CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
06V441000VOLVO CARS OF N.A. LLC.from 07/01/1998 to 05/12/1999V (Vehicle)17009912/29/2006ODIVOLVO CARS OF N.A. LLC.11/15/200611/20/2006
Defect SummaryOn certain passenger vehicles, a combination of throttle positioning sensor irregularities, a dirty throttle housing, and/or inefficient software calibration may cause a warning lamp to light and the subsequent onset of limp home modes.
Consequence SummaryThis resulted in a high number of vehicles going into the limp home mode without need.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install the current software upgrade onto the involved vehicles. the recall began on december 29, 2006. owners may contact volvo at 1-800-458-1552.
NotesVolvo recall no. r155. customers may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
15503/20/200610019595Electronic throttle system software upgrade. *tt03/31/2006
14903/16/200614910019591Electronic throttle module (etm) extended warranty. *tt03/31/2006
25002302/01/200425003510007611Electronic throttle module (etm), cleaning. *mj07/06/2004
25002307/01/2001620880This service bulletin describes how to clean the electronic throttle module (etm) bore. *tt09/04/2001


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 On november 14, 2006 volvo submitted a defect information report to nhtsa concerning etm failures in model year (my) 1999 through 2001 volvo models (not including the s40 and v40), my 2002 s60 and v70 with naturally aspirated engines and my 2002 v70s.according to volvo,
 Pe05-041 was opened on july, 26, 2005, based on 136 consumer complaints to odi alleging throttle control malfunctions in the subject vehicles.odi has now received 591 complaints of etm failures which allege symptoms with potential safety related consequences.these include allegations of engine stall, vehicle surging forward without accelerator input, vehicle hesitation upon acceleration and sudden and unexpected transition into reduced performance operation (limp mode).volvo submitted over 2,900 complaints concerning the etm in the subject vehicles during pe05-041.odi's preliminary analysis of a sample the volvo complaints identified approximately 55 percent with one or more of the symptoms described above.odi is continuing its assessment of the information contained in the volvo complaints. in november 2005, to resolve an investigation by the california air resources board, volvo announced that it would extend the warranty coverage to 10 years / 200,000 miles for the etm in approximately 356,000 model year 1999 through 2002 passenger cars sold in the united states and canada.under volvo's policy, vehicles that experience etm failures will receive a variety of repairs including etm cleaning, reprogramming the engine control module and/or replacement of the etm. this investigation has been upgraded to an engineering analysis (ea05-021) to continue to assess the safety consequences of etm failures in the subject vehicles.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Bought the car about one week prior to the first stalling episode and ets light on. called volvo due to a replacement/extended warranty on affected part. was told that the part was not replaced and the warranty was not any longer covering car (10 years/200000 miles). as a recent purchaser of this car i had no clue of the replacement not previously done or even needed. all was new to me and they refused. moving forward one year and car stalled in traffic, almost hit from behind, no dash lights and complete failure of etm. car won't stay running at all, terrified to drive the car home after this incident. no warranty on part, no replacement and now i have $ 4000 boat anchor that will cost a fortune to fix due to no warranty on the part that should have been replaced years ago by volvo.
 Tl* the contact owns a 1999 volvo s70. the contact was driving 55 mph when the vehicle stalled with the illumination of the engine and throttle warning lights. the vehicle was taken to a local mechanic where it was confirmed that the throttle valve system needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was contacted and advised that the vehicle qualified for repairs under nhtsa campaign id number: 06v441000(vehicle speed control) but the recall was expired. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 195,200 and the current mileage was 195,215.
