear has weather cracks and had to be replaced. ford or firestone would not replace tires, but ford would prorate tires. firestone claimed there was no defective tire. *ak firestone wilderness at p235/75/r15 *mw
 While driving about 50 mph right rear tire was making noise. consumer believed there was a flat tire. but when stopped, could see that it was tread separation. firestone wilderness p235/75r15 05smf. *ak *slc
 I inspected my tires and discovered a distinct line of cracks on the sidewall where the tread meets the sidewall. this line of cracks encompasses an even radius around the circumference of the sidewall and does not change direction as it penetrates each block of tread. i have a vn identifier which i know is not recalled, however the pattern i see in my tires is suspect. i am concerned that these tires may need to be considered for recall also( dot number: tire size: 235r7515 )
 On friday jan 7, 2000 upon leaving my office, i noticed upon approaching the 1998 mountaineer a shiny object in the left rear tire. i thought it was a nail, but upon closer inspection the left rear tire had developed an indentation the size of a quarter on the tread side of the tire, on the tread closest to the outside of the tire. through that indentation, you could clearly see what appeared to be a steel belt. drove home (only 1 mile) slowly. saturday morning i checked the air in the tire- it was 29 lbs. then i headed early for martin tire which is 8 miles away. when i arrived at martin tire the size of the indentation had grown to about 3 inches and the steel belt was clearly visible for most of the three inches. frank martin diagnosed the problem as tread/belt separation. during the trip to martin tire there was no indication of tire failure. no vibrations were noted, and no additional noise (they are noisy tires to begin with) was noted. not wanting to take a chance with my life, i replaced the tires with a non-firestone brand immediately. had i been on the highway on the way to my daughter in college, and had this happened it might be my estate who could be writing this report. *ak( dot number: unknown tire size: p235/75r15 )
 The tire thread began to fall apart. *ak( dot number: tire size: 235/75r15 )
 While traveling at 70 mph, the left front firestone wilderness at tire (p23575r15) experienced tread separated. please provide further information.*ak *slc
 Pe00 020; consumer was traveling about 45mph on the highway and heard a noise. then, started losing control, car slid, and went down a hill/ rolled several times. passenger's rear tire tread separated. tires were firestone wilderness #at, size p23575 r15. consumer has contacted firestone. vehicle was totaled. consumer sustained minor injuries. *ak *slc
 While driving about 65 mph right rear tire was making a noise because tread had separated, but tire still had air. firestone wilderness at, size p235/75r15. *ak