Fleetwood Prowler 1971-2007

Model Prowler made by Fleetwood got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to other, suspension.

Car model

Model 9999

Consumer Complaints

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 Trailer is emitting a strong odor.*mr this odor was present soon after the consumer started using the trailer, the consumer blamed the problem on glue, linoleum, wall paper, cabinets, the newness of the vehicle and being closed up with the summer heat. when using the trailer they would try to mask the odor with air deodorants. they cleaned everywhere, checked for leaks, dead animals, spoiled food etc. every fall they would clean with disinfectant as well as winterize the unit. in the summer the odor would be worse from the trailer being closed all winter. each summer the odor became worse. on one occasion, the consumer slept on a bed in the front of the trailer because the odor was to strong at the back. the consumer thought the smell was of mildew or mold, not of the naked eye. finally the trailer was taken to a repair shop to locate the source of the odor. the trailer has been at the repair shop since july 2003 and was still there. the source of the odor was located- it was definitely caused by mold. it was caused by water seepage from a poorly connected shower connection, either during construction or delivery. the repair shop had to tear the bathroom and the back end apart to get to the center of the problem. the trailer had to be kept outside the shop because of the mold fumes, as well as wear the protective masks when they worked on it. the odor had permeated everything. mattress, food or anything made out of plastic had to be thrown out. clothing, dishes, bedding etc. had to be disinfected. a fumigation company who specialized in mold wouldn't deal with the trailer because it wasn't no guarantee it wouldn't be a health hazard. the repair shop stated there was nothing more they could do. they suggested selling the appliances and burning the trailer. the consumer learned that the insurance company doesn't cover mold damage so they wouldn't cover the trailer. they requested the manufacturer compensate them for the damages which were beyond their control. *ph *jb
 Nut holding bushing with incoming cable was not on the thread leaving wire loose to the neutral buss, causing the distributor box to overheat. *sd

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