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 volvo s70. the contact was driving 55 mph when the vehicle stalled with the illumination of the engine and throttle warning lights. the vehicle was taken to a local mechanic where it was confirmed that the throttle valve system needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was contacted and advised that the vehicle qualified for repairs under nhtsa campaign id number: 06v441000(vehicle speed control) but the recall was expired. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 195,200 and the current mileage was 195,215. kmj
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 volvo s70. the contact was driving 55 mph when the vehicle stalled. the engine and throttle warning light illuminated prior to the failure. the vehicle was taken to a local repair shop. the repair shop confirmed the throttle valve system needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was contacted. the manufacturer confirmed the vin qualified for recall under nhtsa campaign id number:06v441000(vehicle speed control) but the recall was expired. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 195,200 and the current mileage was 195,215. rds
 Tl-the contact owns a 1999 volvo s70. the contact stated that the vehicle would not accelerate over 20 mph. the dealer had not been notified but the manufacturer was made aware of the failure. the vehicle was taken to a private mechanic who advised the contact that the electronic throttle system had failed and needed to be replaced. no repairs were performed. the current mileage was 170,412 and the approximate failure mileage was 170,350. the vin was unavailable. kmj
 Tl-the contact owns a 1999 volvo s70. the contact stated that when he attempted to accelerate the vehicle's speed would not increase more than 20 mph. the dealer had not been notified. the manufacturer was aware of the failure. the vehicle was taken to a private mechanic who advised the contact that the electronic throttle system had failed and needed to be replaced. no repairs were performed. the current mileage was 170,412. the approximate failure mileage was 170,350. the vin was unavailable. bw
 Vehicle surges after i had the software download recall. they keep telling me it is a dirty throttle body, but it has been cleaned a thousand times. they never replaced my tcm. just the software. this needs to stop. i feel unsafe in this car. need a recall.
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 volvo s70. the contact had recall campaign number 06v441000 performed on the vehicle, which dealt with the vehicle speed control, but the vehicle is still stalling. the recall was for a software upgrade to correct failure with the throttle body, which caused the vehicle to stall. when the contact takes their foot off of the gas the vehicle stalls. the contact spoke with the manufacturer and was told that the only thing that would be done was the upgrade and the throttle body failure was not included in the recall. the contact feels this is insufficient, because the recall states this will fix the throttle body failure. the vin was not available at the time of the complaint. the failure mileage and current mileages was 120000.rl
 Volvo s70 with acceleration, deceleration and stalling issues. *tgw the consumer stated the etm was replaced on august 26, 2008 under warranty. since then, the consumer has experienced acceleration and deceleration problems while driving, forcing her to make repeated trips to the dealer in an effort to identify and resolve the issue. the vehicle has stalled and decelerated on the freeway. the consumer stated the vehicle has been unreliable since august 2008. the dealer has been unable to fix the problem. they cleaned the throttle and pulled all the codes, to no avail. *jb
 The volvo s70 electronic throttle control is acting up. the car when started idles erratically. *tr
 The software in my 1999 volvo s70 has failed, which has resulted in an unsafe condition. the car surges, braking is impacted, it runs irregularly. this is a continuous problem. the problem was caused when the dealer installed new software in a recall campaign. now, the dealer disavows any issue, claiming this was a coincidence that the software failed. i have contacted volvo with no resolution. *tr
 My 1999 s70 with approximately 92,000 has the following issues: - sometimes the engines start shaking? - hard to brake - no power even if you pedal is at the max - cruise control stop working my car has a malfunction with the electronic throttle module and i have been to the deal to get the software upgrade. since the upgrade my check engine light came on and have had to replace my front 02 sensor. now the car is undriveable because it will not go more than 20mph with the gas pedal floored. volvo will not repair this know issue because the car is 10 1/2 years old. they state if the car was less than 10years old or under 200k in mileage they would repair it. this is not fair. they could have replaced this etm when i came for the software upgrade but they did not. *tr
 I was driving normally on a parkway in wash dc. suddenly the engine lost power and would not go more than 10 mph. i limped to a gas station and turned off the engine, inspected for loose wires, or other observable defects. when i started the car again the ets light was on and stayed on. now the car runs erratically lurching forward or sputtering or just plain losing power at random. *tr
