CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
92V135000TOYOTA MOTOR CO., LTD.from 08/01/1986 to 04/01/1990V (Vehicle)55491011/09/1992ODITOYOTA MOTOR NORTH AMERICA, INC.09/22/199209/29/1992
Defect SummaryThe electronic control unit (ecu) for the power door lock system can fail, causing the contacts to weld, and resulting in door lock solenoid damage, with failure of the door to lock or unlock, even under manual operation.
Consequence SummaryIf the door fails to open after ecu failure, vehicleoccupants would have increased difficulty exiting the vehicle in an emergency.
Corrective SummaryInstall an additional subcircuit relay control to prevent malfunction of original relays in the ecu.
NotesSystem: structure: power door locks.vehicle description: passenger cars with power door locks.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My passenger side door lock is stuck in the locked position, making it unable to open in the event of an emergency.*ak
 1990 toyota camry. consumer states automatic door lock failure. *tgw the consumer stated the automatic door locks completely failed and she was unable to unlock any of the doors manually or with the key. this occurred during freezing temperatures, so at first she thought the locks were frozen. she used de-icer to no avail. fortunately, her son was able to perform a maneuver to open the driver side door to get in the car. however, the next day, the consumer became trapped inside the vehicle and was unable to unlock/open any of the doors. the consumer had to open the driver side window and insert the key in the lock, turn it slightly and then pull on the outside door handle at the same time. then on the way home, the door would not stay closed and she had to hold the door handle while driving with one hand. the consumer did some research and discovered a recall had been issued for over a half of million camry's for the same problem. the consumer contacted her local dealer and she was informed, her vehicle was not a part of the recall. *jb
 Dear sir, i have a 1990 toyota camry and the driver side lock doesn't lock or unlock. i have been experiencing this since march of 2005. the lock doesn't work manually also i.e. inserting a key from outside trying to open the door doesn't open it. this has been a lot of discomfort coming in and out of the car as i need to use the passenger side door. i have seen on the nhtsa website that there was a recall notice for the same defect that i have been experiencing for the past one year with my car. when i mentioned the issue to toyota they said that my vin number does not qualify for the recall. i wanted to complain this issue and if there are more number of cases like mine then may be toyota can consider our case. with best regards, -raja. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated intermittently the front driver side door lock fails to unlock. there is a nhtsa recall, # 92v135000, regarding the door locks. the vehicle has the same problems as indicated in the recall; however it is not included in the recall due to the vin. the rear windows failed to open. updated 05/02/06. *jb
 Was locked inside 1990 toyota camry, about 250 degrees or more. all door handles failed. moonroof would not open. had to kick out the driver's side window to escape. toyota, if you don't think these are defective cars, you must be from an alien planet. please, police department told me i survived a death trap...seems like a class action lawsuit is the only answer.
 My passenger side door lock is stuck in the locked position, making it unable to open in the event of an emergency.*ak
 Right/passenger side door is stuck in a locked position. not able to open lock manually either. all other doors working properly with automatic or maual door lock use. all power windows work properly. there was a previous recall #92v135000 , but toyota states it's not my vehicle. the same problem is occuring, and is a safety issue if ever i was trapped and me or my children needed to get out that door.
 Power door locks system was defective and failed. vehicle's vin not included in recall 92v135000. the consumer was concerned he/she may experience trouble exiting/entering vehicle in an emergency. *tt *jb
 The consumer experienced the same problem as recall#92v135000 (latches and locks). dealer would not repair because the vehicle identification number was not included. * ts the driver door's electric lock opened from the lock position. recalll# 92v135000 *scc *jb
 Door lock mechanism stuck when attempting to open door using handle from inside while lock button was down. after sticking, lock button could not be moved manually, with the power lock switch, or with the key from the outside. driver was locked in. cause was determined to be sticking linkage that overpowered the return spring. lubrication solved the problem (for the time being), but not until after the door was dismantled. poor design leaves a small spring to overcome any linkage friction caused by wear, dirt buildup, corrosion, lack of lubrication, etc. after problem was diagnosed, sticking situation could be created on demand by simply pulling the inside door handle when the lock knob was down. sticking linkage was very consistant. in my opinion, this represents a serious safety issue, as the possibility exists for the driver to try to open the door without first unlocking it in an emergency situation and being locked in the car with no recourse. this problem is worsened by the fact that the identical failure occurred independently in the passenger side locking mechanism less than a week after it occurred on the driver side. both linkages stuck in the same spot and both were repeatable. this indicates to me that there's a design problem that reveals itself as the mechanism ages and wears, and it seems to me to be something that should be looked into for the safety of the driver and passenger in emergency situations, especially those involving loss of power which would prohibit exit through the power windows.
 While consumer is in vehicle and locks driver's side door consumer cannot get out unless someone from outside opens door. contacted dealer,and dealer is not willing to do anything.*ak
 Doors locked consumer in the car, and the doors could not be opened from inside or out manually or automatically. dealer was contacted. *ak
 Recall repair for the door lock did not remedy failure.
 Toyota west, las vegas, nv made repair at no charge, except for cost of part. i was told the cause was a broken plastic clip, they sometimes break on their own. this made be due to the heat in las vegas. i suggest a recall e made with a replacement of the plastic clip with a metal clip to prevent a problem with removing a passenger from the car (in an accident) if the clif breaks.
 Possible car theft due to defective door locks prior to recall.
 Car is presently at toyota west in las vegas, nevada for repair. i have indicated to dealer that this repair should be at no cost to me, since it is a failure that prevents the rear passenger from exiting the vehicle. toyota does not think that toyota will cover the repair at no charge.
 Button still does not always operate to lock or unlock the four doors, replace relay assy for door.
 Door locks on vehicle do not lock with key or button. also driver's side seatbelt does not work properly. drivers side door must be slammed.owner took vehicle to service station and they could not fix repairs. *ak
 All 4 doors were locked, with passenger inside none of the door could be opened from the inside or outside. passenger exited through window.
 Owner was charged for recall work. please describe. tt