BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
PG0120108/03/2001622725Information regarding front spring spacer removal during pre-delivery inspection. *jb10/22/2001
0010301/15/200310001054Thumping/knocking noise from front suspension. *tt04/11/2003
0030301/27/200310001043Front suspension tick/creak noise. *tt04/11/2003
TC0103712/13/2001628699Limited service campaign 10p to remove the coil spring spacers. *tt03/19/2002
0020301/15/200310001055Thumping/knocking noise from rear suspension. *tt04/11/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl - the contact owns a 2002 toyota camry. the contact stated that while driving the vehicle 55mph the vehicle decelerated. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and diagnose a faulty accelator. the vehicle was repaired. vin was not available. the failure mileage and current mileage was 120,000 . pm
 2002 camry le,50k miles always pulls to left. has been to dealer and various shops. steering wheel shudders and vibrates at any and all speeds. problem is structural. brakes are constant problem. sunroof will not seal correctly therefore rear floor is now wet. now experiencing electrical problems. would have been better off buying a 1950 studebaker! and gm is in trouble? last toyota for me. car is unsafe. *tr
 Defective struts, front end and rear end noise, severe shudder when applying brakes. *jb
 2002 toyota camry pulls to the left. have taken vehicle to the dealer twice, both times they told me it was the alignment. after car was realigned it still had the same problem. *ak
 Car pulls to the left. *la
 Consumer states that while driving vehicle pulls to the left. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 I purchased a 2002 toyota camry le v in oct 2002 i started noticing that in nov 2001 that the vehicle would pull to the left when i was driving on the highway. i aslo noticed that when i am driving the vehicle i can feel every vibration and bump in theroad while holding the steering wheel and through the gas pedal. i have taken the car to the dealer in december 2001 and was told that there was nothing wrong with the car. they took it out for a test drive but did not exceed 40 miles an hour. i have brought the car to the dealer at least two more times and was told that there was nothing wrong with it. in december 2002 i took the car to the same dealer and was told that the car was out of alignment i had the alignment done and the car is no better.
 I have 2002 camry se v6. the car came with brigestone tires that were totally uncontrollable under very little snow conditions. driving this car on a couple of snow days gave me the scare of my life. i tried to contact the dealer and toyota many times and did not get any help. i have spend $300.00 traded my new tires to different tires. the traction of the vehicle greatly improved. i simply can not believe a 'reputed' car company can s... customer like this when they spend $30,000 on a brand new car. the second problem i have is that the car 'wobbles' while driving at all speeds. may complaints to the dealers got the same response: the road are to be blamed, nothing wrong with the car. recently i got the wheel balance/alignment done. not much difference. i drive my other vehicle on the same roads and never feel this way. driven other cars and not felt like this. this definitely seems some defect in the suspension/wheels or frame. toyota - you better do something about this or people will just talk about these problems and you will have to hear them. jb
 When the brakes were applied, the steering wheel vibrated. *jb
 The vehicle drifts to the left/right at mid to high speeds, and becomes hard to control when the vehicle pulls to the left (the driver must hold the steering wheel tightly to resist the pulling). both firestone and toyota suggested that the problem is an unbalanced suspension. scc
 Consumer stated that while driving at highway speed and without warning the vehicle will pull to the left causing it to be hard for the consumer to control. dealer notified. mr *jg *jb
 Consumer states the sway bar bushings did not have proper lubrication.*jb
 Consumer purchased vehicle and it was experiencing a slight pull to the left. driving of the vehicle, the slight pull is very pronounced. the degree of pull requires a significant right turn torque on the steering wheel in order to maintain a straight track. vehicle alighnment was checked and were found to be out of specifications. vehicle continues to exhibit a strong pull to the left. all attempts to pinpoint the cause has been unsuccessful.*jg
 Consumer states while driving on highway vehicle wanders from left to right. mainly at speeds of 65mph and above. vehicle has been checked by dealer several times with no resolution.*jb
 Loud mettalic rattling noise occurs at high speed (70+mph), or when driving in windy conditions at slower speeds. vehicle brought to toyota service department 3 times. service department claims they are unable to duplicate the noise. service department did not drive the vehicle under conditions required to duplicate noise (slower speeds when windy, or higher speeds anytime).*ak
 Vehicle pulls to the left at any speed, more as speed increases. taken to dealer twice, stated that was how vehicle was designed.*ak
 Vehicle pulled to left while driving, the faster it went the more it pulled. vehicle has been to dealer on three occasions , and they informed consumer nothing could be found, and that was the normal characteristic of vehicle. *ak *yh
 While driving, vehicle does not track right, will drift to left. *ak consumer stated that at highway speeds driver must make a slight correction in steering wheel to prevent vehicle from drifting left. *yh
 Ever since i brought my 2002 toyota camry xle home it veered to the left. on every trip back to the dealer i mentioned it and each time i received a different reason for the problem. after two years it is now totally unsafe to drive. i did and paid for all the solutions the dealer made and they don't know what they are doing. from wrong tire pressure to one new and old tire to two new tires to a wheel alignment to the fact that i probably drive over bumps and holes, they have given more excuses than answers. i am afraid i will get into a crash. the steering wheel literally turns left on its own and your car swerves into the left lane. *ak
 I have a 2002 camry and there is a knocking sound when making left hand turns. i've noticed several other complaints that are similar, so this must be a defect with the car. i was told that my struts and mounts needed to be replaced - along with my brakes. *nm
 I have a 2002 toyota camry and the front left wheel well makes noise. this is the second camry that i have owned and our first one also had the defect. it was a 1999 camry. every time i hit a bump there is a noise in the wheel area. not sure what it is but since this has now happened on my second camry obviously this is a defect. *jb