 On september 9, 2007 the driver was driving her 1999 volvo s70 south on route 15 in pennsylvania. i was in the front passenger seat. the driver turned right into a short access drive to a restaurant. the driver then turned right into the parking lot, slowed further, driving about 40 feet, and turned left into a parking space directly perpendicular to the store?s front entrance. she had come to a slow and almost complete stop when the car suddenly and uncontrollably lurched forward, over the parking block. the car then lurched forward further, on the parking lot surface, up and over the parking lot curb to the store level and crashed into the store?s vestibule. the car hit a support beam, and badly damaged the store?s entrance. the driver put the car in reverse. it lurched uncontrollably backward at a fast rate of speed through the parking lot and up and over a concrete apron directly behind her parking space. it then swerved wildly in reverse along and against the parking lot curb that paralleled route 15. the car violently hit a perpendicular curb, swerved and stopped as the front wheel on the passenger?s side crashed into the curb. the impact broke the right front wheel from its axle. we removed our seat belts and immediately got out of the car. the airbags never deployed. the driver and i both had been shaken badly in the interior of the car as it hit the parking blocks, concrete apron, and curbs. this lunging incident seems to have been caused by the recognized failure of the electronic throttle module of the car. witnesses said that the car was traveling uncontrollably at about 40 miles per hour through the parking lot as though the car?s accelerator were stuck. pennsylvania state police made an incident report. volvo inspected the car claiming nothing mechanical caused the incident. *jb
 Tl* the contact owns a 1999 volvo s70. the contact received recall # 06v441000 concerning vehicle speed control on december 28, 2006. the dealer would not honor the recall until someone could authorize the payment. the vehicle did not have any failures. the current mileage is 88,000, and failure mileage was unknown.*ak the consumer stated that the dealer in bend, oregon will not schedule an appointment for recall due to the fact the manufacturer is refusing to pay them. updated 06/14/07 *tr
 1999 s70 volvo. dec. 2002 replaced etm with software upgrade due to car going into limp modes twice. jan. 2007 recall notice to upgrade software on 2nd etm. etm warranty by volvo will expire on my car nov. 2008. i feel warranty should be lifetime since etm will certainly fail again as part was not redesigned from original 1999 part. *jb
 Tl* - the contact stated that the vehicle hesitated when accelerating. the vehicle was a 1999 volvo s70, the contact took the vehicle to a mechanic ,and he informed her that there was a recall on the throttle body ,and advised the contact to take the vehicle to a volvo dealer. the volvo dealer performed a computer download. the contact stated she continued to experience hesitation when accelerating. occasionally. the check engine light would turn on. the contact had the vehicle towed to the dealer because she did not feel safe driving the vehicle. the dealer advised her that she needed new spark plugs and a new 02 sensor. the engine size and number of cylinders were unknown by the contact. the contact believed that the problemwas related to recall # 06v441000. *ak updated 02/16/07. *jb
 On november 17, 2006 my wife was backing her 1999 volvo s70 out of our driveway. she stated that the car suddenly accelerated backwards, shot across the street and slid into our neighbor's landscaping/bushes etc. she was able to turn the car so that the left side of her car swiped the bushes and hedges. result--no personal injuries, thank goodness. over $6000 in damage to the car which was towed to paul's volvo in hawthorne, nj from which it was forwarded to j&j auto body in haledon nj. *jb
 I received a notice from volvo that the etm warranty would be extended. thought little of it because the car was running fine. a week later, the dash indicator light went on , indicating that the etm needed service. the car went into limp home mode and would shake violently during idle and at other times. the dealer cleaned the module (did not replace) and then told me that the car was not working properly, but that it was not related to the etm. when i went to pick up the vehicle, i noticed it was running very rough, though it never had before. the dealer denied all responsibility. *nm
 Consumer volvo v 70 stalls while in traffic. *ts ***nar*** the vehicle also suddenly accelerated and decelerated intermittently while driving. *nm [letter in repository this voq, x ref voq 10156335, smch]
 I have sold this car to a neighbor, but he is away for 8 months so i have been driving it once a week about 30 miles. it has a little over 60,000 miles on the odometer. today i filled the tank and shortly afterwards the throttle control light came on. the car immediately began surging between 1 and 2,000 rpm and when i tried to stop the car at a stop sign it continued to surge and with great difficulty i halted the car. when i once again accelerated there was little response and about 30 seconds later it accelerated at a normal rate but the surging continued. i pulled off the road and turned off the ignition. when i started the car it initially revved to 5,000 rpm before settling down. i was fearful to drive the car. i had someone pick me up. i returned to the car an hour later and everything seemed fine. i drove the car home(about 8 miles) and parked it for about an hour. when i went to move it, the car began to surge again after the throttle light came on. i will call volvo tomorrow, but this was a very frightening experience. i believe i had a similar problem a few years back and they replaced the throttle control(i believe it was a recall) *jb
 My car is a volvo s70 1999 2.5l non-turbo engine. i started experiencing uneven engine idle in may of 2001, at first i feared that my engine would just die out. a few times the engine really did just stop working as i was slowing down. i've had a volvo dealer/service in long island ny take a look at the problem and they simply cleaned the electronic throttle. the cleaning solution did not last long and after a week or so i started noticing the uneven engine idle again. after having the engine just go kaput a few more times, i took the car to an independant mechanic and they performed a cleaning but says that most likely i will have to replace the etm. now it is 2006 and our volvo is less driven but still in the family. we still experience the same problems with the engine. i am glad to hear that volvo of america is finally stepping up and at least trying to remedy the problem by extending the warranty. but this is an issue that caused me and my family many scary moments and put us in dangerous situations. i hope posting my complaint here today will help others. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated the clutch does not always engage and the vehicle accelerates and decelerates on its own. the vehicle has been taken to the dealership, but there are no codes on the computer.
