Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Defogger system does not work efficiently causing poor visibility.
 Defogger inoperative, causing poor visibility.
 Defroster doesn't function properly , causing poor visibility.
 Heating system inoperative. *sd
 Heater control assembly failed. mjs
 Tl*the contact owns a 1996 toyota camry. the contact stated that the front driver's side window would not go up, and now the rear passenger side window's will not go up. the vehicle is currently not under warranty and he was informed that the repairs would be his responsibility. the current mileage was 125,000 and failure mileage was 50,000. updated 03-04-08 *bf
 My car was parked, temp was under 70 deg. the rear window glass spontaneously shattered and exploded into thousands of pieces, shooting glass up to 10 feet away. *jb
 Consumer's vehicle rpms went to the red zone. consumer pulled over and parked, and driver's side window would not go up. aaa arrived, and vehicle was taken to the dealer, who stated that transmission was defective it was repaired at consumer's expense. consumer found similar complaints on the website.*ak the vehicle spun in a 360 degree turn on three separate occasions before it reached 24,000 miles. consumer changed tires from the tires toyota provided to a michelin tire and the spinning stopped. on july 12, 2004 the transmission was slipping and had to go in for service. . in 2002 the rear seatbelt on the passenger side was stuck. the consumer had it repaired at her expense. the customer would like toyota to reimburse her for their share of the expenses occurred due to this pre-mature defect. * tc
 The engine just dies. usually at a stop or slow down. probably 1x/month for the last 6 months. previously it just happened a couple of times last year. the frequency seems to be increasing. so far it has happened only with city driving. i do 90% city driving, but am becoming nervous about taking the car out on the freeway. our mechanic cannot find any history of these stalls on the car's computer. i have had problems with my isc valve ever since i've had the car. we need to replace the isc valve every year. toyota has paid for it, but it is annoying not to have this problem solved.
 Fuel system: for about the last year and a half, certain mornings my car wouldn\'t start by simply turning the ignition; i had to try it the \"old fashioned\" way and depress the gas pedal several times prior to turning the ignition key. power window: the driver side power window motor sounds like it is dying; it takes quite a long time for the window to open and close. other: the driver side interior door handle just broke off in my hand four (4) weeks ago!!! please bear in mind that this car has less than 29,000 miles and is very well maintained. something which has occurred over the last year or so is quite dangerous and i need to point this out because i, nor anyone i have spoken to has ever heard of such a thing. the black windshield wiper arm assembly (which attaches the windshield wiper to the motor), for some unknown reason, the black paint has "worn away", exposing a bright silver metal, which reflects the sun directly into my eyes. it is quite dangerous. since i don't do a lot of driving and always wear sunglasses on sunny days, they has helped me somewhat. however, recently i was driving on a cloudy day when the sun did in fact come out while i was without sunglasses. this proved to be most dangerous as i managed to avoid at least one accident due to this condition..
 In approx june of 2002 my timing belt had to be replaced i now appear to have the oil gelling problem. approx may 2003 i got out of the car to pump gas and the door will not open on the driver side. approx august 2003 i began noticing if driving on the highway and i apply my brakes my whole car begins shaking.
 Several problems:faulty interior lighting,power antenna,brake noise,faulty power windows,main rear seal leak
 Main window switch on the driver's side would latch to lower the window then would not unlatch to raise the window even after turning the car off and opening the door. dealer said it would cost $300+ to replace the main window control board. several months later the right side passenger switch quit and neither side (right or left) switch would work. cannot lower window at all and feel this is a safety hazard if the window had to be opened in an emergency.*ak
 Power window failed.
 Power window motor failed.
 Outside side view mirror failed.
 Driver's side view mirror failed.
 Interior rear view mirror was detached by deploying air bags and hit a rear seat passenger causing head injuries.
 Sunroof failed. qcaw
 A thin layer of ice had formed on my car's rear windshield overnight. i tried to clear it by using my rear defost. i drove for about 20 minutes and while stopped at the red light i heard a loud noise, as a ballon would explode, came from the back of my car and i saw a crack at the corner of my back windshield. i drove for another 1/2 miles and arrived at my destination. this is when the rear windshield crumbled to pieces. i had my baby in the back seat rear facing. fortunately, i had covered her with a blanket, which shielded her from the shattered glass. *ak
 #1 - discovered wind noise from an incomplete seal in right rear quarter glass of vehicle, one month after purchase. took vehicle into del toyota(dealer), who said they resealed the window. noise from said window continued, at higher speeds above 30mph. i took vehicle back into dealer one month later. this time, they said they replaced the weatherstrip around the window, that the wind noise had been caused by deformed weatherstrip. this was done while vehicle was under warranty, never to my satisfaction. condition exists today, 05/29/2002!! #2 - disc brakes were serviced by jerry's toyota in baltimore, after making a sticking noise right before the vehicle completely stopped. the dealer replaced the front pads, machined the rotors, and serviced the left front caliper after he found it sticking. this did not alleviate the problem with the brake noise, which continues today (05/29/2002) even after a second servicing! #3 - engine light came on, so i took the toyota camry into jerry's toyota for servicing. they cleaned carbon deposits from injectors, throttle plate valves and piston rings; said the problem was in the #3 cylinder. this happened a second time; i took the vehicle in for servicing. i am now waiting for either a third incident at $200. to fix, or if they replace any fuel injectors, these cost $200. ea per part!!*ak
 Windshield 'wind noise'.
 Wind noise coming from front windows, also front windows leak water.
 Windshield loose/rattles.
 Film builds up on windshield, causing poor visibility.(1st vehicle on 601568)*sd
 While driving at approximately 40 mph felt a slight loss of power which was corrected by itself. a minute later, wheels locked up, and vehicle came to a stop. transmission repair shop informed consumer that transaxle cracked and it broke off where it was attached to the body. differential unit locking was torn up, and center support was wiped out. transfer case also broke where it went onto the body. *ak dealer also stated that there was chunks of metal found from the differential drain plug. consumer had electrical problems with vehicle including starting problems. strut failure. key and lock problems. windshield wipers faulty. interior and brake light failure. *slc
 Rear windshield wipers broke.