 2002 toyota camry lev6 w/15 rims. car is unstable at high speeds. we are now on our third set of tires and the car only has 21,000 miles on it. first set (continental) became bald on outside edge of both front tires at 9000 miles. tires were rotated (front to rear, rear to front) and front end alignment was done. tires became bald on outside edge after only 8000 miles (17000 total miles on car). dealer replaced all 4 tires with dunlop and i had to pay for a four wheel alignment. after 2500 more miles car again became unstable at high speeds. it started at about 75 mph and as the tires wore it became unstable at lower speeds 55-65 mph. the dealer replaced all four tires again with michelin this time and did another front end alignment. now with only 1200 miles on the new tires it is again becoming unstable at high speeds 65-75 mph. we would like toyota to acknowledge the problem and come up with a solution. *jb
 Since i purchased my vehicle on 3/30/02 it has been in the shop 6 times for the same alignment problem that i feel has is now and has alway been a major safety problem. i no longer drive my vehilce due to the safety factor.*ak
 While driving vehicle continuously pulled to the left. dealership replaced the rack and pinion, and performed a front end alignment, but the problem recurred. *ak *la
 Vehicle shimmies and vibrates from front end at all speeds. particularly bad between 40-50mph. at high speeds, not as noticeable, but loud wump-wump-wump noise emanates from front end. brakes pulsate when decelerating, particularly noticeable at speeds from 50-40mph. this has been problem since car was new. dealer has responded with balancing tires several times, then replacing. unfortunately, problem still exists and no resolution pending. also, car has had a tendency to pull to the left at speed.*ak
 This vehicle continues to change direction suddenly and without warning. i have been close to hitting another vehicle on several occasions due to the vehicle veering out of my lane. the vehicle has been out of alignment on four separate service calls at 2 different dealers, yet the problem continues. i find this vehicle to be completely unsafe and impossible to drive without continuously fighting the wheel to keep it in my lane. mr
 Vehicle will continuously pull to the left or right when consumer is driving. consumer to gettires replaced due to alignment not being corrected. contacted dealer ,and the dealer wasnot willing to do anything.*ak
 Vehicle has been back in repair shop several times for pulling to left. as speed increases pulling becomes more severe. front tires were changed with additional to front alignment. please describe details. *ak
 Vehicle has been back to dealer twice for wandering. changes in the road surface cause the car to change directions radiacally. the car was out of alignment when serviced, but this didn't help. now, the steering wheel is to the left when going straight. dealer says this is normal. the car has veered out of my lane many times out of my control. it gets worse at higher speeds. i have adjusted tire pressures with no change.*ak
 I have a 2002 camry se v6 that has a persistent noise when the brakes are applied. i had the car's brakes repaired at jack sherman toyota in binghamton ny because all rotors were warped at approximately 20,000 miles. i have since noticed a clang or clank when the brakes are applied or the steering wheel is turned or occasionally going over bumps. i took the car back to jack sherman toyota and made them aware of the noise but was told nothing could be done to correct this problem. i have since pulled the front right wheel and noticed the wheel studs are too short! this problem is actually present on all wheels. the taper at the base of the stud does not protrude through the hub flange to center the rotor properly and this allows the rotor to slap against the stud threads when the brakes are applied. this may eventually cause them to shear off. i have pictures available upon request. i believe longer studs are required because when i removed one of them from the flange and inserted it through one of the bolt holes in the rear of the rotor it fit properly. *ak
 Dealer resurfaced the fronts rotors and replaced the pads. at 21,000 miles the front rotors were resurfaced and the pads were replaced again. at 23,000 miles the front pads were replaced for a third time and at 42,000 miles they replaced strut mounting. at 43,000 front and rear brakes were replaced for the fourth time. *jb
 Replacement of wheel bearing and brakes required for 2002 toyota camry, 64k miles, no record of accidents. no accident occurred, but one will before long when wheel bearing and/or brakes fail. *tr
 Thumping noise in rear suspension of my 2002 toyota camry. it has something to do with the stabilizer bar in the rear suspension. this noise continues to grow louder. inspection of rear suspension makes me think the stabilizer bar tie rod that attaches to the coil spring strut is faulty.*jb
 The problem of my car a toyota camry 2002 gray 4 doors v6, i number of series 4t1bf32k12u015122 it has presented me the problem since he buys it a blow in the part of behind of the same right side, i have taken it to the dealer where adriel car buys it they have changed him several pieces but the expensive one continues equally. they put him substitution of the same car, of the camry 2002 and they even requested of the pattern lexus se 300 but i turn out to be the same thing that the original pieces. i have understood by what they have told me in shop of the dealer that there are other models of the same one with the same situation. my continous car under the same conditions and tomy it affects me since it is not a cheap car that they assure it manages confident and i dont feel sure in the same one. they allege that toyota of p.r. he knows in this respect but i have not received answer none. at the moments it bothers me the noise there is even daughter of 9 yeras old this she doesnt want in the later part of the car since the noise bothers him. helped me in all information that you can offer me on the studies that have been carried out of this vehicle the same as if the same one is feasible in p.r. since i subjected my case to daco that is a service of help to the consumer but the only thing that have made it is to verify the car they realized the condition that has, they verified another model in the same dealer for the inspector of daco i break wind it was the same as mine. me the only thing that i want is that they help me to solve my problem giving neccessary information or they investigate me to solve my problem. at the moment i want that of being possible fot the verifications that undergo me cancel my contract and i am returned my money since they dont find solution to my problem and youthis affecting my health and that of my daughter. right now i am waiting the citation that daco. i am afraid i sit down without protection because i have those of losing.ak