 I own a 99 volvo s70. the ets light has been coming on regularly. the info in the owners manual just says to turn the car off and then turn it on again and see if the light goes away. it has in the past but it's coming on all the time now. i looked on edmunds to see if there was a recall.. and there was nothing there.. but then i saw a volvo owners forum and there were lots of emails about this problem. they said it was pretty dangerous because your throttle just stops working. we commute to boston everyday ( my husband does not get out of work until after 10:00pm ).. and it's very dangerous as it is.. but to think about losing the throttle scares the heck out of me. i can't imagine that happening at midnight on route 128. it would be suicide. i was unable to find recall.. but a mechanic around here told me the cost to repair is about 850.00!l i have an appointment at a dealer on friday.. but it would sure help to know if there was recall. thank you for your help. *nm
 Idle to surge during vehicle testing; service station cleaned throttle and replaced gasket. *jb
 Dt: the contact stated the electrical throttle module ( etm) failed. while driving the vehicle lost power. prior to this incident the vehicle hesitated while driving at lower speeds. there were no warning lights, indicating a problem with the vehicle. the dealer replaced the etm. this replacement seemed to have corrected the problem. *ak
 The electronic throttle body has been replaced twice. once at 112000 and the other at 125000. the second time it failed, i was pulling into traffic and the car started 'lurching' forward. i pulled over and restarted the car to fix, but the ets light was on. it was fixed under volvo warranty from the first time which cost me $1200. this is also a safety issue as i was lucky that it happened when pulling into traffic and not merging onto hwy or interstate. *nm
 Etm or ets in volvo s70, 1999 and 2000 makes. electronic throttle module resulting in sever fluctuations of engine. common in all volvo 99 and 00 years. *nm
 Car is stalling while driving. electronic throttle body light comes on. approximately 80,000 miles, however this car has been experiencing same problem on and off since we acquired it at 47,000 miles. repair shops are telling us that the replacement cost is between $900 and $1,200, however after reading up on the subject this doesn't guarantee that subsequent replacement parts will not have the same problem. have asked volvo for their recommendation as to how to proceed. wanted to record this in your database since we are having the same problem mentioned in pe05041. *jb
 Vehicle fails to maintain idle. it starts and immeditely dies. it occassionally dies while driving on highway or while breaking and preparing for a stop...typically when my foot isn't on the accelerator. *nm
 Dt: the contact stated that the throttle body linkage malfunctioned. the vehicle had a very poor idle, and the engine stalled. the engine has never completely died. he took the vehicle to a dealer, who replaced the throttle body. this corrected the problem for approximately 6-8 months. this problem recurred. the repairs has not been made due to the expense. *ak updated 11/29/2005 - *nm
 Dt: contact stated that while his wife was driving the speed dropped and the car lost power. his wife told him that a light illuminated on the dashboard before the car lost power. the car would not accelerate over 20 mph. the dealer replaced the throttle control module. this repaired the problem temporarily. but after 30,000 miles,the problem recurred. the dealer again replaced the throttle control module.*ak
 Dt: the contact stated that 1999 volvo s70 experienced the same problem with stalling while driving under 40 mph. the engine light was coming on and the car was uncontrollable. the car would shake and jerk, speed ahead and slow down. t the contact took vehicle to the dealership and they replaced the fuel throttle body, put in new spark plugs, and reprogrammed the computer. the car has since then ran well. the contact stated that this happened a year ago. the repair cost for the contact was almost $1,000.00. the contact has been in touch with volvo dealership, and they told him that they have not heard anything about recall. the volvo manufacturer said that there was an investigation on the car, and to call the nhtsa. the contact has also filed a complaint with volvo.*ak
