Dodge Ram 1983

Model Ram made in 1983 by Dodge got 1 consumer complain as well as 1 service bulletin. Consumer complaints with reference to structure. . Technical service bulletines regarding steering.

Model 1983


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
19039304/01/199339533Steering column coupler service. *tw11/01/1995

Consumer Complaints

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 While backing up, (approx. 2 miles/hr), the right front wheel collapsed! upon inspection, found metal fatigue in the frame area where the lower control arm attaches to the frame. a large section of the frame ripped away at the mating area where 4 bolts hold the lower control arm to the frame. the vehicle had to be towed to my residence. 3 mechanics have looked at the vehicle, and all 3 stated, they have never observed such a defect, and suggested i contact dodge. i have and dodge customer service in michigan said, they have not heard of any such problem. the mechanics believe this is a design flaw and is not repairabale by replacing parts (could only weld the frame - which would have no guarentee of no future failures. the mechanics were surprised at how thin the metal of the frame is in that area (that being the design flaw). if i had been driving at any normal speed (65 mph on the freeway) this would have caused a tremendous crash, loosing control of the vehicle, and possibly taking others with me. who knows how many vehicles of the same design may be at the point of killing the occupantants. my wife and i used this vehicle to go on a camping vacation to san diego, ca this last june, and the thought of this happening during that trip, still lingers in our dreams. i still have the vehicle and someone should see it. dodge indicated, they would not send anyone to investigate and they would not bear any responsibility (it's an old vehicle!). if this failure should happen at normal speeds, the cause of the accident may be covered up due to the violent crash this would cause. we also own a 1988 dodge caravan, and we like dodge products, but this is not normal. i am concerned for others with like vehicles. mine is now junk. thank god, we were not injured or cause any damage to others or property!!!