 Dt: vehicle hesitated and stalled, would not go faster than 10 mph. it happened on september 25, 2005. dealer cleaned the throttle twice, but id did not solve the problem. *ak
 We own a 1999 volvo s70 awd sedan. we have been experiencing difficulties related to the lack of acceleration at unanticipated times or a sudden decline in power at other times. the ets warning light is on. this unexpected loss of acceleration is especially hazardous/dangerous when pulling out into traffic thinking that you have plenty of space and time only to find out that you cannot accelerate. i have forwarded my concern to volvo cars of america and received back a noncommittal response suggesting that we have it inspected. we did and the technician said that i should check with volvo as there has been some discussion of this problem in the newspaper. the codes that were identified included: ecm - 914f throttle unit internal fault ecm - 9150 throttle unit internal fault ecm - 91b7 throttle unit internal fault ecm - 903c throttle unit internal fault ecm - 903f throttle unit internal fault if this is a safety defect shouldn't volvo recall and replace this throttle unit? your assistance and response is appreciated. thank you, will brucker note: in the section below about the vehicle it say oem yes?no (i do not know what is being referred to therefore the answer has no relevance but it had to be answered with a yes or no.) the number of times this situation has occurred is numerous and the dates have been varied not just september 10, 2005. thank you. *jb *nm
 May 2004 1) no prior warning or indication 2)car died while driving on the freeway in heavy traffic. i was able to shift to neutral and restart the vehicle. it ran rather rough for several minutes, but i was able to get off of the freeway. it then began to run smoothly with the check engine light on. over the next several days the car died without warning (other than the constantly lit check engine light. 3) i took it into volvo of richardson. they diagnosed and replaced the electronic throttle module. this cost over $900.00. september 2005 1) the check engine light came on, but the car seemed to be running fine, had the code checked at auto zone. they told me that it was probably bad fuel because it had multiple codes that were all related to the proper air/fuel mixture. the recommended that i run a couple of tanks of gas through it and then reset the codes and see if that cleared up my problem. on several occasions the light came back on but went off prior to getting it checked, again the car seemed to be running fine. 2) the car died while driving. i was able to shift to neutral and restart the vehicle. it ran rather rough for several minutes. it then began to run smoothly with the check engine light on. over the next several days the check engine light came on for short periods and then would go out. 3) i took it into volvo of richardson. they diagnosed the intermittent check engine light and recommended that the electronic throttle module be replaced before it failed completely. they told me that it is a matter of time before it fails, and that could create a dangerous situation. but would almost certainly add a towing bill to my already steep estimate of $1100.00. i asked them about a warranty/recall. they told me that even though they do see this problem from time to time there is no recall and no warranty on the one that they put in for me in may of 2004, since that warranty was only for twelve months. *nm
 Dt: the throttle will flutter and the accelerator will cut out when pressing the accelerator pedal as well as vibrate. the vehicle stalled/died and lost power. the problem was fixed in february 2004, but it recurred. *ak *mr when the cruise control fails the odometer fails as well. the abs and brake light illuminated as well. *jb
 Vehicle speed control: vehicle engine dies for non reason while under way. vehicle restarts immediately. no error code set in computer. *jb
 Part of 10133805, second vehicle s70, catastrophic failure, stalled while going 35 in moderate traffic. if it had failed 20 seconds later there could have been an accident. restarted 30 seconds later in limp home mode, etm replaced. *smch. *ak
 I have a 1999 volvo s70. it has had a problem losing speed and stalling without warning. i had a major repair done it to fix the problem. i understand that this vehicle model is under investigation for this same problem.
 1) i was driving alone along state highway 283 in pa, which is a 4 lane (2 each direction) highway in a rural area with a posted speed limit of 65, between lancaster and harrisburg. most traffic was trucks (tracter trailers). 2) the car (volvo s70 awd), travelling smoothly on cruise control at about the speed limit, suddenly lost power. engine was still running, but at a much lower rpm, and running badly. fortunately i was in the far right lane. i pulled off the road almost immediately to avoid being hit by the truck behind me. i noticed the ets yellow warning light was on. the vehicle seemed able to operate, albeit roughly, at about 30-35mph. being in a rural area, i drove in this off the highway lane up to the next exit. i took the ramp off the highway, got to the top of the ramp, and the car seemed to be reasonable. being in a rural area with nowhere seen for reparirs, i accelerated down the ramp to the highway, with the car seeming a bit sluggish, but otherwise ok. then it lost power again at the bottom of the exit ramp. i pulled over, to the sound of the horn of another truck which was behind me. i shut off the car; waited a few seconds; and restarted the car. it ran much better, but the ets light was still on. after pulling back onto the highway, everything was ok for awhile, but i ran into problems when i hit some slowing traffic. when i tried to accelerate from the slowdown the car did not respond. it was as if i hadn't just pressed the pedal. i nursed it to a volvo dealership as soon as possible that day. 3) the throttle body was replaced after dealership first performed a diagnostic on the engine. the diagnostic showed 5 line items for the throttle unit, internal fault... i have a copy of the print out of this report. i have driven the car about 150 highway miles since the repar. the problem has not been observed during this time.
 The electronic throttle system module (ets) had replaced. i had noticed the ets light cae on and then go off shortly afterward about 3 times in two weeks. the car lacked the normal power. the tachometer needle would swing back and forth as i could feel a revving in the gas pedal. i understand that had i not repaired the car, the car could have lost power completely unexpectedly.*ak
 Dt: vehicle stalled/died, and lost power while driving 25 mph due to throttle body failure. *ak the consumer stated due to the current problem, the oxygen sensor is damaged. *jb
 I first noticed my vehicle experiencing shakiness and slight stiffness in the steering wheel. pat patterson volvo, told me i needed some sort of air nipple replaced. i replaced it, paying better than $100. i was in the middle of a busy intersection making a left turn when it suddenly quit! it restarted. i took the car back to the dealership after it suddenly failed on several more occasions. the dealership said it was either an air intake problem they could fix for $300 or the etm (explained this was a throttle and costs $800 needs replacing) or might need both replaced costing $1100. they had to order the parts and would call me when they arrived. the next morning my check engine light came on when i started the car. i drove it back to the dealership. they told me the same thing i was told the day before. while waiting for the parts to arrive, my nephew was shot to death. with the sudden tragic loss of my 18 year old nephew, i went back to the dealership and settled for the $300 job; my financial resources after the unexpected travel expenses to the funeral, are just depleted; this car is not under warranty. that was only a few weeks ago in july. yesterday (8/14/05) the car suddenly quit twice, and the check engine light is on again! i have not financially recovered from the funeral and repair expenses of last month! while i was in the waiting room, an older woman who was experiencing the same problem, said hers quit several times while traveling at 70 mph without warning! i heard on the news about 131 complaints about this problem. i was told by pat patterson volvo on at least 4 visits relating to this problem that the car has an air intake problem and needs the etm replaced. they never mentioned this is a problem with these vehicles. i might not have known they were experiencing this problem with more than just mine had i not talked with the lady in the waiting room while our cars were being repaired. *nm
 Dt: the vehicle stalled/died, an lost power due to throttle body failure. *ak the throttle module was replaced, however the problem recurred. *jb
 On vacation in october of 2004,our 1999 volvo s70 started to experience sudden loss of speed and then resume at highway speeds, with or without cruise control engaged. we took it to a volvo dealer and had to have the electronic throttle module replaced. as a result of your investigation number pe05041 i wanted to record my problem with you as well. *nm
 Dt: 1999 volvo s70. the consumer stated there was an investigation open for the vehicle speed control. the electronic throttle control had to be replaced although the vehicle did not stall. this happened approximately march 26, 2004. the check engine light came on, but vehicle seemed to be running fine. when the consumer took the vehicle to the dealer, they stated it was because of the electronic throttle control. the consumer paid for the replacement. this only happened once. *ak
 I was driving the car to work one morning. i stopped to make a left turn. i proceeded to accelerate, but the car had very little power. i could only go a maximum of 20 mph. i had to pull-over onto the shoulder so that i didn't get rear-ended by oncoming traffic. i decided to 'limp home about 1/2 mile, again the car would not go faster than 20 mph. my husband checked out the car later that day, and everything seems to be back to normal however the ets light is on the dash-board. i am concerned this may happen again. i am told it costs over $1,000 to repair. *nm
 Dt: contact stated on 3 or 4 occasions would lose o power intermittently, usually after slowing down and accelerating. it happened about 4 times over the last year. took vehicle twice to dealer, and they could not t find anything wrong. vehicle will be fine for a couple of months and then it will happen again. was able to restart the car after only a few minutes.*ak *nm
 Dt: caller was told about the volvo investigation. she , had the problem at least 4 times. the vehicle stalled and then a month later, it stalled twice in one day. dealer said the first time might not been enough to make the warning light come on, but now that it happened again the warning light came on. manufacturer said the dealer needed to look at it, and check the throttle body. it was a recall and l she could be reimbursed. caller said it happened when she was taking off or slowing down at low speeds.*ak
 1999 volvo s70 t5 throttle body (etm) failed suddenly. no injuries but this is a major problem with these as they all fail between 45,000 and 100,000 miles. *nm
 The electronic throttle module is defective. driver loses engine control with out warning. car usually limps home at less than 20 mph. problem corrects it's self after sitting then the episode repeats with out warning. it appears this defect may potentially affect all volvos with this module. dealer accepts no responsibility. *jb
 My engine started to shake and just came to a complete stop, as a result of a failure of my volvo's throttle control system. *nm
 Electronic throttle system (ets) light came on and stayed on. it was an indication for consumer to go to the volvo dealer, who charged $67.00 for vehicle to be diagnosed. then, consumer was told that vehicle needed a throttle unit part, and a down load of software. if this was ignored vehicle will have problems. however, warranty expired. consumer also contacted the manufacturer, and was told that there was nothing they could do, and it was a normal expense for consumer to pay. *ak the consumer believes the part should be recalled. *nm
 1999 volvo s70 ets light coming on due to faulty manufacturing of the electronic throttle module. this is hapening on thousands of volvos and causes unsafe driving conditions due to the accelerator not working properly and causes the car to stall intermittently. volvo will not take responsibility and charges for the repair.*ak
 Volvo throttle control module failure.this causes the car to race,idle incorrectly and ultimately stop while driving.dealerships even say that the original module was not designed correctly and that volvo should pay for the $850.00 it costs to replace.please help. this is a big problem that thousands have and or will is a very dangerous problem when the car just stops running in the middle of the highway with no power and will not restart. my volvo s70 only has 48,000 miles and many others are having the same problem. thank you. *ak
 1999 volvo s70 ets light coming on due to faulty manufacturing of the electronic throttle module. this is hapening on thousands of volvos and causes unsafe driving conditions due to the accelerator not working properly and causes the car to stall intermittently. volvo will not take responsibility and charges for the repair.*ak
 While driving vehicle lost speed or hesitated, and eventually stalled. dealer indicated to the consumer that throttle body was the cause of the problem. also, dealer indicated that this was a common problem with this make/model, and year. *ak
 Vehicle will not accelerate in drive, but surges back forward when applying brakes, engine light is on and throttle surging. *et
 The vehicle made a roaring sound followed by check the engine and ets lights when starting, and accelerated on its own while the driver was backing out of parking. the incident occured again after repair was done. yh
 Dt: the rpms would drop to 500 or below, and the car would stall. took vehicle to the dealer, and they cleaned the throttle. within 2-3 months, it was the same problem or worse. this was a safety issue. the consumer sent volvo a letter, and they said nhtsa was in the middle of an investigation and wouldn't do anything until the results were published.*ak